Saiunkoku Monogatari

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Kou Shuurei

  • A woman's word is a promise.
  • Wheat! I hate wheat! There's a little line going down the center mocking me saying that it's not rice!

Shi Ryuuki

  • A wise man knows to avoid danger.
  • We will wait for you.
  • Am I... not allowed to even touch the rose?

Si Seiran

  • I know exactly how to deal with a man you can neither kill... or let live.

Li Kouyu

  • Did the building just grow wings and fly away?

Ran Shuuei

  • The Red-Light District is a very good place to gather information.

Rou Ensei

  • Your rivals aren't only the likes of His Majesty.

Tou Eigetsu

  • I'm sorry! It was just... it seemed like a private moment!


  • You're in the way. Move, stupid girl.


  • W-what? I'm only expressing concern over Shuurei-sama!