Samuel Laman Blanchard

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Samuel Laman Blanchard (May 15, 1804February 15, 1845), was an English poet, essayist and journalist.


  • Sooth't were a pleasant life to lead,
    With nothing in the world to do
    But just to blow a shepherd's reed,
    The silent season thro'
    And just to drive a flock to feed,—
    Sheep—quiet, fond and few!
    • "Dolce far Niente", Stanza 1.
  • Give me to live with Love alone
    And let the world go dine and dress;
    For Love hath lowly haunts...
    If life's a flower, I choose my own—
    'T is "love in Idleness".
    • "Dolce far Niente", Stanza 4.

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