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Robotech is an 85-episode animated science fiction television series about three successive extraterrestrial invasions of Earth. Based on the Japanese anime titles, Macross, Southern Cross & Mospaeda. It is directed by Robert V. Barron & produced by Carl Macek & distributed by Harmony Gold Inc., in association with Tatsunoko Productions.

Robotech: The Macross Saga

Episode 1: Boobytrap

Narrator: In the year 1999, high above Macross Island in the South Pacific, A phenomenal event in the skies which altered the course of human history. A gigantic alien spaceship broke through the very fabric of hyperspace on a collision course with the Earth. During its uncontrolled fall from the sky, the plummeting space fortress produced shock waves of incredible force. The craft, nearly three quarters of a mile in length, there was no sign of the alien crew. The armored hull have the brought of the damage, leaving much of the sophisticated technosystems intent. What remained of the giant battle fortress gave evidence to the civilization that was light years ahead of the Earth's most advanced thinking. Global war ravaged the Earth at that time, but even this devastation trailed by comparison to the threat of invasion from outer space. A ceasefire was ordered & world leaders banded together to form a United Earth Government. Under the new government, The world's most brilliant minds formed a research to study & restore the alien space fortress. Deciphering parts of documents found onboard, they labored to unravel the secrets of an incredibly complex technology called Robotech. Convinced that the scientists have solved this complex riddle, world leaders ordered a celebration. For ten years, the total resources of an entire planet had been focused on the space fortress. A great city had grown up around the Robotech Project & today on the eve of the ship's maiden flight, every citizen man, woman & child was gathering to celebrate their achievement & to witness the launching of their planet's new defender.

Narrator: The countdown has begun. On board the giant spaceship, the crew of raw recruits freshly graduated from the Robotech Academy is busy with the pre-launch checklist.
Lisa: The generator starts in 15 minutes. I hope the captain with there in time I hear you didn't get much sleep last night.
Claudia:: Yeah, the other officer threw a farewell party for all. They probably sat up all night telling each other war stories. You know how they are.
Lisa: And where were you, Claudia.
Claudia: What are you talking about, Lisa?
Lisa: You didn't come in until four this morning. You must have been partying, too.
Claudia: You jealous? I had a late dinner with Commander Focker.
Lisa: Claudia!
Claudia: What?
Lisa: You stayed out all night knowing you both have flight duty today.
Claudia: So? What's the big fuss about Lisa? We won't let it affect the performance of our duty. After all, we're not children & you're not our mother.
Lisa: Your responsibilities to the ship conversed, Claudia?
Claudia: But my private life is my business. Nobody elses. Now then, let's get to work, alright, Get out of here!
Vanessa: Lisa doesn't understand about men, Claudia. She's in love with the spaceship.
Kim: Yeah! You got that right.
Sammie: Oh! Don't argue.
Claudia: I'm not the one who keeps butting into everybody's business.
Lisa: I'm warning you!
Claudia: I hate to interrupt but had you better check your monitor, Commander.
Kim: It's an unidentified incoming aircraft, Lisa.
Lisa: Attention aircraft approaching on course 107. Please identify yourself. Please identify yourself.
Rick: This is Rick Hunter. Invitation number 201.
Lisa: That's confirmed as an invitation from Lieutenant Commander Focker. Follow course 57 for landing.
Rick: Roger.

[at the airshow]
Roy: Oh ho! Rick!? Is that you, Rick Hunter?
Rick: Roy. It's good to hear your voice, old buddy. I understand you're lieutenant commander now.
Roy: Are you crazy? Get that junkie out of here. [crowd laughs] Hunter. When I get my hands on you I got...[Microphone stand unattached] Oh. Hey, switch this to radio only, will ya? [after frequency changed] What are you trying to do buddy, make a perfect fool on me?
Rick: Uh...Nobody's perfect, Commander.
Roy: You haven't changed a bit, have you? Well, this isn't your dad's amateur flying circus. My men are real pilots.
Rick: I'm gonna have to make you eat those words, Commander. Coming in.

Rick really did show his skills when it comes to aerial acrobatics. He used his basic booster flying skills soaring overhead & flew straight up & out of the Veritech Fighter Jets. The crowd liked what it just seen. As for Roy -- He is not to be pleased.

Rick: Phew. Hi, Roy.
Roy: Just who do you think you are? What were you trying to do? Get yourself killed?
Rick: Hey, calm down.
Roy: And while were added, where'd you learn to do that anyway?
Rick: It was just a simple booster flying. You taught me that yourself when I was just a kid.
Roy: Grrr.
Rick: Hey. I have to admit those guys are pretty good. Not as good as me of course.
Roy: You don't have to brag to me, Rick. I know all about your winning the amateur flying competition last year.
Rick: Actually, I've won it eight years in a row. What've you been doing?
Roy: I was busy fighting a war. I guess you didn't read about mine having shot down a hundred & eight enemy planes.
Rick: You're proud of being a killer?
Roy: What? There was a war on & I was a soldier. I just did my duty.
Rick: You promised my dad that as soon as the war's over, you'd comeback to the air circus. Why don't you go back on that promise, Roy?
Roy: Hmm. I really felt guilty about letting your father down. Only...this Robotech thing is so exciting I just couldn't give it up. It just gets in your blood or something. I don't know.
Rick: What is Robotech anyway? Just more modern war machinery.

Episode 2: Countdown

The aliens strike in full force, and the desperate battle for the planet Earth reaches the very streets of Macross City. Human courage and skill are tested to the limit, against the superior weapons of the Zentraedi. A heroic rescue attempt by Rick Hunter to save Lynn Minmay turns into a nightmare experience.

Narrator: A battle for Earth's survival is on & young Rick Hunter found himself caught up in a war piloting an unfamiliar fighter plane with sophisticated engineering, he couldn't begin to understand. Out of control, the fighter plunged to a crash landing. Incredibly the plane survived the crash & then, it under went a startling transformation. As young Rick ponders what to do next, The Zentradi forces draws ever closer & aboard the reconstructed battle fortress, Capt. Gloval & his inexperienced crew prepared to confront the vastly superior forces of the alien enemy.

Episode 3: Space Fold

In this episode, Narrator J. Jay Smith explained about a massive alien spaceship crash landed on Earth, 10 years ago & the people of united to uncover & learn the technology of the space fortress. His line goes like this: "The space fortress' design & capabilities are still not completely understood. But what were scientists have learned has led to a combination of computer & robotic technology called Robotech. The alien race known as the Zentradi had followed the SDF-1 & now the Earth is under attack. Rick Hunter - an amateur flyer caught in the planet by war has become an unruling Veritech fighter pilot & he's rescued a beautiful young girl named Minmay. His old friend, Lt. Comm. Roy Focker has reason to believe that young Rick maybe in trouble.
Roy: Rick. Come in, Rick. A poor kid's just had to take on more that he can manage. Well, I can't leave him behind. Skull Leader to Control. Lisa, I'm going to pick up something I left down on the island. Capt. Kramer will take command of the fighter group until I return. Over.
Lisa: Why you're returning ? Over.
Roy: Rick Hunter in Fighter VT-102 is still back on the island & I had to go pick him up now.
Lisa: That pilot's an imposter. I'd gone through the entire registry & I find no record such a person.
Roy: Well, that's easy enough to explain. He's a civilian. So he's enlisted in the military register
Lisa: What? A Civilian! But I thought...Uhh...Umm.
Sammie: Huh?
Kim: Civilian?
Sammie: Who is he?

Episode 4: The Long Wait

Episode 5: Transformation

The citizens of Macross Island attempt to normalize their life aboard the giant battle fortress. Human drama is played out against the backdrop of interplanetary war, as the Zentraedi forces follow after the SDF-1, and continue the war begun back on Earth. Captain Gloval must make a life-or-death decision, which will determine the fate of nearly 70,000 refugees!

Episode 6: Blitzkrieg

The Zentraedi are still puzzled by the actions of the SDF-1. However, Breetai, their Commander, is beginning to enjoy the challenge. Captain Gloval plans a trap for the marauding aliens, only to have it backfire among the incredible rings of Saturn. And Rick is trapped inside a Zentraedi warship!

Rick Hunter, Robotech Defense Forces newest recruit has been working hard. Working to survive rigorous training necessary to make it as one of the elite of the Defense Forces - The Veritech Fighter pilots, Training they're toughening enough on the ground & in space. His basic training complete, Rick looks forward to his first leave.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

Episode 7: Bye-bye Mars

In this Episode, The Zentradi unleashed a full assault on the huge battle fortress & the Veritechs are pushing to the limits trying to defend the base. The planet Mars is the setting, as Breetai calls for reinforcements in order to capture the SDF-1. Captain Gloval drives his grew to the brink of exhaustion, as he attempts to keep the overwhelming Zentraedi forces at bay. But Capt. Gloval planned to blow the base' reflex furnace sky high into the enemy's gravity mines. As Lisa Hayes turned on the controls, she is trapped & found Karl Riber's room. Now, it's up to Rick Hunter to rescue her before the base explodes.

Roy: Men, we just been ordered to fly out to the base & pick up Lt. Hayes. Rick, I'm putting you in charge.
Rick: Huh? Why me?
Roy: Because you proved to me you're responsible enough & besides you'll be saving someone's life.
Rick: I appreciate your confidence but why does it have to be that particular lady, Hmm?
Roy: Tickey-Tickey.
Rick: Alright, cut it out, Roy. I'll bring her home.

"Furnace pressure approaching Extreme Danger levels. 5 mins. to meltdown."

Lisa: Oh, Karl. I miss you so much.

"Rick attacks with guts & determination, destroying every Zentradi Battlepods in sight"

Roy: Gotta admit it. That boy is really gotten a lot better.

"Rick heads to the deserted base where he'll pick up Lisa"

Rick: There's the base.(Hovered his jet to guardian mode)
Rick: Stand back. I'm gonna blast my way in to the building. Are you ready? Here I come.

(Window breaks and Lisa gasps.)

Rick: Come on. Move it!
Lisa: I'm not leaving this room. I don't know why you're here but you can leave right now.
Rick: Is it something I said?
Lisa: Go away!

"1 minute to meltdown. 1 min."

Rick: I have no idea what's happening here but my life is at stake now, too. So come on!
Lisa: I'm not leaving.
Rick: No way! You have to come.
Lisa: Leave me alone. No. Put me down!
Rick: Grr...
Claudia: 30 secs. to explosion. Get out of there, Rick!
Lisa: Ugh..RIBER!

"Rick picks up Lisa & the deserted base blew up sky high wiping out Khyron's enemy battle pods out of sight. The SDF-1 main engines revved up & departing Mars leaving Lisa weeping in tears. As for Khyron, well...You know what he say."

As the huge battle fortress pulls away from the planet Mars, Rick Hunter sits on the flight deck watching over the woman whose life he has just saved. He is torned between his growing attraction for the vulnerable & courageous Lisa Hayes & his strong feelings for the beautiful young girl, Minmay. Someone who he someday would very much like to call his girlfriend.

- J. Jay Smith -

Episode 8: Sweet 16

And so the celestial game of cat & mouse goes on, as the huge battle fortress continues in its planetary orbit around Mars. Meanwhile, inside the great ship, Rick Hunter finds itself faced with a pressing problem of more immediate concern.

- J. Jay Smith -

Rick: Now what'll I do? Tonight, we're gonna to celebrate Minmay's birthday & I still haven't figured out what to give her yet.

Attention, the following personnel are headed back to headquarters immediately. 3rd Lt.'s Justin Black & James Rondell; 2nd Lt's Sean Lu, Karl Jones & Marcus Miller; 1st Lt's Thomas Olson & Adam Olson also Sgt. Rick Hunter...please report.

Rick: I'm glad I'm off.
Rick: Huh? Now what.

Rick: Must be something brewing I hope I'm not in trouble. Sgt. Rick Hunter reporting as ordered, sir. Uhh...gentle...sir...oh...uh oh.
RDF Female Officer: Right this way, Sgt. Hunter.
RDF Male Officer: Now that they arrived, we will please stand up. Since the battle for Sara base on Mars, the gentlemen assembled here have established for themselves records of excellence under fire. Therefore, I'm pleased to award them the titanium medal of valor for their distinguished service. Gentlemen, we proudly acknowledge your achievements.
RDF Female Officer: In each of you gentlemen, please step forward as I call your name, 1st Lt. Justin Black, please.
Rick: It's a dream. It's gotta be dream. If that medal looks real? Hmm. Hey. Boy, what a surprise. Now that was something.
Roy: Hey, little brother.
Rick: Huh?
Roy: Hold on a minute. Let's you & I have a little talk in my room.
Rick: What a great ceremony that was.(Roy Agrees) So, What's up Roy?
Roy: Have a seat.
Rick: Huh? Oh. OK. What you got?
Roy: Ah. Just another medal you have to get used to.
Rick: Huh?
Roy: You've been promoted, Little Brother. From now on you're a Lieutenant. Improved your leadership capabilities under fire. Put it on next to your award.
Rick: Oh, sure.
Roy: Oh & by the way. There is one other thing.
Rick: Wow! What else is there?
Roy: I'm assigning 2 subordinates to your command
Female Voice: This is Corporal Ben Dixon, He has 378 hrs. in simulation & 66 hrs. of flight time. He is Class A. This is Corporal Maximillian Sterling, He has 320 hrs. in simulation & 50 hrs of flight time. He's also Class A.
Rick: Hey, Roy. What gives? Uhh...I don't get it. Those guys are both just beginners.
Roy:Well, Rick. To you're not a lot different than them.
Rick:But Roy, I've got lot more experience.
Roy: Now the files are here & I want you to study them. There's also a manual for you that contains all the official things you need to know about being a Lieutenant.

(Door Knocking)

Roy: I guess that must be them. Come in. Reporting as ordered. This man will be your new commanding officer from now on. He's Lt. Rick Hunter & he's quite a good fighter pilot. In fact, He is just awarded the titanium medal.
Ben: I'm honored to be serving under your command, Lt. Hunter. Corp. Ben Dixon reporting & while I'm around I assure nothing will go wrong.
Maximillian: Umm...Glad were going to be on the same team. I'm Corp. Max Sterling, sir. Call me Max. I'm very inexperienced & might be needing a lot of help.
Rick: Well, I'm please to meet ya'.
Ben & Maximillian: Yes, Sir.

Lisa: Why him?
Claudia: What's that?
Lisa: Why did this boy Hunter get promoted after the rank of group leaders?
Claudia: I guess he got the promotion when swoop down & rescue the damsel in distress back on Mars. (Chuckling & Laughing)
Lisa: Oh! I'm responsible for promoting this incompetent...uhh...Oh Brother!

Episode 9: Ms. Macross

The charming Minmay prepares herself for a different sort of battle; a battle to determine the most beautiful girl in Macross City! While the beauty contest rages, Rick Hunter is called into action by his superiors, to defend the giant space battle fortress.

Ben: Hey, Max.
Max: What's up, Ben.
Ben: Did you hear about Minmay being in that Ms. Macross beauty pageant?
Max: Say what? (Ms. Macross Announcement) Minmay's entered a beauty pageant?
Ben: Yeah, Believe me or not, Lt. Hunter said our squadron wouldn't have to work Saturday night. So, I'm going.
Max: You mean it?
Ben: Yeah, he said he wanted a big turnout to cheer for Minmay.
Max: Umm...maybe he's just in love or something.
Ben: He's what? In love? (chuckling)Hey maybe you're right. That can make you crazy.(Laughing)
Rick: Ms. What? Macross? I wish you haven't entered that.
Minmay: The mayor had entered me without even asking.
Roy: Don't tell me you're jealous?
Rick: I guess I'm acting kind of stupid, aren't I?

'At that point on, Rick Hunter was on patrol to defend the space fortress. While Lisa, Claudia & the Bridge Bunnies are watching the beauty contest. But, it was Lynn Minmay was crowned queen of Macross City.'

And so, as if by magic, one of Minmay's wildest dreams has come true. Unfortunately, Rick is unable to share in this dream. And as he looks at Minmay, he's only to able to see a world he fears he cannot enter. - J. Jay Smith -

Episode 10: Blind Game

The crew of the SDF-1 maintain constant vigil against the threat of attack by the ever-present Zentraedi armada. An unauthorized assault by the evil Khyron damages the main radar tower of the space battle fortress.

Episode 11: First Contact

Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Ben Dixon are captured, and brought before the Supreme Leader of the Zentraedi civilization. Helpless prisoners, they witness the awesome power and destructive capability of their alien adversaries.

This episode explains 3 members of the RDF were captured & taken to a Zentradi command center where Dolza awaits the prisoners. Max Sterling found a plan to fool the enemies by disguising it.

As Breetai's flagship enters Dolza's command center, the 3 Zentradi spies are having trouble explaining their observation to the micronians to their leaders. - J. Jay Smith,Narrator -

Episode 12: The Big Escape

In the last episode of Robotech, Breetai have taken his Micronian prisoners to an audience with Dolza, the supreme leader of the Zentradi Armada. They jumped through hyperspace & the disclosure of the ultimate Zentradi plan to destroy the Earth. After it recovers the SDF-1 & the hidden protoculture factory onboard leaves Lisa, Rick & Ben in a melancholy state of mind. Their only hope of escaping in time toward Capt. Gloval & this impending threat to Earth & it's inhabitants lies in their ability to outmanuever their giant capture.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

In this scene, Rick Hunter figured a way that get out of a huge prison cell by kissing Lisa Hayes. Ben Dixon agreed the that idea. As for Lisa - you know what's next?

Lisa: You must be joking! I won't do it.
Ben: But, Commander.
Lisa: I mean it, Ben. I'm serious. I won't kiss him. He made of that absolutely ridiculous scheme just because he wants to kiss me. I know I maybe naive but I'm not stupid.
Rick: Just a minute. You think you're so attractive I scheming up a way to kiss. I wouldn't think of kissing you unless they it were life or death.
Lisa: Well.

Episode 13: Blue Wind

In our last episode, Rick Hunter led an escape from the Breetai's flagship. Although valuable information was lost in their successful attempt, Rick, Lisa, Max & Ben managed to commandeer a Zentradi battlepod & blast their way to freedom. Adrift to deep space, The escaping earthlings are eventually picked up by scout teams from the SDF-1. Void by their latest success, the SDF-1 approaches the Earth.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

"In this scene at 2 minute mark, Capt. Henry Gloval questioned about the Zentradi & their surroundings."

Capt. Gloval: Please continue your report, Cmdr. Hayes. Do you really think they have that many ships?
Lisa: Yes sir, at least that many & possibly more.
Capt. Gloval: Truly.
Rick: Yes sir. That many.
Capt. Gloval: Based on all combined reports, our computers placed a total of somewhere of 4 & 5 million ships.
Col. Maestroff: That's ridiculous.
Capt. Gloval: Gentlemen, let's hear the entire briefing before discussing it.
Lisa: In the course of our captivity, we'd observed that the aliens have absolutely no contact with human emotions. They've been groomed entirely for war & their societies organized along purely military lines. It appears that they have increased their body size & strength artificially through genetic manipulation & that they also have the ability to reverse the process. While they examined us, they continued to refered to something they called protoculture.

Episode 14: Gloval's Report

Episode 15: Homecoming

Episode 16: Battlecry

Episode 17: Phantasm

Episode 18: Farewell, Big Brother

In this episode, Rick Hunter, the most distinctive of the Veritech Pilots has recovered from a critical condition & laid rest in a hospital bed. Narrator, J. Jay Smith explained how he learned the one place he has called home - The SDF-1. In this scene, the nurse told Lt. Hunter that he had a "bad bump". So she decided he will be a guest. When the nurse leaves, Lisa Hayes was the first to visit him.

Rick: Well, look who's here. Hey, what a lone face. She'd come to bury Caesar?
Lisa: Hello, Rick. I came to about to say that I'm sorry.
Rick: You!? You came out here to apologize? To apologize for what for pete's sake.
Lisa: For you being here. We both know that it was my instructions that were responsible for you being seriously injured.
Rick: Lisa, you weren't responsible. I had no one to blame for this but myself. I'm here because I made a mistaken judgment & for no other reason. OK.
Lisa: Thanks for your generosity.
Rick: What's happened to your old command confidence? This isn't like you at all.
Lisa: No, Lt. Hunter; I don't suppose it is of that. Anyway, I said what I came to say. Now I had to get back to my duties on the bridge. Get Well.
Rick: Thanks, Lisa. You think we'll see each other again?
Lisa: I don't think so, Rick. I'll be too busy.

After paying a visit, Lisa got back to work at the bridge. Who were next to visit? - It's Ben; Roy & Max of course...

Roy: Hi, there, buddy. How goes it.
Rick: Hi, Big Brother.
Roy: Hey. What gives can't you keep out of trouble? Here. This is for you.
Ben: Hey, guys. Listen to this, It's Minmay on the radio. Can you believe it?
Rick: Oh, can't it.
Ben: What's the matter?
Rick: I just like to quiet, alright.
Ben: Absolutely. Anything you say, skipper. You're the boss, OK.
Roy: So tell me something, you big loafer. When you'll gonna quit playing the invil & get back to work?
Rick: Believe me. Right now I'm not playing, Roy.
Max: What you need is a visit from someone like Minmay to come over & give you a command performance right here. Ohh!
Rick: I don't imagine Minmay's very much interested in a washoff like me.
Ben: Well, you could try introducing her to a certified flying ace like myself, Lieutenant.(Laughing)
Rick: How about a punch in the nose?
Roy: Easy there, Tiger. I'm sure Ben didn't mean anything about it. Come on, you ace before you make his condition any worse. Right this way. Glad to see you're okay, kid.

Episode 19: Bursting Point

While Rick recooperates from his injuries while defending the SDF-1 against the Zentradi sneak attack, Roy Focker is mortally wounded. It's a tragic incident which places a dark shadow over the crew of the space fortress, especially Claudia.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

Rick Hunter: Lisa, tell Captain Gloval we lost Ben Dixon back there.
Lisa Hayes: Rick, I'm so sorry... The people of this ship are grateful; but they'll never truly comprehend all that you've gone through for them.

Episode 20: Paradise Lost

[Captain Gloval breaks down during his shipwide broadcast after the SDF-1's forced departure from Earth. Lynn Minmei rushes to his side]
Lynn Minmei: Oh....Listen everyone, the Captain needs our support more than ever right now!

Episode 21: A New Dawn

[Bridge Bunny Sammie Leeds takes over Lisa Hayes' position on the bridge.]
Sammie Leeds: No no, you should be assigned to another position, not B Block on the upper flight deck!
RDF Soldier: Bridge, we can't understand your instructions!
Sammie: You don't? [Off microphone] Oh Captain Hayes, please come back soon!

[While trapped during a temporary SDF-1 transformation]
Rick Hunter: Sometimes, I feel like a caged animal.
Lisa Hayes: Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Monkey, watching people go by.
Rick: I'm glad I'm here with you.
Lisa: You're not so bad yourself.
Rick: [surprised] Really?
Lisa: Yeah. After today, I have a feeling I can get to like you.
Rick: Of course, because I was thinking exactly the same thing.

[After arriving outside Lisa's quarters]
Lisa Hayes: We're almost there.
Rick Hunter: Yes, I guess I should be going. I'd better get back to the barracks before they think I'm gone and jumped ship. [tries to walk away, but Lisa couldn't let go of his hand]
Lisa: Rick, do you have to walk so soon? I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you were with another officer. (saunters up to Rick) Anyway, I'd like you to stay.
Rick: Well...I really like that.
Narrator: And so a new romance blossoms aboard the ship. Two people reaching out for love in different directions only to find that what they wanted was as close as the touch of their fingertips. However, it's a hard life in the military, especially at wartime & whether or not Rick & Lisa could make their relationship work remains to be seen.

Episode 22: Battle Hymn

Episode 23: Reckless

Episode 24: Show Down

Episode 25: Wedding Bells

The SDF-1 lies in orbit around the Earth. On board, mechanics & engineers see to repairs & modifications of the Robotech mecha. It's the only way that the small force of combat personnel on the giant space battle fortress can ever hope to resist the constant attacks of their alien enemy. One of the most honored defenders of the Robotech team is Max Sterling. Up to now, Max has spent most of his time in pursuit of battle. Now, he faces a totally different crisis. After all, [heh-heh], what do you say to a girl you met only a few hours ago?

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

Maximillian: Geez, it's getting late. I hope she's all right. I can't believe I asked her to meet me here, in the park. A girl, at night -- she could get mugged or something...
Miriya: [appears from the bushes] Maximillian, prepare for your doom!
Maximillian: Miriya, there you are. It's nice to see you could make it. Huh? [Miriya throws the knife & Max screams] Hey, are you crazy?
Miriya: I am Quadrano Leader Miriya Parina, Zentraedi Air Force.
Maximillian: There goes our first date.
Miriya: You're such a fool! Fight for your life!
Maximillian: My life!? But -- why attack me?
Miriya: I will have my revenge!
Maximillian: I'm afraid I don't know what this is all about. What do you mean revenge? If you're a Zentradi, I understand why you must fight -- but why do you want revenge?
Miriya: I have reasons!!!
[Miriya attacks & Max evades]
Maximillian: What have I done?
Miriya: Time & again, you've made me like a fool. I am the Zentraedi's greatest pilot & will not be humiliated by a Micronian. The first time you were lucky; the second was your final victory. Nothing can save you now -- I will defeat you!
[Max tries to escape but trips. Miriya leaps in the air, trying to kill him but Max blocks her attack]
Maximillian: Gotta get that knife.
Miriya: It's no use. You're no match for me. You may be a great man, but what is man compared to a Zentraedi?
Maximillian: [picks up own knife and readies for duel]And now we shall see! [Knife fight; Max succeeds in disarming Miriya by knocking her knife away, and holds her at bay at knifepoint, the blade extended within an inch of her face] I guess I win again.
Miriya: I lost to you again! This is a shame I cannot endure. [Closes eyes, sinks to her knees on the ground. She bows her head and a tear courses down her cheek:] End my life...please.
Maximillian: Huh?
Miriya: Please do it now. [sheds tear]
Maximillian: But I...but I couldn't. You're beautiful. [touches chin with fingers so Miriya can look up to him. They float around before embracing] This is gonna sound crazy but -- will you marry me?
Miriya: 'Marry'? What's 'marry'?
Maximillian: It's something that no words can describe. Miriya, it's love, & that's the most beautiful thing there is.

Episode 26: The Messenger

[As the motorcade carrying Exedore Formo passes Macross City's commercial district]
Major Aldershot: This is our shopping district.
Exedore Formo: Ah yes, this is where I believe you use something called "money" to require goods.
Major Aldershot: Yes, that's correct.
[The group passes a large lingerie ad. Exedore cringes at the sight]
Exedore Formo: Grr!!! Would you tell me what is that?

[After Exedore announces the size of the main Zentraedi fleet]
Captain Gloval: ...whether or not Earth can survive the attack, only time will tell.
Major Aldershot: We'll give it our best shot.
Lynn Kyle: You're crazy. A FLEET OF ALMOST FIVE MILLION!?!? There's no way we can defeat them...[sulks with Minmei comforting him]

Episode 27: Force Of Arms

The entire Zentradi force commanded by Dolza emereges from hyperspace & surrounds the Earth with a huge armada. In response to this new threat, The crew of the SDF-1 prepares itself to do battle.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

Maximillian: That's us. Let's Go.
Miriya: I'm right behind you, Max.
Maximillian: Well, see you around, boss.
Rick: You can bet on it.
Maximillian: Let's Go!

The SDF-1 crew began their operation to do battle Dolza's massive armada. But, just as Lynn Minmay apologized to Rick Hunter about her cousin, Lynn Kyle; The Zentradi's unleashed a massive carnage of planet Earth wiping every major country.

Rick: The whole planet!
Minmay: Are they all destroyed?
Rick: Probably.
Minmay: Oh no! Mother. Father.
Rick: Lisa.
Minmay: So this is how we end. First, the Earth then the rest of us.
Rick: No, Minmay, this is not the end. We still have our lives. It's not over yet. Listen, Minmay I want you to do something for me. I want you to go now & sing for everyone.
Minmay: To sing?
Rick: Yes. I think I got an idea.

The SDF-1 used everything in their power by the voice of Lynn Minmay's singing & missiles are firing from every angle blasting the Zentradi Armada & their leader Dolza himself. Rick Hunter & Lisa Hayes were able land safely on earth on their Veritech fighter plane.

Lisa: Thank you, Rick.
Rick: Sure. Well I guess I sort of disobeyed your orders again, didn't I?
Lisa: Yeah, That's alright. I was just thinking about how fortunate I am that you came back just when you did & about how much I admire you.
Rick: Of course.
Lisa: It looks like the fighting stopped.
Rick: Yeah.
Lisa: I wonder if there's anyone else around.
Rick: What do you mean?
Lisa: Well we might be the only survivors. It'll be sad to think that we're the only ones left.
Rick: That wouldn't be too bad, would it?
Lisa: What?
Rick: At least you'll never be alone.
Lisa: Oh, Rick.
Rick: Do you hear what I hear?
Lisa: It's... Minmay
Rick: Then the SDF-1 survived.

Rick was right, The SDF-1 did survived.

Rick: What a sight for sore eyes.
Lisa: You can say that again.
Rick: C'mon. Let's Go.
Lisa: Okay!

For now, the great battle is over. As Rick & Lisa prepare to take off & rejoin their friends, it is hard for them to believe that once again, the SDF-1 & its courageous fighters have brave the Zentradi onslaught & emerged victorious. But the price they have paid is staggering. Although the surface of the Earth has been all but destroyed by the aliens, there are survivors with the will to rebuild for a new & better tomorrow.

- J. Jay Smith, Narrator -

Episode 28: Reconstruction Blues

The crew of the SDF-1 assess the damage that has been dealt to the Earth. It's a time for reflection and reevaluation, in the wake of the near-total destruction of one alien culture, and the catastrophic remains of their once beautiful planet.

Episode 29: Robotech Masters

Episode 30: Viva Miriya

Episode 31: Khyron's Revenge

Episode 32: Broken Heart

Episode 33: A Rainy Night

Episode 34: Private Time

Episode 35: Season's Greetings

[After the Protoculture Matrix heist, a fuming Rick asks Lisa about not being informed of the battle]
Rick Hunter: I should have been notified at the VERY FIRST MOMENT to scramble!!!
Lisa Hayes: You should be more discreet when you have people coming over. Last night, I dropped by and the door was open. I know all about Minmei. [referring to her split with cousin-manager Lynn Kyle]

Episode 36: To The Stars

This is the last chapter of the Macross Saga. Here's the deal, Khyron attempted a suicidal attack on the SDF cruisers & the results - severely destructive. Lisa Hayes & Rick Hunter were the two people survived. The other was Lynn Minmay who talked to Rick to take care of Lisa & bid farewell to them.

Lisa: Rick, what about the mission? Both of our battle cruisers have been destroyed. How can we get to the stars?
Rick: We'll build the SDF-3, Lisa & together we'll get there. Yeah. We're going to the stars & beyond. I promise you that, Lisa.
Lisa: We will. Yes, we will we're going to the stars & beyond.

English Cast

  • Rafael Antonio Oliver - Rick Hunter
  • Melanie MacQueen(a.k.a. Aline Leslie) - Lisa Hayes
  • Cameron A. Clarke - Maximillian Sterling
  • Dan Woren (a.k.a. Don Warner) - Roy Focker
  • Richard Epcar - Ben Dixon
  • Greg Finley - Henry J. Gloval
  • Iona Morris - Claudia Grant
  • Wendee Lee - Vanessa Lewis
  • Robin Lee(a.k.a Sandra Snow) - Sammie Porter
  • Lara Cody - Kim Young
  • Edith Mirman - Miriya Parina Sterling
  • Rebecca L. Olkowski-Forstadt(a.k.a. Rebecca West)- Lynn Minmay
  • Alexandra Kenworthy - Azonia
  • Tony Clay - Breetai
  • Mike Reynolds - Dolza
  • Gregory Snegoff - Khyron
  • Ted Layman - Exedore
  • Eddie Frierson - Lynn Kyle

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