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Rod Allen (October 5, 1959) is a television broadcaster for the Detroit Tigers.

Referring to Specific Players

  • "I was talking to Craig Monroe at batting practice"
    • Every game in 2006
  • "WOOOO, Thats a big fly!"
    • 2004, after Eric Munson hit a walkoff homerun.
  • "Go on with yo' bad self baby-boy "
    • August 3, 2006 after Craig Monroe homers
  • "Craig did it again! (long pause and then high screech) He did it again!"
    • August 4, 2006 after Craig Monroe hits a game winning home run
  • "He is getting busy. B-I-Z-Z-Y busy!"
    • August 3, 2006 After Monroe home run
  • "From the neck up, he's one of the best Tigers."
    • August 5, 2006 Referring to second baseman Placido Polanco
  • "Nothin's gonna derail this Motown train. Not this year."
    • August 7, 2006 after Marcus Thames homers
  • "Let's see what Thames can do..."
    • Every game he has ever announced where Marcus Thames has played.
  • "That aint fair"
    • Anytime Joel Zumaya carves someone up.
  • "The Tigers are dirty...dirty,dirty,dirty!"
    • After a Craig Monroe Bases Loaded Double
  • "C-Mo's gettin' himself some ribeyes!"
    • Rod referring to Tigers OF Craig Monroe's home run capabilities.
  • "Oh no he didn’t! Oh no he didn’t! When you hit 'em that far, you have to dial up a different area code, partner"
    • August 16, 2006. Rod Allen's call on a Brent Clevlen HR that left Fenway Park
    • August 30th on a Craig Monroe Home Run at Yankee stadium in the top of the 9th to put the tigers up 5-3
  • "You can't sneak cheese by a rat."
    • Rod after Carlos Guillen's walk-off home run on September 12, 2006.
  • "Bonderman has Mr. Snappy working for him tonight."
    • Any time Detroit Tiger Pitcher Jeremy Bonderman is using his slider effectively.
  • "That's a bingo number!"
    • Referring to Fernando Rodney's sub 100 Opposing Batting Average, .093 (O-93)
  • "Some Grilli Cheese"
    • Refering to Tigers relief pitcher Jason Grilli
  • "Whoa, get the married men off the infield!"
    • After Magglio hit a comebacker at John Smoltz in Spring Training 2007
  • "Go ahead on Polly!!!"
    • Referring to a Placido Polanco home run.
  • "Boy put a little mustard on that hotdog"
    • June 12, 2007 referring to a Neifi Pérez throw to turn a double play (which ended up saving Justin Verlander's no hitter).

"He got all in his kitchen, watch out for the splinters son"

    • June 15, 2007 against Philly when Bobby Seay pitched Howard inside and shattered his bat.
  • "Whoa Marcus Thames, get the big dog out, whoa ho he didn't"
    • July 08, 2007 when marcus hit a big homer in the 3rd
  • "That one hit him! IN THE HEAD!"
    • Referring to a play when the Tigers played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and a wild throw home by Carl Crawford hit a Devil Rays pitcher in the head.
  • "Well, you know, it's one of those things where you're driving to the airport, and you get a phone call telling you Dmitri Young has been released."
    • On the pre-game show, the day after Dmitri Young was released in 2006.
  • "Loooooooooove Granderson's song...old school...a little Tupac."
    • In 2007, interrupting Mario, who was talking about Mike Rabelo's at-bat song.
  • "Oh, he's a big boy, He's got Light-Tower Power."
    • Describing Texas 1B/DH Jason Botts during the April 23, 2008 game against the Rangers. When Mario asked if that was a new one, Rod said, "Oh yeah. I just thought that one up."
  • "Ryan. Raburn. Stop It!...Stop It!"
    • After OF Ryan Raburn crushed a pinch hit home run about 400 feet in the top of the 8th inning during the June 17, 2008 game against at San Francisco."
  • "Oh he'll [Thames] be in the lineup tomorrow. Barry Zito's pitchin'. If Sandy Koufax was pitchin', he'd be playin'. Bob Gibson too."
    • June 17th, 2008, After OF Marcus Thames hit his 5th home run in as many games.
  • "I think his defense gets overlooked because everyone says he can't play out there."
    • June 18, 2008, after Mario Impemba suggests Marcus Thames' defense gets overlooked because of his power.
  • "If you're scared get a dog."
    • Rod referring to a clutch steal by Carlos Guillen.
    • Rod after Matt Joyce hit a homerun to dead center field (420) in Comerica Park

Talking with Mario Impemba

  • "Its gonna be a fun summer padnuh"
    • 2006, twice every spring and summer game.
  • "I look like a big ol' fluffy linebacker right there partner"
    • 2006, refering to a fan sign featuring cut-out pictures of Rod and Mario Impemba.
  • "Well that means a lot coming from a college educated man like yourself, partner."
    • Rod often refers to his partner, Mario Impemba, as a "College educated man," even though Rod himself is college educated.
  • "His name is Luigi and his middle name is Mario...and he's a brother."
    • Rod talking about one of his cousins after he and Mario were discussing a fan-made Mario & Luigi sign.
  • "I told you guys in the third don't go anywhere, I told you! Woohoo."
    • Rod talking to Mario about the Tiger's come from behind victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on April 14th, 2007. Mario then calls Rod a prophet.
  • Mario: Look at that bat!
 Rod: Well it died a hero!
  • "I have to think there are a looooooot of people out there who ain't feelin' no pain."
    • Rod referring to the spectators at Comerica Park, March 31st, 2008.
  • Mario: "...brought to you by Fruit of the Loom."

Rod: "I wear those."
Mario (paraphrased): "More than I needed to know."
Rod: "Tighty whities."

"Rod-isms" and Various Analysis

  • "He got in his kitchen and went in his refrigerator...and got a cold beverage."
    • After a Tigers pitcher pitched inside and broke an opposing player's bat
  • "Well, it died a hero..."
    • Whenever a player breaks a bat, and gets a hit on that swing.
  • "They're beating him like he stole something"
    • Whenever the Tigers are dominating an opposing pitcher.
  • "They brought out the whippin' sticks tonight.."
    • Anytime the Tigers hit a pitcher real hard
  • "It really is hit or miss."
    • Rod breaking down the strategy that accompanies every Major League at bat.
  • "That boy is country strong"
    • Whenever Marcus Thames hits a long home run.
  • "Let's take a look now at the Comcast High Speed Pitch"
  • "Here, you just got to throw him a fastball and hope he hits it at someone." (grand slam) "Oh, my goodness."
    • 2008, with game tied 1-1 in the 8th, just prior to Jason Kubel (Minnesota Twins) grand slam.
  • "He has been blessed by the good Lord upstairs with a lot of athletic ability."
    • 2008, referring to Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins.