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Russell Peters (born 1970) is an Indian-Canadian comedian, one of a few world-travelling Indian comedians. He bases much of his comedy on ethnic, especially Indian, stereotyping.

The following quotes are broken down by the release names they featured in.

Comedy Now

  • Somebody gonna getta hurt real bad...
    • This is Russell's well-known punchline. According to him, his father says this before giving him a beating.
  • Fuck you
  • Be a man !
  • I give you best price .. thirty four - fifty ..


  • I don't create stereotypes. I just see them.
  • I could tell you were all here. I saw your Honda Civics outside.
  • They can think of the most creative insults that leave you still trying to figure out what's going to happen to you.
  • I mean that's just a whole new level of lying. 'Hey! Don't Lie! That's a Pho Phuc Lai!'


  • Hey, move it you sand-nigger!

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