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Roy Sydney George Hattersley, Baron Hattersley (born 28 December 1932) is a British Labour politician and journalist. He was born in Sheffield and elected as MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook in 1964, serving until 1997. Hattersley served in the cabinets of Harold Wilson and James Callaghan, and was Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992 under Neil Kinnock. Hattersley was on the right of the party during his active career but has since been increasingly critical of Tony Blair. He is an active journalist, writing columns for The Guardian and the Daily Mail.


  • Politicians, quite rightly, are not surrounded by mystique. Doctors, quite wrongly, too often are.
  • To a certain sort of half-wit, obscenities are testosterone turned into the spoken word.


  • Until Roy Hattersley said he would shoot himself if I became prime minister, I had not been able to see any possible advantage in standing.
    • John Reid in his speech to the Labour Party conference in Manchester, 28 September 2006.

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