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Samurai Champloo is an anime that was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop.

Episode 1: "Tempestuous Temperaments"

Mugen: If I had to live each day knowing you bastards were in charge, I'd rather stretch as far as I can and die.
Jin: [laughing] That sounds good, I concur

[Fighting thugs because of offer from Fuu]
Mugen: Forget all that formal crap 'bout comin' at me one at a time. I'll take all you bitches on!

Jin: [Confronting the Yagyu guards as they are about to dispatch an innocent peasant] To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable?
Yagyu badass: [scoffs] Of course it is.
Jin: Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit?
Yagyu badass: [the Yagyu draw their swords to attack] What the? Watch your mouth! Don't try to interfere!
Jin: Cutting down a man who's done nothing wrong; is that what you spent all that time honing those skills for?
Jin: In my opinion, you're worthless.
Yagyu badass: [rushes at him] Screw You!
[Jinn kills all three Yagyu guards with his sword]

[After being arrested]
Jin: You're the lowest of the low.
Mugen: What'd you say?
Jin: Your stance leaves you wide open, and your moves are totally inefficient. All in all, your fighting style is a mess.
Mugen: You son of a...
Jin: I swear, you are the most undisciplined fighter I've ever known...
Mugen: Shut your damn mouth!
Jin: ...and the only one I wasn't able to kill.

[They are completely sorrounded by the Daikan's men]
Mugen: Yo, we put our fight on hold, until we get out of here. Agreed?
Jin: You intend to kill them all. Don't you? I swear... You really are the lowest of the low.
Mugen:[smiles slyly]

[Flipping coin]
Fuu: [Mugen takes Fuu's coin and flips it high into the air] Uhh, don't you think you tossed it a little far?
Jin: He doesn't understand the meaning of "restraint.
Mugen: Kiss my ass.

[Long pause]

Fuu: It's not coming down...

Episode 2: "Redeye Reprisal"

Inuyaka: [Discussing the fireflies while in the hot springs with Jin] However, they say that every once in a while a male will try to attract another male.
Jin:...time to go.

Mugen: The fact is, you aren’t worth killing. Killing you is meaningless. All it would do is tarnish my sword.

[Fuu passed out after one drink and is asleep]
Mugen: Sleeping so carelessly. I could do something to you so easily.

Episode 3: "Hellhounds for Hire (part 1)"

Fuu: [Mugen and Jin are about to fight] Alright, enough you two! You two made me a promise. You haven't forgotten, have you? Until we find "the Samurai who smells of Sunflowers", you two are not allowed to kill each other!
Mugen: Oh yeah, this smelly guy, I been meaning to ask ya about that.
Fuu: Huh?
Jin: Who is this "Samurai who smells of Sunflowers"?
Mugen: And what the hell is a sunflower anyway?
Jin: You don't know?
Fuu: It's a flower!
Mugen: So, what do they *smell* like?
Jin: [Both turn toward Fuu] Do you have any other leads?
Mugen: Like a picture or something?
Jin: What makes you think he's around here?
Fuu: Well, uh... wait a minute!
[her stomach grumbles]
Fuu: For now, let's just find something to eat, kay?

[Jin and Mugen are having a private conversation]
Fuu: Huh? What are you two guys doing together? How nasty.
Mugen: Hmm... You're a practical man, right?
Jin: Yeah.
Fuu: Huh? What is it?
Mugen: That's great. You'll be able to make it just fine on your own. Right?
Jin: Yeah.
Fuu: What's with you, all of a sudden?
Mugen: Then... Live a good life! [They both run off in separate directions]
Fuu: Wait a second. No way!

[Jin, Mugen and Fuu are meeting by mistake in the brothel]
Mugen: Guess no matter how hard we try.. Fate's gonna keep throwing us back together!

Episode 4: "Hellhounds for Hire (part 2)"

Mugen: So this "power" you keep talking about is the power to control people?
Rikiei: That's right. What's your point?
Mugen: I ain't least bit interested in that crap! I don't wanna rule or BE ruled, either one.
[Mugen is leaving]
Rikiei: Where are you going? If you stay here you'll have everything you want. Are you just going to throw that away?
Mugen: I don't believe in anything over than my own strength. Later.

Ishimatsu: There are times when you gotta agree to something, even when you think it's wrong.
Mugen: What a load of crap.
Ishimatsu: What?
Mugen: Don't spend your life making excuses to yourself. You're the one who decides how to live your life.

Episode 5: "Artistic Anarchy"

[looking at a porno magazine]
Mugen:Geez, doing it with a squid.

[Hishikawa Moronobuma sails away to Holland
Mugen: Are you sure you wanna let that guy go?
Fuu: I don't really care. I mean, he did give me a great set of hooters.
Mugen & Jin: Set of hooters?

Episode 6: "Stranger Searching"

Jouji: I wanted to live as a Japanese person in this country. But it's still impossible.
Fuu: Cheer up.
Jouji: But some day, the country will come to accept people like me. Some day, this country won't be so tight assed.
Mugen: Who the hell would relax their ass around you?

After a fight with the police]
Jin: Why do you always aggravate things?
Mugen: Those guys just put a bug up my ass.

Mugen: You sure do eat a lot.
Fuu: There's always room for free food.

[After Jin, Fuu, and Mugen lose in the eating contest]
Jin: Those swords are my life. Will you return them to me?
Red-haired stranger:No.
Mugen: Well that was fast.

Episode 7: "A Risky Racket"

[Jin, Fuu and Mugen in gambling house]
Mugen: Bet the three..
Jin: Not three, five.
Mugen: You'll do anythin to get on my nerves. Won't ya?
Jin: Hey, thats my line.
Mugen: Bastard. Someday I'll make you cry like a little bitch.
Jin: Little bitch.. Do people actually say things like that? I've never heard it before.

[Fuu sees the thief walk past her]
Fuu: Hey, you! Look at me. you remember who I am?
Thief: Why? Should I?
Fuu: I'm the girl whose purse you stole, you jerk.
[He tries to walk away but Fuu grabs him]
Fuu: You aren't going anywhere, buddy.
Thief: Let go.
Fuu: The hell I will.
Thief: Damn you.

Mugen: Someday I'll make you say "uncle".
Jin: Who ever says 'uncle'? That's highly unheard of.

Episode 8: "The Art of Altercation"

Ogura: I've looked for you. To find you, I even apprenticed myself to a man like that and waited. Why did you betray him? A man like you, why did you betray our master?
Jin: I'm not the one who did the betraying. But I won't make excuses. Regardless, it's true that I killed my master.
Ogura: You! [Charges at Jin]

Budou Kiba: [To Jin] I'm sorry that my husband is stupid.
Fuu: Hey, hey!
Budou Kiba: Listen, men aren't the brightest of our species so it's best you keep them wrapped around your finger.

[Shinpachi's beat-boxing in the background]
Nagamitsu: Hello honey.
Fuu: Umm...
Nagamitsu: Me? I'm a man who will be "big". Rather, "big" no "bigger than biggest". My name is... Sakonshogun Nagamitsu!
Fuu: [Irritated] How is he shy?

[Nagamitsu's katana was knocked out of his hand but lands on his opponent, knocking him out]
Nagamitsu: Aerial Killing Technique... umm... Flying Sword!

Episode 9: "Beatbox Bandits"

Mugen: Passport? What's that?
Fuu: You really don't know?
Jin: I'm amazed you made it into Edo without knowing that.
Fuu: If you don't have a passport you can't pass through the Checkpoint. Don't you have one Jin?
Jin: Ofcourse, I had one, but...
Fuu: But?
Jin: I lost it.

Episode 10: "Lethal Lunacy"

Fuu: [Moaning] Ohh... I'm so hungry.
Mugen: I'm tired of hearing that.
Fuu: But... we haven't eaten anything since we left the checkpoint.
Mugen: Go drink river water or something.

Jin: Remember, I'm the one who's going to kill you.
Mugen: What are you, my wife?

[Mugen is preparing for his fight with the street killer next to the waterfall]
Mugen: Yea, you gotta meditate under the waterfall... Screw that.

Episode 11: "Gamblers and Gallantry"

Fuu: But I wonder what he meant? That Jin would buy a woman...
Mugen: It's probably a good thing.
Fuu: What is?
Mugen: That guy didn't have any women, so I was thinking it looked odd.
Fuu: Why?
Mugen: I thought maybe he was a homo.
Fuu: No way!
Mugen: Im glad, I'm glad. I'm saved.

[Mugen is training a beetle]
Fuu: I'm back. [Confused] I'm going to have to ask... what are you doing?
Mugen: Training. You should be able to tell by looking. Beetle wrestling. I'm going to train him and put him in fights.
Fuu: Weren't you going to get a job as a bodyguard?
Mugen: I quit that.

Fuu: It's times like that I ask myself, why am I watching two bugs fight each other?

Episode 12: "Disorder Diaries"

Fuu's Diary: (about Mugen) I could tell right away he was a bad guy, the sort who did all kinds of horrible things, the kind of person who I'd never want to be friends with.
Mugen: Hey!
Fuu's Diary: But, after I talked to him . . .
Mugen: Hmm?
Fuu's Diary: . . . I realized I was absolutely right.

[reading Fuu's diary]
Mugen: Shut up you little bitch!
Jin: You're shouting at a diary...

Zuikō: Freedom cannot be forced into existence, nor can it be won through painful struggle. Freedom cannot be bought or sold. It has nothing to do with one’s social status; one’s profession is of no consequence. In order for you to accept yourself as you are and live with your soul at peace, you must simply teach yourself to let it be, only then will you discover freedom.

Episode 13: "Misguided Miscreants (Part 1)"

They're walking through a jungle]
Jin: Let's rest. [Looks over to Fuu]
Fuu: I can't walk anymore. [Glaring at Mugen] Because someone said they wanted to take a shortcut!
Mugen: Shut up. We're fine.

Mugen: (in front of an execution squad) I don't give a rat's ass about going to hell. Guess I feel like I'm already there. What I do mind is the thought of being killed by you ugly bastards. I've gone my whole life without being helped by anyone else, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you help me into my grave.

  • Mugen: "If we were all the way up there, no one here'd look any bigger than a grain of sand."

Episode 14: "Misguided Miscreants (Part 2)"

[Mugen's body drifted ashore]
Fuu: (Thinking he's dead) Mugen! [Crying] Mugen. It can't be... Why? Why?

[Mugen coughs up water] No way. He's alive.

[Jin's walking along the beach]

Jin: (Shocked) You.
Mugen: Like I would die before I killed you. I'm going to settle things.
Jin: I killed him.
Mugen: What did you say?
Jin: I killed Mukuro.
Mugen: (Vexed) You... I was going to...!
Jin: I was tricked. I was tricked by her.

Episode 15: "Bogus Booty"

[Jin's fishing while the rest are eating]
Fuu: Jin! Give it up already! Come over here and eat with us. I'll share the ones I caught with you.
Mugen: Leave him alone. He's being stubborn because he's the only one who didn't catch anything.
Mugen: [imitating Jin's voice] Fishing is a mental challenge. If you look down on it, you'll be in trouble.

Mugen: [after finding a bag of coins in the river] We hit the potjack!
Fuu: That's jackpot!
Mugen: All I know is we're filthy bitch!
Fuu: Filthy rich!
Jin: I hope your doing that on purpose.

Fuu: Why would they need to go to the red light district when they have me around?
Mugen: Fuu... do you have any idea what you just sounded like you were volunteering for?

[Fuu has become incredibly fat from eating]
Fuu: Oh, I ate and ate. This is the first time I've been full in a while.
Mugen: She's a monster.

[Mugen and Jin ran off leaving Fuu]
Fuu: Damn them. Going to the red light district even though they have me... Being a woman is a disadvantage...
[Looking at her pet squirrel]
Fuu: Momo, are you a boy? A girl? I'm hungry. (Momo faints)

Mugen: I want my nookie!

Yatsuha: Hey look, a naked woman!
Mugen: WHERE?!
[Yatsuha kicks Mugen in the crotch]

[Mugen and Yatsuha are surrounded by some dangerous men]
Yatsuha: If you beat up all these guys for me, I'll do something amazing for you.
Mugen: What? I'm not being tricked again. [Yatsuha whispers something in his ear] Okay!

Yatsuha: (About Mugen to her companion) After all, that's the man I'm going to marry. I guess I fell in love with him. (to herself) So long. Once both our journeys are over, I'll come find you.

Episode 16: "Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 1)"

Jin: (To Yukimaru) You can tell them that you killed me. I might as well be dead already.
[Jumps into a waterfall]

Fuu: (To Okuru) There were two useless bodygaurds traveling with me. Well, it doesn't matter anymore. Now I'm as lonely as can be. So, it doesn't matter where I die. But... I didn't want to drown. Because, you know, your body size doubles. I'm not joking. I want to die beautiful, you know.
Okuru: There is no such thing as dying beautiful.

Mugen: (to Fuu, about Jin) Tall, dark, and four-eyed here is thinking the same thing: hanging around with a girl with absolutely no sex appeal isn't my idea of fun.
Jin: That's it; you've gone too far.
Fuu: Yeah!
Jin: That four-eyed thing, take it back.
Fuu: Hey!

Episode 17: "Lullabies of the Lost (Verse 2)"

Mugen: (To Okuru) I've seen those eyes before. They're similar to the eye's of a head that's been cut off. The ones that are slightly wet and don't know what they see. Hey, are you really alive?

Mugen: (Notices Okuru playing a melody) You are Okuru, aren't you? They were just out there... People called Matsumae-Han or something. They gave me a lot of trouble. They thought I was you.
Okuru: Did they give you money?
Mugen: I just want to fight you.
Okuru: Fight me, whaaaat?
Mugen: Mm-hmm.
Okuru: Wah! Hmmm.

Episode 18: "War of the Words"

Fuu: You keep ordering the same thing as either Jin or I. You should get what you like.
Mugen: (Looking at the menu) It can't be helped.
Fuu: But it's written right there.
Mugen: I have a little trouble understanding it...
Fuu: Is it possible... that you can't read?
Mugen: (Pointing at letters) That's a "no". This and this are also "no". I can read it just fine.
Fuu: (Points at a letter) Then what about this?
Mugen: It's "no".
Jin: It's "me".
Mugen: That was a trick question!

Mugen: [after drawing the infinity symbol]I thought of it myself, it stands for... Infinite.

Episode 19: "Unholy Union"

MUGEN [Him and Jin surrounded by guards]: "You boys want a piece of me ?"
JIN: "By starting this pointless squabble, you have done nothing but reveal just how vast your stupidity is. Please refrain from this moments of self-granture".
MUGEN [With a mad look on his face]: "...Run that by me again...".

Episode 20: "Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 1)"

Episode 21: "Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 2)"

Episode 22: "Cosmic Collisions"

Episode 23: "Baseball Blues"

"A bunt! A Bunt!"

Mugen "Against a load of pansies like you, one of me is plenty!"

Episode 24: "Evanescent Encounter (part 1)"

Kagetoki Kariya: Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.
Mugen: Huh? What the hell do you want?
Kagetoki Kariya: If you're looking for Kasumi's daughter, she's crossed over to the island.
Jin: Do you know him? You know Seizo Kasumi?
Kagetoki Kariya: I know he's a felon who abandoned his country and had his soul stolen by that foreign religion. I've heard that he fled here to Kyushu and that he was involved in the Shimabara Rebellion. I also know he's the man that the Shogunate wants eliminated more than anyone else. They've know all along that his daughter was trying to find him. In fact, it's helped them. They've let her run free this whole time so they're able to discover Kasumi's whereabouts. And now, although it pains me to say this, I have to insist that you two die right here.
Mugen: You're taking us on by yourself? You sure got a big pair on ya, pal.
Kagetoki Kariya: [readies his sword ] Come, I hope that you don't disappoint me.

Episode 25: "Evanescent Encounter (part 2)"

Episode 26: "Evanescent Encounter (part 3)"

Sunflower Samurai Kasumi Seziou: Fuu....
[After surviving a building collapsing on him]
One-Eyed Brother: Well that hurt like a son of a bitch didn't it?!

Unsorted Quotes

Priest: and after that you'll be able to get started on polishing the buddha. you'll be happy to do that, right?!
Mugen: Why don't I polish that pinhead of yours, you bald ass son of a bitch.mfff.
Mugen: My point is that's all a bunch of bullshit!

Mugen: I wanna beat that freaky bastard.

“I’m starving…” ~Fuu

Mugen: "I think that every day the sun rises, it may be the last time I bask in the sun."