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Ray Cash (born Wardell Raymond Cheeks in 1980) is an African American hip-hop and hardcore rapper. Cash has been around since the 2000s. As of August 2006, Cash has put out one album of the name C.O.D.(Cash on Delivery) which was released on June 27 2006. He came from Cleveland, Ohio or what he calls the "Hill".

Cash Quotes

Beliefs and Lifesyles

  • "The cleveland lifestyle invited him well, seeing that he had no brothers."
  • "I want to be respected"(for his lyrics not record sells)."
  • "I want to have major billboard success, but want to be respected by his music."
  • "I want my fans to relate to my music."

Approach to the Game

  • "I don't just acccept what is on the radio, which is not always real, and his approach is to make the game as real as possible."
  • "(Scolds) the ones who think they have priority(in Rapping), but do nothing at all."
  • "And I know what's going on, I watch the news as he walked the streets, and the images are not real."
  • "When I grew up, artists were more focused on their actual music (lyrics) than were their record sells. And that artists today care more about record sells than their music.(informal)"
  • "Niggas don't let their nuts hang anymore."(don't speak the utmost truth)
  • "Its Rap: Say what the fuck you wanna say."


  • "I want to venerate the artists like UGK, Scarface, and Jay-Z through my music."
  • "I was always a Jay fan, but seeing him on stage, so cool, so laid back. He was just doing him. To see somebody do him and people respong to it (imitate him). That's power thre, it just clicked to me."


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