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Richard Henry Horne (later Richard Hengist Horne) (January 1, 1803March 13, 1884), was an English poet and critic.


  • 'T is always morning somewhere in the world.
    • Orion (1843), Book iii, Canto ii. Compare: "'T is always morning somewhere", Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Wayside Inn. Birds of Killingworth, stanza 16.
  • A sweet content
    Passing all wisdom or its fairest flower.
    • Orion (1843), Book iii, Canto ii.
  • The wisdom of mankind creeps slowly on,
    Subject to every doubt that can retard
    Or fling it back upon an earlier time.
    • Orion (1843), Book iii, Canto ii.
    • Ye rigid Plowmen! Bear in mind
      Your labor is for future hours.
      Advance! spare not! nor look behind!
      Plow deep and straight with all your powers!
    • The Plow.

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