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Reborn! (家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, Katekyō Hittoman REBORN) is a manga series by Akira Amano. It is the story of a junior high student who is reluctant to become the tenth boss of the Vongola Family until one day an unusual toddler trains him to become a Mafia boss. It is currently airing on TV Tokyo and is licensed by VIZ Media [SJ Advanced].

Main Cast - Sawada Family

Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada (沢田綱吉/ツナ, Sawada Tsunayoshi/Tsuna)

  • I don't want to be called "Tsuna" by some baby like you.
  • He's trying to introduce himself while crying...
  • He has no mercy.
  • [shocked] There it is! Yamamoto is making it a game again!
  • [shocked] GAD! [manga rendition]
    • Referring to his family or other poeple doing embarrasing stuff.
  • ¡Mukuro... If i don't defeat you, i can't die in peace!(When entering by the first time in Hyper Dying Will mode)

Nana Sawada (沢田 奈々, Sawada Nana)

  • I never knew Reborn-kun had such a handsome friend.
  • Tsu-kun, isn't it wonderful that you have such a cute bride? (Wedding dream episode)

Iemitsu Sawada (?? ??, Sawada Iemistu)

  • What's that Tsuna? You're look'in sexy. Isn't that a pendant?
  • See that, my friend. That's my son, he's so big now!
  • Nana, you like men who are romantic, right?

Main Cast (Not necessarily of the Vongola Family)

Haru Miura (三浦 ハル, Miura Haru)

  • For Tsuna-san, who'll become a mafia boss, this is nothing.
  • It is our duty to support all of you as best as we can, so that you can go all out without any worries.
  • Haru's heart has been snatched away, and I can hardly breathe!
  • This is all Gokudera-san's fault! Haru-chan's fighting spirit is completely ignited!

Dr. Shamal

  • Sorry, sorry. I'm easily distracted.
  • Their Elasticity is a sign of good health.

Kyoko Sasagawa (?? ?? Sasagawa Kyoko)

  • Big Brother, stop! You promised me you wouldn't fight!
  • Tsuna! Thank God! Everyones looking for you! And for Reborn and Gokudera too!

Vongola Family


  • Ciaosu!

Takeshi Yamamoto (山本 武, Yamamoto Takeshi)

  • They're playing tag. How nostalgic. (ep 6)
    • Referring to Lambo and I-Pin chasing each other
  • Tsuna, you're really such a funny guy!
  • The Shigure Souen Style is completely flawless and invincible!

Hayato Gokudera (獄寺 隼人, Gokudera Hayato)

  • If you think you can solve it, then go ahead!
  • What did you say?!? Eat Sand!
  • Tenth, you should leave. Otherwise you might catch her stupidity.
  • Sorry for the wait, Gokudera Hayato has arrived!
  • That was so touching! To want to be a gigantic robot!
  • WOW! Tenth you're so STRONG!
  • Don't look down on me, woman or I'll blow your brother up!
  • You shouldn't think about family stuff too much. My house is far more complicated and messy.

Ryohei Sasagawa (笹川 了平, Sasagawa Ryōhei)

  • Awesome! That's proof of his strength!
  • You dodged my extreme right straight! I'm really impressed with you now! Join our club, Sawada!
  • Tsuna and his friends are so passionate! Let me in, too!
  • It is time to let the one called Namimori's Rumble Fish teach!!!
  • Alright! My ULTIMATE power is emerging!
  • EXTREME! (Catchphase)

Kyoya Hibari (??, ?? Hibari Kyoya)

  • Quiet, or I'll bite you to death.
  • Wrong, you didn't even get one syllable right.

Chrome Dokuro

  • Boss, is it that I'm not worthy enough of the position as guardian of the mist?
  • Mukuro-sama, I wanted to help you.


  • If you can no longer believe in the person you love, then test him until you are satisfied.
  • Love conquers all, eh?
  • Money is not the most important thing. Love is.
  • Is my cooking too stingy for you, Yamamoto Takeshi?

Bovino Family

(adult Lambo)

  • I'll show you how much I've changed in 10 years.
  • Perservere! [Manga]
  • Gotta, stay, calm! [Anime]
  • Thunder, ready!
  • Elettrico Cornata!

(child Lambo)

  • Lambo-san has appeared!
  • Enter Lambo! [manga]

Chiavorone Family

Dino (ディーノ, Dīno)

  • Reborn's lessons were no easy task. There were many times I'd thought I'd die.
  • Again with that Reborn? You believe me, right Tsuna?
  • Isn't it embarrassing being so rough on kids?

One of Dino's men

  • He puts us on edge at least once a day.

Kokuyō Junior High Gang

Lanchia (ランチア, Ranchia)

  • You cannot defeat me.
  • Thousand Shake Force Domination!
Bouja Reppa [Violent Serpent Supremecy!] [Viz Media]
  • The real Mukuro would never allow himself to be recorded like that.

Rokudo Mukuro

  • So it seems he has come with his friends to play.
  • Sawada Tsunayoshi is just my target, nothing else.
  • Perhaps you and I are the same kind of person.
  • You did very well my cute little Chrome.



  • Gokudera: Anyway I don't like that guy.
  • Tsuna: Huh? Why not?
  • Gokudera: Anyone older than me is my enemy.
  • Tsuna: [shocked - thinking to himself] Gad! That's alot of enemies!

  • Yamamoto: Then let me distribute the sushi and tea...
  • Bianchi: Get out of my way, Yamamoto Takeshi.
  • Bianchi: Here Tsuna, your cold soup of green-yellow wild bugs.
  • Tsuna: BUGS YOU SAY?!?!!?!?

  • Tsuna: What?! You mean those two are going after real Yakuza?
  • Reborn: That's right
  • Dino: Geez Reborn, Not again
  • Dino: You kept springing this stuff on me
  • Dino: Only now you've got kids going up against hardend criminals

  • Gokudera: Hey! Did you call me just to pick a fight?!?! Stupid Bitch!
  • Haru: Wahhhh! Why are you calling me stupid!? You outlaw!
  • Tsuna: Calm down, you two! Anyways, why do I have to be at Gokudera's interview?

  • Shamal: Do you know what's the most important thing when hitting on a girl?
  • Gokudera: Uh...well...Eroticism?
  • Shamal: Geez, it can't be helped...

  • Yamamoto: Hey Tsuna, we're not gonna form a group circle?
  • Gokudera: HUH?!?!
  • Tsuna: EH?!?!
  • Ryohei: That sounds passionate! I've always wanted to do that at least once!
  • Gokudera:EHHH! You moron would you honestly believe we'd do such a lame thing!

  • Page Insert prior to Target #60
    • Haru: Tsuna...! (chasing Tsuna)
    • Tsuna: I don't understand girls!

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