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Sam Walter Foss (June 19, 1858 - February 26,1911) was a librarian and poet whose works included The House by the Side of the Road and The Coming American.


  • Bring me men to match my mountains,
    Bring me men to match my plains,
    Men with empires in their purpose,
    And new eras in their brains.
    • "The Coming American", July 4, 1894.
  • We felt the universe wuz safe, an' God wuz on his throne.
    • The volunteer Organist.
  • The sweet mellifluous milking of the cow.
    • The Milking of the Cow.
  • He had a startling genius, but somehow it did n't emerge;
    Always on the evolution of things that would n't evolve;
    Always verging toward some climax, but he never reached the verge;
    Always nearing the solution of some theme he could not solve.
    • The Inventor.
  • There are purple grapes in the Land of Git-Thare.
    • The Land of Git-Thare.
  • I say the very things that make the greatest Stir
    An' the most interestin' things, are things that did n't occur.
    • Things that did n't occur.
  • Strew gladness on the paths of men—
    You will not pass this way again.
    • I shall not pass this Way again. The title of this poem derives from a saying of William Penn.
  • A hundred thousand men were led
    By one calf near three centuries dead;
    They followed still his crooked way
    And lost a hundred years a day;
    For thus such reverence is lent
    To well-established precedent.
    • The Calf-Path.

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