Rugal Bernstein

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Rugal Bernstein is a character in the King of Fighters series.


  • "You'll be my best collection." (KOF '94 vs. U.S.A. team)
  • "Justice has never prospered!" (KOF '94 vs. China team)
  • "You'll be the best statues!" (KOF '94 vs. England team)
  • "I'll exhibit you and your dad!" (KOF '94 vs. Japan team)
  • "Is that all of your power?" (KOF '94 vs. Italy team)
  • "Leave Kyokugenryu to me. Die!" (KOF '94 vs. Mexico team)
  • "I found a good addition." (KOF '94 vs. Korea team)
  • "Your family awaits you!" (KOF '94 vs. Brazil team)
  • "I'm more than a god! I'm a superstar! Hah, hah!" (KOF '95 as Omega Rugal)
  • "You never had a chance, blowhard! Good day!" (KOF '95 as Omega Rugal)
  • "Repeat this after me: I will never take on a god again!" (KOF '98)
  • "Done your packing? Your life's journey is over." (KOF '02, winning against an Edit Team)
  • "You call yourselves legendary? Talk about spin..." (KOF '02, winning against the Hungry Wolves Team)
  • "Now that's quite an outfit! I'll add it into my collection." (KOF '02, winning against the Women Fighter's team)
  • "There are some things in this world you just can't betray..." * (KOF '02, winning against the NESTS team)
  • "Act like a guinea pig & be experimented on!" (KOF '02, winning against K's team)
  • "Evil is what makes the world go around. Now do you understand that?" (KOF '02, winning against the Korean team)
  • "Only the crazy are sane in a crazy, mixed-up world!" (KOF '02, winning against Iori's team)
  • "So this is the best you mangy mercenaries can do?" (KOF '02, winning against the Agents team)
  • "Heidern, you will make a monkey of me no more!" (KOF '02, winning against the Ikari team)
  • "Another lucious symphony of bone-crushing sounds!" (Capcom vs. SNK)
  • "How very uninteresting. You are not worthy to join my collection." (Capcom vs. SNK)
  • "A hospital or a cemetery? It is your choice". (Capcom vs. SNK)
  • "I have entered the sanctuary of the Martial Arts gods!" (Capcom vs. SNK 2, as G. Rugal)