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Samurai Warriors is a Video Game developed by Omega Force and Published by Koei. Four games have been released in the series: Samurai Warriors, Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends, Samurai Warriors 2, and Samurai Warriors 2: Empires.

Quotes by Character

Sanada Yukimura

  • "Yukimura Sanada returns to battle!"
  • "We shall show the world the might of the Sanada clan!"
  • "The enemy is strong! Stay alert!"
  • "Enemy officer defeated!"
  • "You have my thanks."
  • "I cannot die! Not yet!"
  • "Most impressive my lord!"
  • "I'm over here, Kenshin!"
  • "No enemy shall ever surpass me!"
  • "Witness the might of the Sanada!"
  • "Press on! Victory is near!"
  • "Yukimura Sanada returns to the battlefield!"
  • "My body may perish... but never my spirit!"
  • "You're no match for my strength!"
  • "My spear is unstoppable!"
  • "I am Yukimura Sanada!"
  • "I fulfilled my duty! I shall return home."
  • "The Sanada clan claims this base!"
  • "There is reason for me to live yet!"
  • "I am Yukimura Sanada! Stand down or be slain!"

Maeda Keiji

  • "Furious in battle, Pious in the aftermath. Does that define who the great Kenshin is?"
  • "This is great, hey Matsukaze?"
  • "Hah! There goes another one!"
  • "Yeah! I'm on fire!"
  • "Let's go crazy!"
  • "War isn't all about winning, i guess." (FMV ending)
  • "There! I got another one!"
  • "This was fun! Catch you later!"
  • "Alright! Let's go spill some guts!"
  • "Sorry for the hassle"
  • "This could get ugly"
  • "Your head's gonna look great on the end of my spear!"
  • "Good going!"
  • "Don't make it too easy for me!"
  • "This ain't a bad place to die"
  • "Ah, a rumble in the Capital. This is great! (Dance of Kyoto)
  • "So this fight is gonna determine who rules the land, huh? This is gonna be sweet!" (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "Helping these poor fellas could cost me my life. Ain't I heroic?" (Rescue of Mitsunari)
  • "Sure, being a pirate has its allure, but killing pirates? That's the life for me!" (Pirate Hunt)
  • "I wonder if we're gonna survive this... Ohh, I love the suspense!" (Battle of Hasedo)
  • "This battle's gonna go down in history. Hey, I wonder if I will too?" (Siege of Edo Castle)
  • "The wild man of the west versus the beast of the east!" (Keiji's Dream: Tournament of Champions)
  • "Why are tigers strong?... Because they're born that way!"

Oda Nobunaga

  • "It's just that simple."
  • "I kick...the chaos."
  • "...Is that so?"
  • "This is only a small taste of my wrath."
  • "Welcome, Mitsuhide. Shall we begin?"
  • "Hmph... How meddlesome."
  • "Come, God of War!"
  • "I have come to make this land my own."
  • "The punishment for treachery is death."
  • "Ha ha... So be it!"
  • "You dare to resist me?! Then you dare to die!"
  • "Useless!"
  • "Oichi do you wish to die like a dog?!"
  • "Hahaha... Most impressive"
  • "Do not be satisfied with meager accomplishments!"
  • "Truly, a bride worthy for Demon King!"
  • "Worthless..."
  • "Now get out of my sight!"
  • "Hmm... An exceptional warrior."
  • "I am Nobunaga of the Oda clan!"
  • "This means nothing, fool!"
  • "Hmph. What a fodder."
  • "Feel cheated, No?"
  • "Fools...return to dust!"
  • "Fight, struggle and die!" (Battle of Nagashino)
  • "Cling to your pathetic hopes, and die!" (Battle of Osaka Bay)
  • "Give it your all until nothing is left." (Battle of Tedorigawa)
  • "Gather, resist and die!" (Fall of the Takeda)
  • "Resist, fight and survive!" (Incident at Honnoji)
  • "The harder the fight, the greater the prize." (Nobunaga's Dream: Nobunaga Unites Japan)
  • "It is useless to resist me."

Akechi Mitsuhide

  • "You shall now witness the true art of battle!"
  • "This enemy cannot be taken lightly..."
  • "This does not look good!"
  • "I have defeated an officer!"
  • "Mino will fall soon, Ranmaru..."
  • "You were wrong to oppose me."
  • "Chaos itself shall fall before my blade!"
  • "The enemy is at Honnōji!"
  • "Now is the time!"
  • "I shall outshine you in the next battle!"
  • "Why do you rush to death? I supose it is fate!"
  • "My body may perish... But my will...
  • "Most impressive..."
  • "My blade cleaves the souls of my opponents"

Uesugi Kenshin

  • "Flames of hell...vanquished the wicked!"
  • "May the gods show you mercy!"
  • "Come, Nemesis!"
  • "Your amateur tricks won't work on me!"
  • "To live amongst death... Magnificent!"
  • "A warrior lives for battle."
  • "This body knows no mercy!"
  • "This land knows no peace!"
  • "This spirit knows no obstacle!"
  • "So far you have proven my equal, nemesis...but that will soon change." (Battle of Kawanakajima)
  • "I pity this enemy for the horrors they are about to face." (Village Rescue)
  • "Foolish Oda! You are not worthy of the battle that lies ahead!" (Melee at Nagashino)
  • "Nobunaga! The great Tedorigawa will wash your ambitions away for good!" (Battle of Tedorigawa)
  • "May the heavens guide my sword to slay my nemesis." (Showdown at Sekigahara)
  • "Great Bishamonten, god of war, I must fight alongside my nemesis!" (Kenshin's Dream: Conquest for Kyushu)


  • "Lord Nagamasa, you're my hero!"
  • "Good going Brother!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Perhaps it is fate that we must fight here."
  • "Your strength was too much for me to overcome."
  • "Yeah! Way to go me!"
  • "Brother... Lord Nagamasa..."
  • "Hey! I got one!"
  • "Brother you came!"
  • "Whew! That was close thanks"
  • "Lord Nagamasa you came for me!"
  • "Take That... Get ready!"
  • "Oh no! Im gonna lose!"
  • "Lets show them what we can do!"
  • "This is my best trick... Don't try this at home."
  • "Wow"
  • "Wow your strong!"
  • "Yes I win right?"
  • "Great, lets keep up the good work!"
  • "Is that it? That was fast!"
  • "I'll catch up just watch!"
  • "Keep your heads up everyone!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Erh... Help..."
  • "Uhh this is a little scary.."
  • "'re creepy..."
  • "I lost..."
  • "Lord Nagamasa... Why?" (Battle at Honnoji)
  • "Lord Nagamasa... No! Don't! You are being no different than my Brother."
  • "I will never forget your love for me."
  • "Brother let's stop this... were family we shouldn't fight" (Battle of Anegawa)
  • "I will repay his tenderness with my strength." (Village Rescue)
  • "This is my destiny, to fight by the man I love." (Retreat From Kanegasaki)
  • "I will give my own life if it means protecting his!" (Battle of Anegawa)
  • "Be careful, Nagamasa. Do not let your kindness work against you." (Siege of Mt.Usa)
  • "As I approach the battlefield, my heart is numb..." (Siege of Odani Castle)
  • "This is a foolish quarrel! Everyone knows I'm more beautiful!" (Oichi's Dream: Incident at Shizugatake)


  • "I hate getting my hands dirty."
  • "Would you like an encore?"
  • "Thanks for coming, I hope to see you again soon."
  • "This lady shan't be far behind"
  • "Mercy! What power!"
  • "The world of men must show mercy. A dream within a dream with... whatever is the matter?
    • "what a sad sad dream. A dream, an illusion. Yesterday is history today. Today is tommorows history." (Both in all "Dream and illusion" endings)

Saika Magoichi

  • "Get ready to swoop!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "You really are a flower in the battlefield!"
  • "No hard feelings!"
  • "They put up a decent fight..."
  • "You don't want to deprive the ladies of all this, do you?"
  • "There's more to me than just the good looks, ya know?"
  • "I'm not beaten, I'm just going for a little walk..."
  • "Nobunaga. One day, your head will be mine."
  • "This outta do it."
  • "Tall, strong, and hadsome! What more could you ask for, huh? (1000 K.O.)
  • "Hey, pretty lady! You have alredy captured my hert. Now, you can hold the rest of me, huh?
  • "Thanks, beautiful. How 'bout I repay you with a kiss, huh?"
  • "Why can no one else see that the day of swords and spears is gone?" (To Masamune)
  • "Don't be shy... Come a little closer..."

Takeda Shingen

  • "Have your people contact my people, maybe we can stab at each other over tea!"
  • "You fought well!"
  • "Witness the true art of war! Or something that affect."
  • "Prepare to be mauled by the Tiger of Kai!"
  • "You really are the relentless ones! But I don't have time for this..."
  • "Well done, Masamune! Leave the rest to us!"
  • "Live to fight another day! That's a fine philosphy!"
  • "Ha! We shall swallow them whole!"
  • "Magnificent! Now I can rest in peace! Ha-Ha-Ha!"
  • "Quick pretend I'm saying something profound."
  • "The dragon and the tiger clash. Which side will destiny favor?" (Battle of Kawanakajima)
  • "Those pirates sure caught me by surprise! I guess I'll have to return the favor." (Pirate Hunt)
  • "I advance in the name of peace, fight in the name of honor." (Battle of Mikatagahara)
  • "For the sake of this land, I cannot die yet!" (Battle of Nagashino)
  • "Welcome, dear nemesis! Let our battles come to an end here!" (Showdown at Sekigahara)
  • "Kenshin was an excellent enemy. He should make an even better friend." (Shingen's Dream: Conquest for Kyushu)
  • Victory Quote #1 (SW2) "Ha ha ha what do you think of that?"
  • Victory Quote #2 (SW2) "Ha ha ha perhaps im too strong for my own good"
  • Victory Quote #3 (SW2) "Ha ha ha you could use a few years experience"

Date Masamune

  • "This is just the beginning! Imbeciles! I will rule this land!"
  • "Imbeciles!! Know your place!"
  • "Allies!? Imbeciles! We crush them both! Onward! The real battle shall begin now!"
  • "Victory!"
  • "I have conquered Japan! Wooo!" *falls down*
  • "You never had a chance!"
  • "How do you like that?!"
  • "You think you're brave, huh? I think you're dumb."
  • "Outta my way! Imbeciles!"
  • "I'll cut you open and bleed you dry."
  • "Well done! You're less of a moron than I thought!"
  • "What!? I can't be perfect all the time."
  • "This fight is all mine!"
  • "I need to find a subject to vent my rage on, and i choose you (create an officer, high horse stats doing riding)
  • "Fools!"
  • Victory Quote #1 (SW2) "Japan is mine. Japan wants to be mine!'
  • Victory Quote #2 (SW2) "Thats what you get for clashing swords with a dragon!"
  • Victory Quote #3 (SW2) "Thats right, stand in my way if you want to get sliced in half!"


  • "To hell and back, if necessary."
  • "To hell for good, if necessary."
  • "Awww, over so soon?"
  • "Another victim..."
  • "You think this dress is sinful? You should see what I'm wearing underneath..."
  • "WE must meet again..."
  • "I could get to like someone like you..."
  • "I can hear the gates of hell beckoning."
  • "I've already tamed Nobunaga. Everyone else is just...simple."
  • "As usual...I take whatever I want."
  • "Mmmnn...I love you when you're covered in blood."
  • "Shall we wreak suffering together, my love?"
  • "Are you sure that blade wasn't meant for me?"
  • "My life belongs to him. I will sacrifice it for him gladly." (Battle of Nagashino)
  • "I cannot forgive those who torment my beloved. Not even if I tried." (Village Rescue)
  • "Those who have pledged loyalty to my beloved must not be left to fall." (Battle of Tedorigawa)
  • "Pointless resistance, petty revenge. It's time for this misery to end." (Fall of the Takeda)
  • "Mitsuhide has revealed his claws. I can't wait to show him mine." (Incident at Honnoji)
  • "The epitomy of beauty. That is what it means to be the Demon King's wife." (No's Dream: Incident at Shizugatake)
  • "Mitsuhide you will not have my husbands life. His life belongs to me!" (battle of Honnoji)


  • "Wooo! That'll teach ya!"
  • "Play of the day ... I do love this game!"
  • "Whoa! Kind of outdid myself here!"
  • "Let's play nice!"
  • "Ooh, this just isn't your day!"
  • "Oh, yeah, real mature..."
  • "I think we should see other people!"
  • "I can't...feel my legs..."
  • "I seek a more worthy foe! ...or something like that!"
  • "Just put this on my tab!"
  • "Well duh! Of course you're gonna win!"
  • "There you go, keep going!"
  • "Pretty good there!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "We'll just have to one up them now, won't we?"
  • "Cripes! Take it easy, will you?"
  • "Justice always prevails. I kid you not!"
  • "The beasts have perished. He he!"

Hattori Hanzo

  • "Target eliminated..."
  • "Nobunaga, may seize the day... the shadow awaits..."
  • "You shall vanish into the shadows"
  • "Failure..."
  • "The shadow has been...broken..."
  • "Your impulse shall be your undoing..."
  • "I creep across the land"
  • "The netherworld awaits..."
  • "Taste the sting of death!"
  • "When the shadow strikes...only death remains."
  • "All obstacles shall be crushed."
  • "You will die..."
  • "Work alone, die alone..."
  • "Even the shadows become vulnerable when exposed to light."
  • "The shadows are without form and thus, without weakness."
  • "A ninja knows when to seize his opportunities."
  • "Vanish... Amongst the shadows."
  • "Silent as the forest indeed."
  • "Rin, Pyoh, Toh, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Sai, Zen..."
  • "Your god can't reach in the realm of shadows..."
  • "And I will scramble their minds..."

Mori Ranmaru

  • "Enemy officer eliminated!"
  • "Incredible!"
  • "Impressive, Lord Mitsuhide!"
  • "Blast! we are being pushed back..."
  • "Lord Mitsuhide, are we going to defect?"
  • "I don't want to hurt you.... but you leave me no choice!"
  • "I shall serve with unwavering devotion!"
  • "I just mastered the Way of the Samurai!"
  • "I will never forget this humiliation."
  • "This body is a blade, and this place a burial ground.
  • "Those who wish to die, come!"
  • "Thank you, I am i your debt"
  • "We can win, let us go!"
  • "So be it, my life is expandeble..."

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

  • "Serves in your right for getting in my way!"
  • "The land is mine!"
  • "I wish you luck keeping up with me."
  • "Hey, it could happen!"
  • "No shame in retreat, as long as you win in the end!"
  • "Sorry I don't feel dying today. Sayonara!"
  • "That's some pretty good you're doing out there!"
  • "Eveythings a dream within a dream..."
  • "Might like that is a rare find on the battlefield!"
  • "You're not scared of me you say? Well how about now?!"
  • "You won't keep me from the treasures I desire!"
  • "Allow me to take you all on a beautiful dream!"
  • "Hah! Look at me go!"
  • "Okay, maybe this is just a bit much."
  • "I shall avenge lord Nobunaga, and then..." (Battle of Yamazaki)
  • "Why Oichi, you've gone to such trouble just to see me again." (Battle of Shizugatake)
  • "I won't lose! Of course, the enemy is probably thinking the same thing." (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • "I'm not doing this just for me, I'm doing this for all Japan." (Conquest for Kyushu)
  • "One last fight and Japan will be all mine...This was easier than I thought." (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "Hmph, why do things always fall apart when I'm not around?" (Hideyoshi's Dream: Battle of Sekigahara)
  • "Behold the castle that was built in one day. What genius could have done this? You say. It's Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi we praise. He built the castle in just one day. Wheeee!" (Siege of Inabayama Castle)

Honda Tadakatsu

  • "Test your might on Mikawa's finest!"
  • "I am a man of peerless might!"
  • "My skills will be your last sight on this earth!"
  • "I praise your talents, samurai."
  • "I will never give up! Never!"
  • "My might will crush the enemy!"
  • "My spear thirsts for enemy blood."
  • "All I desire is total victory!"
  • "I hereby declare my might to the heavens!"
  • "I'm Japan's strongest warrior!"
  • "I prefer to spend my free time wood carving."
  • "Only conflict remains."
  • "Only the final conflict remains."
  • "When a true warrior enters the battlefield, enemy numbers mean little." (Battle of Anegawa)
  • "A samurai has but two options in battle. To live, or to die." (Battle of Mikatagahara)
  • "No strategy can defend a warrior as well as his own might." (Siege of Ueda Castle)
  • "A warrior's greatest battle is always his next battle." (Battle of Kusegawa)
  • "The loss of one's blade pains like the loss of a friend." (Battle of Sekigahara)
  • "Might perfects the samurai, the samurai perfects not might." (Tadakatsu's Dream: Tournament of Champions)
  • "My skill holds no bounds."


  • "Another falls on my path to victory!"
  • "None can escape the reach of my bow!"
  • "I am Ina. Know me and you shall know pain!"
  • "I will prove myself to the men of this age!"
  • "Someday these bloodied fields will be allowed to blossom again!"
  • "Let us fight honorably, like true warriors!"
  • "My bow shall deliver you unto your grave!"
  • "Arrows, fly true!"
  • "Let me go! You won't touch me!"
  • "You know nothing of war!" (Finish Musou)
  • "No! I must not disappoint my father!" (crisis)
  • "I may be young and inexperience, but I pledge to you my future!"
  • "Defeat is not an option!"

Tokugawa Ieyasu

  • "I have surpassed another obstacle!"
  • "I will show you the pride of men from Mikawa!"
  • "The Tokugawa will never bow to the likes of you!"
  • "We must help each other on the battlefield."
  • "The time is now! I will defeat you to realize my ambition!"
  • "Remember, slow and steady wins the race."
  • "You are truly a guardian of the Tokugawa Clan!"
  • "Defeat is an important lesson as well."
  • "Anger is the enemy... I must endure!"
  • "Behold the strength of the warriors of Mikawa!"
  • "Let the journey commence!"
  • "Step by step, step by step."
  • "We have all won this victory together."
  • "Patience is the surest path to victory."
  • "Patience is the key to any battle!" (Crisis)
  • "Now is the time to endure with a pride befitting the men of Mikawa!" (Battle of Anegawa)
  • "My foolish pride has led me right into the jaws of death." (Battle of Mikatagahara)
  • "I have seen our future. For now, I must keep pushing forward." (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • "Every step taken must be taken towards peace." (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "The deaths we suffer today will ensure peace for the lives of the future." (Battle of Sekigahara)
  • "The road has been long and dangerous, but the goal is just up ahead." (Osaka Campaign)
  • "Come what may, I must never lose sight of my dreams of peace." (Ieyasu's Dream: Last Stand against Ieyasu)

Ishida Mitsunari

  • "I should stop expecting so much."
  • "Yukimura, you never ceased to amaze me."
  • "Lord Hideyoshi! I am impressed!"
  • "I simply cannot take pride in such a meager endeaver."
  • "We will topple Ieyasu for good, and build a world of honor and justice!"
  • "I can't lose now, my friends are depending on me."
  • "You are hopeless if you think you can defeat me"
  • "My plan is to take the glory while you do all the work."
  • "Let's see what's out there..."
  • "Honor may not win power, but it wins respect. And respect earns power." (Mitsunari's Dream: Edo Campaign)
  • "Honor always wins, it is inevitable."
  • "Hmm I didn't expect any different."
  • "I cannot take pride of the lives lost today."

Azai Nagamasa

  • "For honor and love!"
  • "I should be the one protecting you!"
  • "In battle, one must adhere to one's beliefs."
  • "For honor, I will slay Nobunaga!"
  • "Oichi... Watch over me now!"
  • "Oichi, I dedicate this victory to you!
  • "We have set the standard for all battles to come!"
  • "Faith shall lead the way forward!"
  • "Nagamasa Azai, lord of Bizen... Rises to battle!"
  • "In the name of honor, forward!" (Battle of Anegawa)

Shima Sakon

  • "Keep lining 'em up, and I will keep on knocking 'em down!"
  • "Words cannot express your might on the battlefield!"
  • "I am gonna give you the gift of pain!"
  • "Hah! When I am going to get a real challenge?!"
  • "Sakon... has left the battlefield."
  • "Oppose my lord, get killed by me. It's that simple!"
  • "Live to fight another day... That sounds advice."
  • "Hey, Mitsunari... you're all out of... Sakon..."
  • "Sharp as always!"
  • "Brains and brawn, I've got it all."
  • "All according to plan, simple as that."
  • "Victories were made before the battle even began."

Shimazu Yoshihiro

  • "They sure don't make enemy officers like they used to!"
  • "One gamble after another, that's life."
  • "Why do you think they call me the devil?"
  • "Meet the Devil!"
  • "A glorious death awaits me, but not today."
  • "Chestooohhhh!!!!!"
  • "Now we'll see who's the greatest warrior in Kyushu!"
  • "I'm warning you, guys; it's not smart to stand in the devil's path!"
  • "I love the smell of conflict!"
  • "Come here! I'll teach you how to fight!"
  • "The bigger the risk, the bigger the win!."
  • "The heart of a devil, beats within me!."
  • *I could keep this up til the day I die!."

Tachibana Ginchiyo

  • "For glory!"
  • "I think you'll find I'm tough as they come."
  • "My father's trusted blade will make quick work of you!"
  • "I am Ginchiyo. Lord and Lady of the Tachibana!"
  • "Underestimate me, and I guarantee you'll regret it!"
  • "Were you expecting anyting less out of me?"
  • "Onward to unconditional victory!"
  • "Onward, from the depths of the heart."
  • "The Shimazu are my lifelong enemy. I will show them no mercy." (Conquest for Kyushu)
  • "I shall follow the path that I believe most just, wherever it may lead me." (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "Honor in battle is defined by the victors." (Battle of Kusegawa)
  • "To a Tachibana, the only victory worth winning is absolute victory." (Battle of Sekigahara)
  • "Shimazu, is this the path that you believe most just?" (Pursuit of Yoshihiro)
  • "My path is my own. My honor is my own." (Ginchiyo's Dream: Edo Campaign)

Naoe Kanetsugu

  • "I have slain another in the name of justice!"
  • "Love and honor form the basis of all strength!"
  • "Mitsunari! Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • "Victory for honor and justice!"
  • "You have beaten me, but you will never defeat my honor!"
  • "I stand with virtue and honor!"
  • "With your strength and my honor, we are invincible!"
  • "With Kenshin's divine strategies, there is no way we can lose." (Battle of Kawanakajima)
  • "The Demon King wishes to spread his reign, but honor will not allow him!" (Battle of Tedorigawa)
  • "Lord Kenshin may be gone, but the light of justice shall never fade!" (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "So far, everything has gone as planned. An honorable Japan is near!" (Battle of Hasedo)
  • "Mitsunari, in your honor I will build a right and just world!" (Siege of Edo Castle)
  • "I will keep my promise! Mitsunari, wait for me!" (Kanetsugu's Dream: Last Stand against Ieyasu)
  • "Justice always wins, the unjust never prosper." (Victory Quote #1)
  • "This is not my victory, this is a victory for honor." (Victory Quote #2)
  • "I will forever fight and win, for the people of this land." (Victory Quote #3)


  • "Hanzo I worry about your obsessions. Is there trouble at home?"
  • "Did I do all that by myself?"
  • "I will show you what I can do!"
  • "Kotaro don't worry besides that everybody loves you, at least I love you"
  • "Mister Ujimasa? Oh, I have come here to kill you."
  • "I'll do whatever it takes to defend my family!"
  • "What my darling wants, my darling gets! I'll see to it!" (Battle of Yamazaki)
  • "Are you okay out there, honey? I'm here to back you up." (Battle of Shizugatake)
  • "Wow, honey! This is the fight that's going to put you on top!" (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute)
  • "These pirates are bothering my darling. This won't do!" (Pirate Hunt)
  • "We're almost there, end to all this mean, nasty chaos!" (Siege of Odawara Castle)
  • "I thought everybody was supposed to be happy now! What happened?" (Melee at Sekigahara)

Fuuma Kotaro

  • "I am the wind that calls forth chaos."
  • "Chaos will still prevail where I have failed."
  • "He he...what fools these mortals be."
  • "The enemy crumples before me."
  • "I am broken... how novel."
  • "This battlefield will make a glorious wasteland."
  • "Would you like to die?!"
  • "Turn to dust! Purge the land of infestation!"
  • "I will erase you from this world."
  • "Heh... You've done nothing but delay the inevitable."
  • "Chaos can never be satiated."
  • "Show your teeth my faithful guard dogs" (SW2E)
  • "Chaos is never conquered."
  • "Shingen wants to put an end to my fun. I can't have that." (Melee at Mikatagahara)
  • "The Demon King? Here's one demon who rejects his rule." (Battle at Osaka Bay)
  • "Let's play a game, conqueror. The loser forfeits his head." (Siege of Osaka Castle)
  • "The Hojo are so dull, but it might be fun to watch them die." (Kotaro's Insurrection)
  • "Now pain and suffering will overtake the land of the dying sun." (Conquest for Kyushu)
  • "Welcome to my castle. Soon your heads will garnish its gate." (Kotaro's Dream: Defense of Odawara Castle)

Miyamoto Musashi

  • "Only one can be the greatest, guess who."
  • "I am invincible!"
  • "The way of the sword, I will perfect it!"
  • "My mastery of the sword knows no equal!"
  • "There's no match for my blade!"
  • "I got musou written all over me!"
  • "I thought I was invincible! I had no idea..." (Battle of Sekigahara)
  • "If all you can do with them is hurt others, you don't deserve your swords." (Village Rescue)
  • "The sword is not a tool of death! You hear me?!" (Chaos in Kyoto)
  • "I'm getting closer, I can feel it!" (Osaka Campaign)
  • "Finally a chance to use my sword to end suffering! This is it!" (Siege of Edo Castle)

Sasaki Kojiro

  • "Are you excited at the chance to be slain by me?"
  • "I'll kill you in ways you never imagined."
  • "Ahh... The killing has begun, I shiver in anticipation."

Shibata Katsuie

  • "Idiot! Do you know who I am?!"
  • "Come to me! I'll give you death!"
  • "Your puniness make me laugh! Hehe..."
  • "Curse you, Nagamasa. Oichi deserves better!"
  • "Pitiful! No match for me!"
  • "Stop whining like little girls! Roar like lions!"
  • "I'm impressed you've made it so far...but this is where it ends."
  • "I am proud to fall... in my lord's service."
  • "Congratulations. You get to be my last kill." (SW2XL)
  • "I will give you no quarter,woman!" (To Okuni)

Ishikawa Goemon

  • "Hey! Not bad!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Goemon Ishikawa, King of theives, at your service!"
  • "Yeah, I'm starting to gain some clout." (to Maeda Keiji)
  • "Hanzo... Hattori... The Iga ninja? oh no.
  • "Hey, you're that ninja girls master right? You've got to teach that girl some manners!" (To Sanada Yukimura)


Samurai Warriors

Yukimura: "Our lord wages war to put an end of the chaos. Kenshin, I Sanada Yukimura challenge you!"
Kenshin: "Begone. You're not worthy of facing me."

Samurai Warriors 2

Hideyoshi: I have Japan and Nene and that's all I need.
Nene: I knew you felt that way. Which is why I fired all your courtesans. (Hideyoshi spits out his food all over Mitsunari)
Okuni: Oh! You're that ill-tempered boy I heard about. Will you help me carry my treasure home for me?
Masamune: Ill-tempered boy? I'm an ill-tempered man! I mean- AH!
Fukushima Masanori: Can Mitsunari really fight?
Mitsunari: Naturally; we are on a battlefield.
Shingen: Kenshin, how many times have we fought?
Kenshin: This is the fourth.
Shingen: Do you not grow weary of it?
Kenshin: Why would I?
Magoichi: I don't understand you ninjas, always talking about shadows, death...
Hanzo: The shadows will consume your soul.
Magoichi: See? That's what I'm talking about!
Mitsunari: Wow! You are stronger, and more man than I.
Ginchiyo: Thank you... I guess.
Okuni: You're so young and cute. I bet you'd make a great dancer!
Ranmaru: Hey, I am a samurai. Come here and I'll prove it!
Okuni: Oh, and you have a good imagination, too. That's perfect!
Ginchiyo: Even Japan's strongest man is no match for me!
Tadakatsu: I have no qualms about giving you a chance to prove such a bold claim.
Masamune: Argh! Won't you ever shut up about honor, Kanetsugu?! I can hear you even when you're not around! It's like you're in my head!!
Kanetsugu: This is indeed a good sign. If the principles of honor have penetrated even your thick skull... then a world in which honor is revered above all cannot be far behind!
Masamune: Great. A whole country full of Kanetsugus. Just kill me now...!
Nene: Go tell your master to stop being so greedy! There's plenty of Japan to go around! Why can't he learn to share?
Hanzo: Crazy woman...
Tadakatsu Honda: I will destroy everything you throw at me.
Shingen Takeda: What about kittens, Tadakatsu? If I threw those at you, would you kill them as well?

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