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Roberto Jefferson Monteiro Francisco (June 14, 1953 - ) is a Brazilian politician.

  • "I sublimated my mandate, I won't fight for it"
- deposing in the Deputies Chamber's Ethics Council, June 14, 2005.
  • "Get out of there, Zé (José Dirceu). Get out of there and quick, before you make a guilty out of an innocent man, the president Lula"
- deposing in the Deputies Chamber's Ethics Council, June 14, 2005. He then asks the former chief of staff José Dirceu to leave the government so he wouldn't put the President into the scandal. Two days later, José Dirceu would leave his position as Minister and go back to the Chamber as federal deputy.
  • "This is dying with me. I'm not saying it even if I'm tied to a tree and being stabbed. I assume all the civilian and criminal responsibility."
- refusing to tell how did he use the 4 million Reais he received from the Workers' Party during interrogatiry in the CPI dos Correios, so he wouldn't involve more people of his party, previously marked as innocents. June 30, 2005.
  • "Your Excellency provokes in me the most primitive instincts"
- in response during the interrogatory of the former chief of staff and PT's deputy José Dirceu to the Chamber of Deputies' Parlamentary and Ethics Council, August 2, 2005.
  • "I admire your Excellency [...], you're bohemian, woman liker, gambler..."
- to the former president of PL, federal deputy Valdemar Costa Neto, in the Ethics Council
  • "I didn't know we had to stay on feet to be a man"
- ironizing the protests of the deputy Sandro Mabel (PL-GO), who got up from his chair when indignated by Jefferson's statements
  • "Your excelency is a liar. That was not what you told me, in that intimate reunion in your office. You were merely interested in my body."
- accusing PT's deputy José Dirceu of sexual harassment.
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