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Ryo Sakazaki is a character in the King of Fighters video game series.

KOF '94

  • (vs. Brazil): "We earn our living fighting!"
  • (vs. China): "Go home before you get hurt!"
  • (vs. England): "Stop or you'll be injured bad!"
  • (vs. Italy): "This time, we won!"
  • (vs. Japan): "You fought the wrong opponent!"
  • (vs. Korea): "No match for Kyokugenryu!"
  • (vs. Mexico): "We're alike? No way!"
  • (vs. USA): "You shouldn't fight anymore!"

KOF '95

  • "Gee. You really need to work on your technique!"
  • "No second chances, pal. Go home and wrap those wounds!"
  • "Fight, fight, fight. It's the only way to get tough!"

KOF '96

  • "A moment of weakness, months of pain!"
  • "All right! Kyokugen proves its' power again. Woo! Woo!"
  • "Kyokugen Karate is an art that will never fade away!"

KOF '98

  • "Absolute Karate. That's Kyokugen. And don't forget it, Dweebenheimer!"

KOF '99

  • "Dis Kyokugen Karate, will you?! Now savor the pain it brings."

KOF 2000

  • (Win): "Kyokugen Karate is peerless! But you realized that too late!"
  • (Lose): "I let my guard down. But I'm not out yet!"

KOF 2001

  • "Power in adversity. That's the Kyokugen way!"
  • "Winning or losing isn't it. You'd know if you trained!"
  • "Thought you'd beat Kyokugen? You gotta get serious, fool!"
  • (vs. FF Team): "The unbeaten wolf! Your legend ends today!"
  • (vs. Robert Garcia): "Robert! Focus! You look like a weenie."
  • (vs. King): "It's rude to hold back here. But I'll make it up to you!"
  • (vs. Female Team sans King): "Nice to be a leader, eh?! And my leadership shows!"

KOF 2002

  • "You're a tough one, kid! Work on your moves and you got a future!"
  • (vs. Robert Garcia): "Seymour, you've been fed! Been dying to say that!"
  • (vs. Takuma Sakazaki): "You're no father of mine. Work on your moves, pops!"
  • (vs. Yuri Sakazaki): "And you call yourself a ninja now, do you?"

KOF 2003

  • "Hold on! No show of gratitude after a match?"
  • "I'm still ready for more! I won't be stopping here!"
  • "Do not ignore defeat. You must face it to overcome it."
  • "Tricks can't beat Kyokugen! If you fight, fight fair."
  • (vs. Ash Crimson): "What a weenie! Come to my dojo and I'll pump you up!"
  • (vs. Terry Bogard): "I win this one! I can't wait for the next match!"
  • (vs. Robert Garcia): "You got the style, but not the substance!"
  • (vs. Ralf and Clark): "Why so blue, soldier? Considering your discharge?"


  • "Osu!"
  • "I can deal with any opponents with my Kyokugen style!"
  • "Don't hesitate to try and fight me again!!"
  • "People call me the 'Invincible Dragon'!"
  • "I will spread my style all over the world!!"
  • "Here's a hint on how to beat me, 'WATCH MY HANDS!'"
  • "I can never lose! After all, I must live up to my impressive reputation!"
  • "Come on! Let's have another fight! I'm not tired yet!"
  • "Hey, you raucous rube. Thank me after a match is over."
  • "Hey, don't knock me, pal. This is my profession. I lose and there's no tomorrow."
  • "You got talent, kiddo. How about it? Join my dojo and I'll pump you up!"
  • "Kyokugen rules!"
  • "Time you acted your age..." (defeating Mr. Karate - average and Honki ni Natta)
  • "There sure are a lot of freaks in this koo-koo nutty world." (defeating Mars People, Tessa or Demitri)
  • "...I-I'm sorry. Got a little carried away. Hey, are you really OK?" (defeating Dan)
  • "You're pathetic! Drop by my gym!"
  • "You can't beat me like that, tyro!"
  • "You got spunk. Be my disciple."