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The sublimity of wisdom is to do those things living that are desired when dying.
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Kim Stanley Robinson (born 1952), science fiction novelist


Red Mars (1992)

  • The only part of an argument that really matters is what we think of the people arguing. X claims a, Y claims b. They make arguments to support their claims with any number of points. But when their listeners remember the discussion, what matters is simply that X believes a and Y believes b. People then form their judgment on what they think of X and Y.
    • John Boone
  • Science was many things, Nadia thought, including a weapon with which to hit other scientists.
  • They were so ignorant! Young men and women, educated very carefully to be apolitical, to be technicians who thought they disliked politics, making them putty in the hands of their rulers, just like always. It was appalling how stupid they were, really, and he could not help lashing into them.
    • thoughts of Frank Chalmers
  • Historical analogy is the last refuge of people who can't grasp the current situation.
    • Frank Chalmers

Green Mars (1993)

  • You can't get any movement larger than five people without including at least one fucking idiot.
    • Coyote
  • It was not power that corrupted people, but fools who corrupted power.
    • Nadia Chernyshevski

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