Scanian proverbs

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This is a list of Scanian proverbs and sayings.

  • Au all kogesmad e kaffegøgen den bäste.
    • Translation: "Out of all cookery, the coffee laced with schnapps is the best."
  • De e får sent å stia upp tidit når en vagnar klockan elva.
    • Translation: "It's too late to rise early when you wake eleven o'clock."
  • De vøre ajn grannår tøs åm houed va au na.
    • Translation: "She would be a nice girl if she didn't have her head."
  • Den medicin som passar skräddarn, kan skomágarn dø utav.
    • Translation: "The medicine that cures the tailor can kill the shoemaker."
  • Dø man e svår å väcka.
    • Translation: "Dead man is hard to wake."
  • Ed å ta bug fårr i morron kommer rakkaren å tar skinged.
    • Translation: "Eat and take belly, because tomorrow the assistant of the executioner will come to take the skin."
  • En ska ente eda valium innan en går ud.
    • Translation: "You shouldn't eat valium before going out."
  • Etter maden må en hälla si' och blunga litta i skumme.
    • Translation: "After the meal, one has to be still and shut the eyes for a while in the gloom."
  • Go mad, møed mad, mad i rättan ti - å så madaro!
    • Translation: "Tasty food, plenty of food, food in the right time - and peace at mealtimes!"
    • Notes: Considered to be the national motto of scanians
  • Gåsen e får liden får två men får stor får inn.
    • Translation: "The goose is too small for two but too big for one."
  • Inn skåning e barra svensk unnor Hockey-VM.
    • Translation: "A scanian is only swedish during the icehockey world championships."
  • Ja kåmmår ijän, sa kärringen såm fåsstna i møllevingen.
    • Translation: "I'll come again, said the woman who got caught in wing of the windmill."
  • Maden e halva fødan, resten e sill å päror.
    • Translation: "The food is half the provisions, the rest is herring and potatoes."
  • Smens märr o skomagarens glytta, de går alltid barfytta.
    • Translation: "The mare of the smith and the children of the shoemaker, allways goes barefooted."
  • Ung kan sporja längjer än gammal ha varred!
    • Translation: "A youngster can ask further than an aged has been."