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Roman Giertych (born 27 February 1971) is a Polish politician, Deputy Prime Minister and, since May 5, 2006, Minister of Education. He is also currently a member of Sejm, lower house of the Polish parliament (elected in 2001), and chairman of League of Polish Families party.


  • We will rule by ourselves. In two years or in six years. Patiently, substantially, at ease.
    • Gazeta Wyborcza, June 2003


  • We must go forward and chop. Let every day be worse for our opponents, let's make them want each day to be yesterday. Woe to the idle! Those who think that the League and All-Polish Youth's seats in local governments, the Sejm and the European Parliament are enough should go away. We must burn our boats and go forward. No trenches, no sinecures.
    We must go forward and chop, it's a knife fight! Otherwise we'll lose. If we stop, they will take everything from us. The tradition of bloodshed stands beside us. This is something different from the styrofoam tradition, tradition of those who supposedly fought communism, those from the Workers' Defense Committee and other trotskyists!
    If we want to be one force and one fist, the organization must be dexterous. And it will be dexterous, if everyone carries out his orders. If someone doesn't understand this, let him leave. We don't want any black sheep, we will burn the uncertain with fire and sword. Beware the conceit. Who will you be when you are excluded from our organization? Without the organization you will be nothing!
    • Speech to the All-Polish Youth
  • There are frontiers in Poland which shall not be crossed.
    • Regarding Gay Pride in Warsaw

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