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Rurouni Kenshin is a manga and anime series created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. It is set during the early Meiji period in Japan. In other countries, the TV series itself is known as "Samurai X". The movie Samurai X:Trust and Betrayal tells the beginning life of Kenshin but instead of being an anime series like Rurouni Kenshin it is more of an movie then a show. While the anime series Rurouni Kenshin shows Kenshin as not wishing to take anybody life Samurai X:Trust and Betrayal shows a more violent, younger Kenshin who wishes to protect the weak with his sword but instead accidentally creates sorrow for others.


Himura Kenshin

  • Oro!?!
  • It was to create a world of peace, not to win positions or power, that we raised our swords and killed. If we forget that, then we are no revolutionaries after all.
  • A swordsman must be honest about his foes' skills and his own.
  • No matter how sincerely you try, there are times when your thoughts just don't reach the students.
  • Ah ... doodling? [describing fine art]
  • Just being a hitokiri doesn't mean that one enjoys killing people.
  • Nikaido Heiho... Shin no Ippo... If a man kills too many, too long, he loses his original purpose and has his heart stolen by the color and smell of blood.
  • Doesn't Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu teach us to PROTECT people from suffering? When DO we use our swords, if not now?
  • If you want death, come forward.
  • No matter what the reason, this one refuses to take another life.
  • What about Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu...? What about "Himura Kenshin"...? Once again, I failed to protect the most important person.

Shinomori Aoshi

  • For now...I can offer you no glory. But one day...I will.
  • Battosai...Until I come kill you, don't let anyone beat me to it.
  • Duty is of the highest priority for the Oniwabanshu. And just as I have said, such villains will be sent to the deepest pit by those same dark powers. This is my duty as the last master of Oniwabanshu onmitsu!!
  • To defeat you, and to become the one true hitokiri, I will change into anything.

Shishio Makoto

  • In this world, the weak are the sustenance of the strong. The strong live, the weak die.
  • If the revolution is over, then I'll start another one!!

Hiko Seijûrô

  • (When asked who he is by a brigand) There is no point in naming myself to those who are about to die.
  • Man or woman, to attain buddhahood without knowing the taste of good sake is a crime. A good sake is the least I can do. What is your name, boy? (the boy gives his name as Shinta) For Kenkaku or "sword arts," that's far too gentle. From now on, your name is to be "Kenshin." I shall also give you my most precious knowledge.
  • Even when I wield my sword according to the teachings of Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu, too many times I cannot save a soul. I kill and kill, and still the villains, like maggots, spring from the corpse of a Japan decomposing. There will be more and more acts like this...and all I can do is bury the victims.
  • I though I taught you...Swords are weapons. The way of swords is the way to kill. However you try to dress it up in phony righteousness, killing is your truth.

Kamiya Kaoru

  • No... it isn't sorcery... it's speed! Speed of sword. Speed of body. Speed at reading his opponents' moves. Taking down man after man with the least possible movement! [describing Kenshin the first time she sees him fight]
  • It isn't enough for the law to say we're all equal. If the peoples' hearts don't change, none of it means anything.
  • Are you gone yet, you vixen??!

Sagara Sanosuke

  • A true fight isn't like a sword duel. The better swordsman doesn't always win. The winner is the one who remains standing!
  • Dad, I'm buying your fight! The Ishin Shishi...they aren't your enemy. They are mine, from ten years ago...the enemy of the one who wears the mark of evil on his back.
  • (When asked to pay for a restaurant tab) ...Kinda academic, isn't it? You know I'll never pay.
  • I can't the men who made Captain Sagara and the Sekiho army bear the evil mark of "aku."

Saito Hajime

  • The essence of combat is to strike at the vulnerabilities of one's opponent. There is no "fair" or "unfair".
  • Shinsengumi is Shinsengumi. A wolf is a wolf. And a hitokiri is a hitokiri. Right... Battōsai?
  • Swift death to evil: That was the code upheld by both the Shinsengumi and the Hitokiri.
  • Aku-Soku-Zan. ("Slay. Evil. Immediately.")
  • A fool who relies so much on his own toughness that he learns nothing of defense, also has nothing to rely on.
  • The police are like the Shinsengumi. Our duty is to protect Japan, and the lives of people. Once we take on that duty, we accept that death must be part of it. To obsess over every life, as does Battosai, is folly. It is my duty to finish this matter so that those who died may pass safely into the afterlife. But revenge? I hold not one thought of it. If your Shingan won't tell you, then I will. What drives me so deep...? SWIFT DEATH TO EVIL! I bring my own brand of justice.
  • One may train a dog with food, or a man with money. But taming a Wolf of Mibu...that, none may do.
  • It doesn't matter if you don't understand. I will get no joy out of settling the score with a hitokiri who no longer kills.

Makimachi Misao

  • Makimachi Misao need give her name to no villain!

Other/Minor Characters

  • Han'nya: Aoshi found this wolf -- and rescued him!! He trained me into a first-class onmitsu!! He gave me the Edo castle oniwabanshu, my comrades -- and my reason to live!! If I can be of any use to Aoshi, what need have I for a face?!!!

  • Udo Jin-e: [laughing] Uhu-hu-hu

  • Udo Jin-e: Mmm... this feeling... so sweet... [describing his suicide]

  • Han'nya: I told you before. It was inevitable that we fight.

  • Yukishiro Tomoe:
  • This man stole my happiness, and gave me another in its place. He will kill more people before he's done. the end, he will protect far more than he's killed. I can't let him die here. Goodbye...the second man I have loved...
  • You truly make blood rain...

  • Yukishiro Enishi:
  • Suffer, Battosai. Your suffering is my only joy.
  • There is no defense! There is no need for defense! You have already robbed me of the only thing I ever wanted to protect!
  • I'm counting on you, Kujiranami-san. With your new right arm [a cannon], ignite the fire that signals the beginning of revenge.

  • Komagata Yumi: Amusing, isn't it? Slaves are human, but prostitutes are cattle? We who suffer so much for men's pleasure are women no longer, but cows!


  • Hiruma Gohei: Are you here to talk about swords that give life too?
  • Kenshin: No. A sword is a weapon. No matter what pretty names you give it, swordsmanship is the way to kill. Kaoru-dono speaks as one who has never bloodied her hands in combat. She maintains a sweet naive lie. But in the face of such awful truth, the naive lie she tells is so much better. If this one had a wish, it would be that her lie would become the truth of this world.

  • Kenshin: [in pain] Dislocated groin!
  • Kaoru: Dislocated brain!!!

  • Kenshin: Are you that bothered by your lack of power, young one?
  • Yahiko: Damn. I want to be strong. So strong I won't need your help... Strong enough to defend my father and mother's pride on my own.
  • Kenshin: ...Of course.

  • Kaoru: And you! You say you're 28?! That's a lie and you know it!
  • Kenshin: Would "30" make you happier?
  • Kaoru: ...No, it wouldn't...
  • Kenshin: [exasperated] This isn't going to be easy...

  • Kaoru: But why do you still have your battle expression?
  • Kenshin: Um... Well... it's a bit odd actually. You see... it's been so long since my eyes were narrowed into this "death glare" and... well... ahem My muscles are stuck.

  • Yahiko: Nobody likes fat girls.
  • Kaoru: Better than a pointy-eyed midget.
  • Yahiko: Oh yeah!? The girls love this pointy-eyed midget.

  • Udo Jin-e: Don't look at me like that, Battōsai. Your eyes were much better before...when you said you were going to kill me. A hitokiri is a hitokiri until death. Another hitokiri tells you this. It cannot be wrong. Keep playing at "rurouni." I'll watch you... from Hell.
  • [Later into the chapter]
  • Kenshin: Jin-e, are you watching from hell? Even if "hitokiri" is this one's nature, nature shall be surpressed. "Rurouni" this one shall be, until this one's very death.

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