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We cannot be contented because we are happy, and we cannot be happy because we are contented.
Walter Savage Landor
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Satire is a literary technique of writing or art which exposes the follies of its subject (for example, individuals, organizations, or states) to ridicule, often as an intended means of provoking or preventing change.


  • Satire is a kind of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own.
  • Satire, by being levelled at all, is never resented for an offence by any.


  • In its essence the purpose of satire - whether verse or prose - is aggression ... Satire has a great big blaring target. If successful, it blasts a great big hole in the center.
  • Satire should, like a polished razor keen,
    Wound with a touch that's scarcely felt or seen.

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