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Resident Evil 4 (also known as Biohazard 4 in Japan) is a survival horror game and is the sixth game in the Resident Evil series. RE4 focuses in Leon S. Kennedy as he travel to a village in Spain to save the U.S.A. President's daughter, who was kidnapped by a religious group who worships "Las Plagas", a kind of mind-controlling parasites.

Leon S. Kennedy

  • I know you boys didn't tag along so we could sing "Kumbaya" together at a Boy Scout bonfire. Then again, maybe you did.
  • [once he has come out of the police car] Jeez... who are these guys?
  • Hey, this is Leon. Sorry I couldn't call in sooner, but I was a bit "tied up".
  • [after all the Ganados leave to go to the church bell] Where's everyone going? Bingo?
  • [after almost falling to his death] Won't fall for that old trick.
  • [to Ashley] I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt.
  • Monsters. I guess after this there will be one less to worry about.
  • Shit!
  • Story of my life...
  • This is no ritual. It's terrorism!
  • [when Salazar says that his "right hand", the Verdugo, is coming after him] Your right hand comes off?
  • [after being pressed a gun to his back by Ada Wong] Sorry, but following a lady's lead just isn't my style.

Ashley Graham

  • Talk about near-death experience.
  • Oh! You pervert!
  • Hey... What are you looking at?
  • When you take me back to my place, how about we do some... overtime?

Luis Sera

  • Aye yi yi! Crawl out of one hole... and into another.
  • Did you send out those invitations? I told you: no more than fifty people!
  • [said when Leon rips the tape off of his mouth after finding him] Aaah...! A little rough, don't you think?
  • Okay, it's game time!
  • I have only one, very important question... You got a smoke?
  • [commenting upon Ashley's figure] Well... I see that the President equipped his daughter... with ballistics, too.
  • [to Ada Wong] Hey, señorita! Have a light? And some smokes to go with it to make my day?

Ramon Salazar

  • Don't you know no one dies without a cause? You will satisfy the stomaches of my cute pets!
  • So, maybe you have nine lives. But it doesn't matter now, Mr. Kennedy!
  • Die, you worm!
  • Hmm... Where is the satisfying sound of one's impalement?
  • Kill him! Kill!
  • [in response to Leon's comment on his actions being based on terrorism] Isn't that a popular word these days?

Osmund Saddler

  • Ah, the audacity of youth!
  • Feeble humans. Let us give you our power. Soon, you will become unable to resist this... intoxicating power.
  • It seems Salazar's having difficulties taming the American pig. Salazar had his chance. Krauser! Go get the girl! Oh... and dispose of the swine while you're at it.
  • Oh, I think you know. The "American prevailing" is a cliché that only happens in your Hollywood movies.
  • You now harbor an awesome power... but it seems you would rather choose death.

Jack Krauser

  • Good Leon!
  • Now that's what I'm talking about!
  • Enough talk. Die, comrade!
  • Run, Leon! Run!
  • It's been a long time, comrade.
  • You catch on quick, as expected. After all, you and I both know where we come from.
  • Well, if it isn't the bitch in the red dress.
  • Just so we understand each other clearly: I don't trust you, nor does Wesker. If you try to do anything clever, I will kill you.
  • You may be able to prolong your life, but it's not like you can escape your inevitable death, is it?
  • [after transforming his arm into a Plagas] Witness the power!
  • I died in a crash, two years ago. Is that what they told you?
  • To bring order and balance to this insane world of ours.


  • Various Ganados: ¡No dejes que se escape! (Don't let him escape!)
  • Various Ganados: ¡Detrás de tí, imbécil! (Behind you, you imbecile!)
  • Merchant: I see that you have an eye for things. Gun's not just about shooting, it's about reloading. You'll know what I'm talking about...
  • Various Ganados: ¡Dale! (Hit him!)
  • Merchant: Not enough cash! stranger!
  • Merchant: Hehehe, Thank you!
  • Merchant: Stranger, stranger, now that's a weapon!
  • Merchant: [Opening coat to reveal ammunition and weapons]WELCOME!


Ingrid Hunnigan: Leon, I hope you can hear me. I'm Ingrid Hunnigan. I'll be your support on this mission.
Leon Kennedy: Loud and clear. Somehow I thought you'd be a little older. So, the subject's name's Ashley Graham, right?
Ingrid Hunnigan: That's right. She's the daughter of the President, so try and behave yourself, okay?
Leon Kennedy: Whoever this group is, they sure picked the wrong girl to kidnap.
Ingrid Hunnigan: I'll try to find more information on them from my end as well.
Leon Kennedy: Good. Talk to you later. Leon out.

Jack Krauser: Been a long time, comrade.
Leon Kennedy: Krauser!
Jack Krauser: I died in a crash, two years ago. Is that what they told you?

Salazar: So, maybe you have nine lives. But it doesn't matter now, Mr. Kennedy! I've sent my right hand to dispose of you.
Leon Kennedy: Your right hand comes off?

Lord Saddler: I'm sorry, Leon.
Leon Kennedy: Saddler, you bastard!
Lord Saddler: It's nothing to get all upset about. Don't tell me you've never swatted a bothersome fly! In essence, it's the same thing.
Leon Kennedy: What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!
Lord Saddler: When you've acquired this power, you too will understand.
Leon Kennedy: Guess it's another good reason to get the parasite out of my body.
Lord Saddler: I wish you luck.

Leon Kennedy: I'm sorry to break it up to you, but Salazar's dead.
Lord Saddler: Yes, it seems that way.
Leon Kennedy: Saddler, why don't you give up and let Ashley go home?
Lord Saddler: Perhaps you are disillusioned with overconfidance just because you killed my small-time subordinate?
Leon Kennedy: Saddler, you're small-time.
Lord Saddler: [chuckles] Writhe in my cage of torment, my friend!

Lord Saddler: Enjoyed the reunion with your old friend?
Leon Kennedy: As a matter of fact, I did.
Lord Saddler: Wonderful. I wouldn't want my special guests on the island feeling unattended.
Leon Kennedy: Guess I'm supposed to thank you, right?
Lord Saddler: Ah! I had an idea. While you're here, how about I introduce you to "It"? "It" will keep you busy.
Leon Kennedy: Forgot the name, eh? Senior moment, perhaps?
Lord Saddler: Enjoy the fun.

[Leon and Ashley are about to jump into a garbage container]
Ashley: Ugh. It stinks.
Leon: Sure does. [looks at Ashley and grins]
Ashley: No way, Leon!
Leon: Way! [grabs Ashley and jumps]

Luis Sera: Leon!
Leon Kennedy: Luis?
Luis Sera: Small world, eh? Well... I see that the President's equipped his daughter... with ballistics, too.
Ashley Graham: How rude! And I don't believe there's any relevance with my figure or my standing! Who are you?
Luis Sera: Whoa, excuse me, Your Highness! Perhaps the young lady might want to introduce herself first, before asking someone his name.
Ashley Graham: Her name's Ashley Graham, the President's daughter.
Luis Sera: Is she... Well, you know...
Leon Kennedy: Don't worry, she's cool.

Luis Sera: I have only one, very important question... You got a smoke?
Leon Kennedy: Got gum.

Leon Kennedy: You wanna tell me what's going on here?
Luis Sera: Americano, sí? Now what brings a bloke like you to this part of the world, eh? Oh! Easy, whoever you are.
Leon Kennedy: The name's Leon. I came here looking for this girl. [shows Ashley's picture] You seen her?
Luis Sera: What are you supposed to be, a cop or something? Nah, you don't look the type.
Leon Kennedy: Maybe.
Luis Sera: Okay, let me guess... She's the President's daughter?
Leon Kennedy: That's too good for a guess. Wanna start explaining?
Luis Sera: Psychic powers... Nah, just kidding with you, amigo.

Cop with beard: Yo, who are you really? Come on and tell us. You are a long way from home, cowboy. You have my sympathies.
Leon Kennedy: I guess that's a local's way of breaking the ice. Anyway, you know what this is all about. My assignment is to search for the President's missing daughter.
Cop with glasses: What, all by yourself?
Leon: I'm sure you boys didn't just tag along so we could sing "Kumbaya" together at some Boy Scout bonfire. Then again, maybe you did.

[Leon and Ashley meet Ramon Salazar on a platform, scolted by two Verdugos]
Salazar: I was starting to wonder when you might notice us.
Leon Kennedy: Who are you?
Salazar: Me llamo Ramon Salazar, the eighth castellan of this magnificent architecture. I have been honored with the prodigious power from the great Lord Saddler. I've been expecting you, my brethrens.
Leon Kennedy: No, thanks, bro.
Salazar: My, my, we've got a feisty one. If you care for your own well-being, I suggest you surrender yourself and simply... become our hostage. Or, Mr. Scott, you can give us the girl, because you're not worth a penny, I'm afraid. You can die. [he leaves]
Ashley Graham: I'm never turning into one of them... Never!
Leon Kennedy: Got that right. We'll find a cure.

Salazar: What a pleasant suprise. But I'm afraid it's Ashley we need, not you, Mr. Kennedy.
Leon Kennedy: If you don't need me, then get off my back, old man!
Salazar: Did you say "old man", Mr. Kennedy? It might come as a suprise, but I'm only 20 years old.
Leon Kennedy: So you're just like all the others; a puppet of the parasites.
Salazar: Surely you don't think I'm the same as those diminutive Ganados. The parasites, Las Plagas, are slaves to my will. I have absolute control.
Leon Kennedy: Well, I really don't give a damn. Rain or shine, you're going down.

Salazar: The sacred rite that is about to begin at this tower shall endow the girl with magnificent power. She will join us, become one of us.
Leon Kennedy: This is no ritual. It's terrorism!
Salazar: Isn't that a popular word these days?

Leon Kennedy: Hunnigan, is that you?
Ingrid Hunnigan: Finally... The line's jack-free.
Leon Kennedy: [charming voice] Hey, Hunnigan, no glasses...
Ingrid Hunnigan: Forget the glasses. What's the status of the mission?
Leon Kennedy: I've rescued the subject. We're returning home.
Ingrid Hunnigan: You did it, Leon!
Leon Kennedy: Thanks. You know you're kinda cute without those glasses? Gimme your number when I get back!
Ingrid Hunnigan: [smiles] May I remind you that you're still on duty?
Leon Kennedy: [sighs] Story of my life...


  • Resident Evil... reinvented.

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