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Ray Peacock (born Ian Boldsworth 1973) is a prolific writer and comic performer who first came to prominence as part of the highly successful Big And Daft comedy trio.


The Ray Peacock Podcast

The Ray Peacock podcast, starring Ray Peacock, "Big Fat" Ed Gamble, and Little Raji James "who used to be on Eastenders but ruined it"

Christmas Special 2007

Ray: Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, but it's positively svelte compared to big fat Ed Gamble, ladies and Gentlemen!

Live show 4

Ray: Raji fifaji, picklaji fifaji, fifaji picklaji, that's why you're called Raji.
Raji: What?!
Ray: Right, Raji, right, tell me when to stop...
Raji: Stop.
Ray: Ding dong ding dong you'r nose is this long.
Raji: See that, right....
Ray: Right, Raji, tell me when to stop...
Raji: (witheringly) Stop.
Ray: Ding dong ding dong you are a twat.

Ed: I think we might pull it off this week.
Ray: Do you think?
Ed: Did someone just laugh at "Pull it off"
Ray: That's all we have to do tonight.
Ed: OK then, brilliant.
Ray: Ooh i tell you, this week's show's going to be a "big one".
Ed: Knobs!
Ray: Although it could be quite hard in bits....... and spunk coming out the end of it.

Live Show 5

Ray: What is it what you call a deer what doesn't know about nothing? Blind.
Raji: No, no eye deer.
Ray: No, but you're twisting it round, it works either way.
Ed: No, it doesn't work either way.
Ray: Here's another one, right, what do you call a blind deer? Whatever you want, they can't hear you!
Raji: No, because... No! No! No!
Ray: Here's another one, right, here's another one, right, now hang on, this is a bit complicated, this one... right, what is a nun, right...
Ed: Oh for fuck's sake...
Ray: what is a nun what has a javelin in it, right, and can't turn around in the corridor? Why! A newspaper! So that's a good one.
Ray: Right, what, right, what is black and white, right, and you read it, right, and it isn't a penguin...?
Raji: (As Ray says "A newsp...") That is a newspaper.
Ray: DON'T RUIN THE PUNCHLINE, RAJI! What's brown and sits in my livingroom outstaying its welcome?
(Split section music starts)

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