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ReBoot was a Canadian (CGI) animated series that was produced by Mainframe Entertainment, created by Gavin Blair, Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell and John Grace, with character designed by Brendan McCarthy and Ian Gibson. Originally it was aired from 1994 to 2001. It was credited with being the first full length, completely computer animated TV series. When the series debuted in 1994, the first computer-animated feature film, Toy Story, had not yet been released until 1995, created by Disney/Pixar. Originally made for children, the series attracted many older fans when it became thematically darker partway through its second season.


Season 1

Episode 01 - The Tearing

Bob: Stay frosty!

Bob: He's infecting the User. Bummer. Now we've got a Mega-User.

Episode 02 - Racing the Clock

Hexidecimal- I'll get Megabyte and his little delivery boy, too!

Enzo: Dot! You almost got us erased! Deleted! OFF-LINE! Can we do it again?

Episode 03 - The Quick and the Fed

Episode 04 - The Medusa Bug

Episode 05 - The TIFF

Episode 06 - In the Belly of the Beast

Episode 07 - The Crimson Binome

Episode 08 - Enzo the Smart

Episode 09 - Wizards, Warriors, and a Word from our Sponsor

Bob: Prepare to taste the blade of my... butterknife?

Mike: You're tuned to the commercial channel--all commercials, all the time! An eternity of useless products to rot your skeevy little mind... forever!

Mike: The LOOOOOOOVE Hospital. Your prescription for romance.

Episode 10 - The Great Brain Robbery

Phong: Hack and Slash are inside of Enzo's head!

Mouse: (to Bob) You always were such an exciting date.

Episode 11 - Talent Night

[After a freestyle guitar battle with Bob]
Megabyte: I've always wanted to do that...

Episode 12 - Identity Crisis Part 1

Phong: (voiceover) What you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of reality.

Bob: One day you might end up in... The Fun House! (looks around nervously)

Cecil: (to Dot) May I say, that all the staff and even some of the food items are rooting for you all the way.

Enzo: Goodbye!
Cecil: Au revoir!
Enzo: Good luck!
Cecil: Bonne chance! (Enzo gives him a look)

Episode 13 - Identity Crisis Part 2

Phong: Chance has nothing to do with it, child. The future is not determined by a throw of the dice. It is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me.

Season 2

Episode 14 - Infected

Episode 15 - High Code

Episode 16 - When Games Collide

Episode 17 - Bad Bob

Episode 18 - Painted Windows

Episode 19 - AndrAIa

[Bob storms into Dot's Diner with a pair of binomes]
Bob: You nearly got us nullified! I can't believe you did that!
Enzo: Bob!
[Enzo goes to jump on Bob, but Bob unknowingly dodges him and Enzo crashes into a table]
Dot: Problem?
Bob: You could say that. These two booted into the game and tried to win it by setting off an explosion capable of destroying the planet.
Dot: Bad idea.
Bob: Yes. Especially when you're INSIDE THE PLANET! Why'd you do do it?
Captain Quirk: I had to, mister!
Bob: And all he did was keep saying "Make it so!"
Jean-Luc: And "engage!" I said "engage" more times than "make it so," actually.

Episode 20 - Nullzilla

(after a signal that makes the nulls go crazy)
Phong: Very strange...the signal is being emitted from Lost Angles!
Bob: Megabyte!
Enzo: Hexadecimal, Bob.
Bob: What? Right, Hexadecimal. Did I say Megabyte?

(after the nulls all cover Hexadecimal)
Mike the TV: It's coming! It's coming I tell ya! Backspace for your lives. Run, run, RUN! And when you're finished, run some more!
Hack: (searching for Megabyte's pet null Nibbles) Ahem. We're looking for a null.
Slash: That's right, uh, have you seen one?
Mike the TV: Have I seen one? HAVE I SEEN ONE?! ...that's a joke, right?
Hack: Hey, whadya mean "joke"?
Slash: Joke. Noun. Something said or done to cause laughter, something not in earnest or ridiculous.
Hack and Mike: (look at him with surprise)
Mike the TV: Hack, Slash, it's your lucky day. You were looking for a single null. Well, what about two million? It's Nullzilla!

Episode 21 - Gigabyte

(After the web creature/Megabyte and Hexadecimal have merged)
Bob: I am Guardian four five two. State your name and function.
Gigabyte: I am become Gigabyte, destroyer of Systems.
Bob: Not this System, bub.

Episode 22 - Trust No One

Episode 23 - Web World Wars

Season 3

Episode 24 - To Mend and Defend

Episode 25 - Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place

Episode 26 - Firewall

Episode 27 - Game Over

Epsiode 28 - Icons

[opening monologue for episodes 28 through 31]
Enzo: I live in the games. I search through systems, peoples, and cities, for this place—Mainframe, my home. My format: I have no format. I am a renegade, lost on the net. [pause] Reboot!

Episode 29 - Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

Episode 30 - Number 7

Episode 31 - The Episode With No Name

Episode 32 - Return of The Crimson Binome

Mr. Christopher: Maybe we should turn ourselves in. It could be our only chance to show a profit!

The Crimson Binome: (Frisket just leapt toward the Captain and he froze him with his sword, Frisket's teeth showing) Glory be! I know those teeth!

Enzo: Bob! [starts to run over to tackle Bob]
Bob: Woah! [holds out his hands, causing Enzo to stop] I think you're a little too big for that now!

Episode 33 - The Edge Of Beyond

Episode 34 - Web Riders On The Storm

Episode 35 - Mousetrap

Episode 36 - Megaframe

Episode 37 - Showdown

Episode 38 - System Crash

Episode 39 - End Prog

Season 4

Episode 40 - Daemon Rising

Episode 41 - Cross Nodes

Episode 42 - Whats Love Got To Do With It?

Episode 43 - Sacrifice

Episode 44 - My Two Bobs

Episode 45 - Lifes a Glitch

Episode 46 - Null Bot of the Bride

Episode 47 - Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus

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  • And now, back to ReBoot.

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