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Shaka Zulu (sometimes spelled Tshaka, Tchaka or Chaka; ca. 1787 – ca. 22 September 1828) was a Zulu leader.


  • This is the death I have planned for you. The slayers will sharpen the projecting upright poles in this cattle-kraal - one for each of you. They will then lead you there, and four of them will pick you up singly and impale you on each of the sharpened poles. There you will stay till you die, and your bodies, or what will be left of them by the birds, will stay there as a testimony to all, what punishment awaits those who slander me, and my mother.
    • Condemning those who had tormented him in his youth.
  • Up! children of Zulu, your day has come. Up! And destroy them all.
  • I need no bodyguard at all, for even the bravest men who approach me get weak at the knees and their hearts turn to water, whilst their heads become giddy and incapable of thinking as the sweat of fear paralyzes them. They know no other will except that of their King, who is something above, and below, this earth.
    • Following his mother's death.

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