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Ratko Mladić (Born 12 March 1942 in Božinovići, Bosnia-Herzegovina) was the leader of the Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS) (the Bosnian Serb Army) during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia.

Srebrenica Massacre

With one exception, the following quotes are taken directly from archival footage shot by VRS military cameramen. The arrival of the Bosnian Serb army is covered, as well as their subsequent rush to Potočari, the site of the Dutch base where tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslim refugees had taken cover, expecting protection from the United Nations.

  • "Krle, Krstić, come on. Record that flag. Tear that flag down so it doesn't fly any more. Pull it down. Bravo! Towards Potočari! Towards Potočari and Bratunac! Don't stop, come on! Go in front of me the whole way, come on. Come on, boys, forward!"
  • "Here we are, on the eleventh of June of the year 1995, in Serbian Srebrenica. On the eve of yet another great Serb holiday we present this town as a gift to the Serb nation. The moment has finally arrived that, after the revolt against the Dahijas, we will have vengeance against the turks in this place."
  • "There are so many! It is going to be a feast. There will be blood up to your knees." Nedzida Sadikovic, as quoted by Roy Gutman, Newsday News Service, August 9, 1995.
  • "Don't be afraid of anything, just take it easy, easy. Let the women and children go first. Thirty buses are coming, we're send you off toward Kladanj. Don't be afraid of anything, nobody is going to do anything to you. Thank you, thank you. Thanks, be safe. Nobody knows anything. Everything is done on my order."

Miscellaneous Interviews

  • "They went running around to jewelry stores, banks, and well-stocked super-markets. There is not a single hill that they kept or liberated. On the other hand, the soldiers and officers in the army lead modest lives." Commenting on war profiteers in interview with Robert Block, 1995
  • "I think it is time for all peace-loving people of this world to start pondering where all this leads. I think it's high time that the weapons in this part of the world, and all over the world, were silenced." From interview with Robert Block, 1995
  • "If humankind were to follow my advice and if it were in my power, I wouldn't allow the word 'war' to be uttered in any language, I would ban all weapons, even in the form of toys." From interview with Robert Block, 1995
  • "We are fully aware that war is not the only way to defend our values. But if those values are fundamentally endangered, as is the case today, then war is the only way to defend them. Everything that hinders us in our effort to defend ourselves is an injustice. We did not want this war, it was thrust upon us, like all others. Defending one's people is a holy duty," From interview with Robert Block, 1995
  • "It would have been better if we had fought in Italy and Austria which are really at war against us, instead of allowing them to use our unfortunate Slovenians, Croats and Moslems as bait and cannon fodder." From interview with Vreme, May 24, 1993
  • "When I guarantee something, it's the same as the word of the Almighty." Quoted by Laura Silber in the Financial Times
  • I wonder, if France really wants to create a Muslim state in Europe, why don't they empower them to do this in Paris or Britain?" Interview with Gaspari di Sklafani in DJente, Han Pijesak, 1994