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Rock & Rule is an animated film from 1983, and the first of its kind ever produced entirely in Canada. It was produced by one of the most famous studios from that country, Nelvana Limited, and released by MGM/UA.

The Beauty...The Beast...The Beat.


  • Narrator (reading blue text over black screen):
The war was over.
The only survivors were street animals: dogs, cats and rats. From them, a new race of mutants evolved.
That was a long time ago...
(thunder crashes, text then scrolls)
Mok, a legenday superrocker, has retired to Ohmtown. There, his computers work at deciphering an ancient code which would unlock a doorway between this world and another dimension.
Obsessed with his dark experiment, Mok himself searches for the last crucial component...
(as scrolling text fades, next line zooms on screen)
a very special voice.

Individual lines


  • Allow me to introduce the Rollerskating Schlepper Brothers: Toad, Sleazy and Zip—mes assistants stupides.
  • "Zip , Zip , Zip . There is no longer black or white, good or evil. Evil" spelt backwards is "live" and we all want to do that no don't we ".
  • My vengeance...DESTROY THEM ALL!!


  • Welcome to the modest house of Mok.
  • (apologising to Toad) I'm sorry...dogbreath!


  • Now I have revealed...exactly why I'm here. I'll be your Angel...if you want to see how perfect...sharing love with an angel can be.
  • If I can Sing it up, I can Sing it down.(refering to the demon)


  • That was my Voltage wagon!


  • Get a grip on yourself, Dizzy...uh-oh. We're not gonna die...oh yes, we are...!
  • Just remember, Omar: it's not Ohmtown, it's Nuke York.


  • Sometimes these brothers of mine really burn my buns, too! They keep this place locked up tighter than a hummingbird's tweet.

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