Sahara (film)

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Rudi: What's a Panama?

Al: Navy thing.

Rudi: I didn't know you were in Panama.

Al: We wern't, we were in Nicaragua.

Rudi: So, why do you call it a Panama?

Al: We thought we were in Panama!

Sandecker:(On the phone) NO PANAMA!

Al: Next time you go!

Dirk: What the hell took you so long?

AL: What? I stopped for coffee.

Dirk: Did you get a receipt?

Al: Yeah, I got a receipt, and you know what? I got you one too!

Dirk: You're the best Al!

Al: You know what? I'll even get you the money from Sandecker.

Al: I'm so sick of being shot at!!

Rudi: But,I was hoping to meet a girl on the australian trip.

Al: No. African war zone, ship of death!

Dirk: What would you do if you were about to be exposed as the biggest polluter in history?

Al: I don't know. Run for president?

Al: What do you think, Dirk?

Dirk: Uh, I think we need to pull a Panama.

Al: A Panama? A PANAMA?!

Sandecker: Panama?

Dirk: Al, did you get the explosives from Massardes?

Al: Couldn't find them.

Dirk: Al...

Al: Didn't have time.

Dirk: AL!

Al: Of course I brought the explosives!

Dirk: I'm sorry I don't speak English.

Gunboat Officer: You are speaking English right now.

Dirk: No, I only know how to say, "I don't speak English" in English.

Dirk: Hey Al, Do remember that time when we were in Morocco?

Al: Ya, when you made me ride that damn camel, that bit my ass.

Dirk: Yeah, that's the time.

Al: Why?

Rudi: I shot a Guy with a flare gun.

Al: Hey, you know how it is when you see someone that you haven't seen since high school, and they got some dead-end job, and they're married to some woman that hates them, they got three kids who, like, think he's a joke? Wasn't there some point where you stood back and said, "Bob, don't take that job! Bob, don't marry that harpy!" You know?

Dirk: Your' point?

Al: Well, we're in the desert, looking for the source of a river pollutant, using as our map a cave drawing of a Civil War gunship, which is also in the desert. So I was just wondering when we're gonna have to sit down and re-evaluate our decision-making paradigm?

Dirk: I don't know - it seems to be working so far.

Al: Hey, I cant remember how this works... something about a fox and a rabbit... its really bugging me.