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The happy think a lifetime short, but to the unhappy one night can be an eternity.
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Sri Rudrabhayananda is an Indian (Guru) born in 1970. He is often referred by many as Baba. He is considered a spiritual Guru and a loved friend by his disciples. He is the founder of Soul Searchers, a Trust aimed at promoting his teachings of selfless help and universal love. He is the driving force behind many social causes over the years.

Sri Rudrabhayananda

A life lead in the service of divine is truth and a life lead in serving the creation of the divine is Purity

Why do you fear? What can the world do to you? People can laugh at you, mock you is it not good for it will do them good, laughter will help them resolve many of there problems

A true seeker is one for whom inquiry flows from the initial levels of curiosity, to a state of mature understanding and acceptance, the question becomes part of life and death. This understanding od of importance of the thoughts makes a seeker a true one rest are just feeling themselves to be a seeker but they are not.

Let go means being in total relation wit existnce being in the flow of the exitence leads a person from struggler to one who lets them happen in the natural without even thinking about them. The moment Letting go happens the present becomes tomorrows events. It is most delightful and synchronised life with the truth.

Saying have been taken from Atma Sanchaya Dhwani (E-Newsletter), Books written by Sri Rudrabhayananda

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