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Ronald Harry Coase (born December 29, 1910) is a British economist and the Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Chicago Law School.


About state regulation :

  • "I can't remember [of a good regulation]. Regulation of transport, regulation of agriculture-- agriculture is a, zoning is z. You know, you go from a to z, they are all bad. There were so many studies, and the result was quite universal: The effects were bad", in Reason, january 1997 (read online)
  • "In my youth it was said that what was too silly to be said may be sung. In modern economics it may be put into mathematics."
    • Ronald Coase. (1988) The firm, the market and the law. Chicago London: The University of Chicago press.
      • Chapter 6. A remark on "The problem of social cost". Last sentence.

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