Ryu (Street Fighter character)

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Ryu is a video game character created by Capcom, and is the main character of the Street Fighter series.

  • You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.
    • (Note: "Sheng Long" does not refer to a character, but to the "Rising Dragon," i.e. Ryu's and Ken's "Shōryūken" technique.)
  • It is not enough to just train...to find my answer...I must do more...
  • If defeat discourages your fighting spirit, think of what you have gained by learning.
  • Next time we meet, please fight seriously! Only a real challenge will help me to improve!
  • A good fighter learns constantly. During the fight, you taught me how to defeat you!
  • (when using Hadoken) HADOKEN!!!!
  • to Alex: We are different, but I respect your fighting spirit...I want to fight you again!
  • to Dudley: The pride of a fighter...Interesting...I've gained a better understanding now.
  • to Gill: I wonder if you seek the same things as I do in the fight?
  • to Ryu: Mirroring my attacks will not help you beat me! Use skill to obtain victory.
  • to Sean: If you cannot learn from the battle itself, there is nothing I can teach you!
  • to Yang: I hold the Chinese art of Kung-Fu in the high regard! Excellent performance!
  • to Yun: You possess great ability for your age! I have rarely seen such potential. Only once before...
  • Shinkuu Hadoken: Shinkuu Hadoken! It's unstoppable power still amazes me!
  • Shinkuu Hadoken: The ultimate form of wave motion attack...Shinkuu...the power of vacuum energy!
  • Shin Shoryuken: Yes, that is the nature of the attack. If it strikes, you will be crushed!
  • Denjin Hadoken: Concentrated energy...The longer it is built up, the more devestating it becomes!