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We only seem to learn from Life that Life doesn't matter so much as it seemed to do—it's not so burningly important, after all, what happens. We crawl, like blinking sea-creatures, out of the Ocean onto a spur of rock, we creep over the promontory bewildered and dazzled and hurting ourselves, then we drop in the ocean on the other side: and the little transit doesn't matter so much.
D. H. Lawrence
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  • "Say hi to your mum for me!" - Rove McManus, used to sign off each show.

Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore is an Australian radio newsreader and television personality.

Bickmore was born in Adelaide, South Australia, but moved to Perth, Western Australia with her family at a young age. She studied journalism at Curtin University of Technology from 1998 to 2000.

  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I know where babies come from."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, call me, call me now."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, just like a chocolate milkshake, only newsy."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore and earlier today, I ate Wa-wa."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, part of your complete breakfast."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and Luke, I am your father."
  • "I'm Peter Harvey, all those stories and more on 60 Minutes."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, just like Sandra Sully - only, drunker."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, creeply watching you while you sleep."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I like saying the word 'mufti'."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and frankly I'm busting for the toilet so let's make this quick."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and without makeup, I look like Kevin Bacon"
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I've had sex with Pauline Hanson too"
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I let the dogs out."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I won 5 grand on the cup, which is nearly enough to cover my poker debt."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and while I may look like Natasha Stott Despoja, at least I'm no quitter."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, and I'm gaging to news your brains out."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, where lowest prices are just the beginning."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, except in the past tense where I'm Carried Bickmore."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, you may now kiss the news."
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, you can't stop the news-ic, nobody can stop the news-ic"
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, olay olay, olay olay, Bickmore, Bickmore"
  • "I'm Carrie Bickmore, famous for the catchphrase "Good evening, I'm Carrie Bickmore"."