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Ronaldo Assis de Moreira (born March 21, 1980; commonly known as Ronaldinho) is a Brazilian footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for AC Milan and the Brazilian national team. He has twice won the FIFA World Player of the Year award.


  • It is fantastic how clever the guy is. He seems ready for every situation and the bigger the game, the more he can handle it. [...] When you play with him and see what he does with a ball, nothing surprises me any more. One of these days, he will make the ball talk.
  • This is not normal. He's not normal, he never has been. He lives in the magnetic spectrum. What a goal this is. Beyond world-class. Astonishing. Cooler than a bomb disposal expert. That is amazing piece of football finishing by King Ronaldinho.
    • GolTV's Ray Hudson describing Ronnies finishing.[1]

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