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Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.

There were two Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Specials, and one comic called, Knuckles the Echidna. They are about Sonic and his friends' adventures.


Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Amy: I wanna be a freedom fighter!
  • Amy: ...with the help of my Piko Piko Hammer!! (Sally turns around in with a mean look) Sorry!
  • Antoine: Nyah, nyah! Can't catch me!
  • Bunnie: I don't know how to say this! I was visiting with Sally and -- This is so hard!!
    Sonic: Whatever it is, just say it,willya?
    Sonic: This is a bad joke, right? Right?!
  • Dulcy: ...And then he said that army of Combots was invisible and that he was going to lunch tomorrow and then we were going to be attacked by an air force of numbskulls and then...
  • Knuckles: It figures! We're over an ocean! What a choice --get zapped or drowned! Guess I have to take my chances! Ughh!
  • Lara-Su: You're doing great, Dad. It's my dress, I hate it!
  • Lara-Su: Isn't possible one may change their mind?
    Knuckles: It's called accepting the consequences of one's actions!
    Lara-Su: That's so unfair!
  • Lien-Da: But it's not like Julie-Su and I have been on the best of terms.
  • Lien-Da: I don't recall Kragok or I behaving so!
  • Lien-Da: Oh, how lovely! Sounds like fun!
  • Lien-Da: I've been hearing some interesting rumors of late. What could be so important, I wonder----that warrants the attention of the king of Acorn and the guardian of Angel Island----that you didn't yet tell me?
  • Metal Sonic: Now get out of here--both of you! Even I can't keep this up all day!
  • Robotnik: What?!! That craft was carrying a portable derobotizizer! Not to mention my supply of 'Super-Shine' Head Polish!
  • Robotnik: I'd be overjoyed, Snively... if joy wasn't against my laws!
  • Robotnik: Halp! Run and get my asbestos boxer shorts, Snively!
  • Robotnik: The Collision Chaos Zone! Perhaps my most brilliant creation to date! I, the great and powerful Rob-oz-nik, have spoken! Errrr... pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!
  • Robotnik (playing the role of Scrooge in a Christmas Carol parody) All those Who's down in Who-ville... I mean, all those wretched peasants down below hate me... and just because I have everything and they have nothing.
  • Robotnik: Ah, yes... I’ve been expecting me--er--you! Won’t I… um… you come in?
  • Sally: What is this?! The Dark Ages?! Don't I have any say in the matter?!
  • Shadow: Your death. I'm going to snap you like a twig, then use you for kindling.
  • Shadow: I wouldn't know. I've never had anything.
  • Shadow: Identify yourself!
  • Sonic: Looks like I'm gonna have to run through this one more time for ya, Sal.
  • Sonic: We're not buying it, Snively. No way are we gonna trust you. You're Robotnik's favorite nephew!
  • Sonic: Are you nuts?! If I did that, what would happen to my way past cool image?
  • Sonic: Yeah, baby! Now I can repair my ship. Besides, this proves I'm the fastest anything in the universe. I won't let it get to my head...much.
  • Sonic: You'd think I'd remember you guys! Oh, well!
  • Sonic: Wouldn't it be better to ask, 'What happened to our guns instead?' Am I going to fast for ya? Dudes, ya gotta tell me these things. It'd be way embarrassing if you don't stay on top of the situation, right?
  • Sonic: But Julie-Su, you don't have a problem with Knuckles going into battle the way Sally does with me, do you? I mean, sure, he can't glide anymore, he's as weak as a kitten and pretty much good for nothing, but still...
  • Sonic: That rocks, guys! What do you do for the encore?
  • Sonic: Can't talk, lil' buddy! I'm a bit all choked up right now! And I need a brake! Unhappy landings, you second-rate wanna-be!
  • SWATbot: You are now a prisoner of the great, powerful, and handsome Doctor Robotnik! (This is a recording).
  • Amy: Sonic, what happened to you?
    Sonic: Oh, hi, Amy.
    Amy: Need some serious TLC, I'm there, hon.
    Amy: If you're not doing anything tomorrow--?
    Sonic: I'll let you know.
    Amy: Later!
  • Knuckles: Yeah...remember when your dad, King Acorn, would vacation on the floating island? My dad was the guardian back then.
    Sally: (sigh) Those were the simpler times...summer nights on the Robotnik.
    Bunnie: Oh mah! Ah smell gossip...just what ah need to revive!
  • Knuckles: It doesn't have to be this way, Sal! I'm still the same echidna you've always known!
    Sally: Maybe that's the problem, and maybe I should've seen it before. You didn't join us back when we asked you to--and it's obvious you still wouldn't even now! How can we still be friends after that?
  • Knuckles: Good to see ya, True Blue.
    Sonic: Knux! Man, I heard you were dead!
    Knuckles: I could say the same thing, pal!
    Sonic: Ya got me there!
  • Knuckles: You cost me my eye!
    Sonic: I'd still feel guilty if I didn't know the docs could replace that eyepiece with a real eye anytime you want!
  • Knuckles: Kneecaps the echidna?! Mom, that's got to be the worst name I've ever heard for a kid!
    Sonic, Remington, and Team Chaotix: Hee! Hee! Hoo! Ha!
    Knuckles: Is something funny? *Everybody whistles while Vector blows bubble-gum and Remington whistles while reading a book*
  • Lien-Da: Oh. Comfort and joy.
    Knuckles: Komissar!
    Lien-Da: Why so formal, Knuckles? You can call me Lien-Da. Aren't we friends? And family? Right, step-sister?
    Julie-Su: Hmf.
    Knuckles: Mom, is this a twisted joke? We received a garbled message that Dad was being held here on the island... ...then we traced the transmission signal to the location, so where is dad?
  • Metal Sonic: Now, get out of here!
    Tails: Sonic--my rotor-tails are hurt--I can't fly!
    Sonic: I got ya!
    Tails: Can't we save Metal Sonic, too?
  • Metal Sonic: Then how about we make it three?
    Sonic: Can't help cutting into the act, huh? How about this bank shot? Say! That was funny! I was right about you mugs--no sense of humor!
    Metal Sonic: How about you quit running and fight back, hedgehog?
    Sonic: Who said I was playing by your rules? That's a loser's game!
    Metal Sonic: It would appear that I get to finish you off first.
    Sonic: Delusions of grandeur, pal. That just ain't gonna happen!
  • Mina: Welcome home, Sonic! It's great to see you again!
    Sonic: Same here, Mina. I loved the act! Guess you lost your stage fright, huh?
    Mina: Well, when King Max asked me to aid in the war effort by singing for the troops, how could I say no? Meet Ash--he's my manager!
    Ash: And her boyfriend.
  • Mina: Oh, Ash! I'm so sorry for everything's that happpened! I know you were only trying to protect me the same as Sonic. A part of me will always hold a place for him in my heart...but I don't love him. I love you! I was a fool not to let you know that. Maybe you should have let Bomb finish me off.
    Ash: And miss this killer reconcilation? Are you kidding me, doll?
    Mina: Ash! Oh, Ash!
  • Robotnik: The Freedom Fighters almost tricked me again, Snively! And all because I'm so trusting and innocent!
    Snively: Hmph! Like a shark!
    Robotnik: What was that?!!
    Snively: I said 'I like the dark','s... uh... much easier to be sneaky in the dark!
  • Sally: Would you know what to say if I asked you to join us officially?
    Amy: You mean, as a member? I've wanted to become a freedom fighter all my life, and I am honored to be asked. I say, 'yes'!
    Sally: I present to you the newest addition to the Freedom Fighters: Amy Rose!
    Amy: Freedom Fighters forever! Yeepee!
  • Shadow: Forget something?
    Sonic: Yeah--like the reason you're so hostile. What'd I ever do to you?
    Shadow: A fair question. I sense you are an enemy. But I know not why.
    Sonic: Sounds like a lapse to the synapse of that noggin of yours. Maybe if you tried meditation--or maybe found yourself a girl--you might get a handle on all your pent-up aggression! Oof!
  • Sonic: But why always me? Why not send somebody else?
    Zonic: 'Cause you're Sonic Prime, the one true Sonic of all the dimensions. It's your destiny to become the most pivotal hero of all time and space.
    Sonic: Yeah? Well if that's so...why didn't I get the girl?!!
  • Sonic: Whoa. Does that look like what I think it looks like, or is it just me?
    Knuckles: It's not you, and at the same time, it is you--that tapestry shows Super Sonic squaring off against Robotnik, the question is: who weaved it?
    Lien-Da: We don't know. The palace is possibly thousands of years old. That old, moth-eaten tapestry was here when the Dark Legion found the secret ring portal entrance-ways leading to this place.
    Knuckles: But, the island is only...
    Lien-Da: Enough of that mystery. For now, behold...
  • Sonic: So, Sal, aren't you going to say how you thought I was dead? Or, ask how I survived?
    Sally: No. I knew you'd come back to me, was only a matter of time.
  • Sonic: If you hate buses that much...why not just take the subway? You're not much of a talker, Mecha, but you're still wasting precious fuel. I'm too fast for you to hit!
    Mecha: An oversight on my part. Instead of aiming where you are...I should be aiming at where you will be.
  • Sonic: Here's my reply!
    Metal Sonic: Is that your way of saying negative?
    Sonic: Yeah! You might put it that way.
    Isaac: Is the hedgehog always like this?
    Shadow: Standard operating procedure for him--but this time he has--
    Sonic: You were saying, Shad? Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
  • Sonic: Now back off, dude, or else.
    Ash: Or else what, "dude"? *Kbrash!*
    Sonic: Heavy! I should've known he and Bomb always come as a package deal. Ash, get Mina to safety!
    Ash: You don't have to tell me twice!
    Sonic: Hey, Heavy! Hit me already! I'm getting bored here.
  • Tails: Look Sonic--it's Knuckles!
    Sonic: Yo, Knux! What're you doing so far from the ol' homestead...and what in the world is that weird 'light-thingy'?
    Knuckles: Oh that? Long story! I originally came here to find missing shards from the Floating Island's Master Emerald, but--
    Sonic: Knux--
  • Tails: Sonic, are you and Sally gonna get married someday?
    Sonic: Haven't really thought about it. 'Sides, we're waaay to young to tie the knot...and she probably hates me anyway.
    Tails: No way, the princess looooves you! Aw, Sonic...I was only kiddin'!
    Sonic: G'night, bud.
  • Tails: Guess again, Eggman!
    Sonic: It's show time!
  • Rouge: (thinking) Well... Guess again!
    Bunnie: Oh, no you didn't.
  • Blaze: Who're you calling a he?!?
  • Rouge: --Evil Sonic?!
    Evil Sonic: ...Oh, snap. Locke didn't catch you?
    Rouge: The deal was... you distract him this time!
  • Robotnik: You, Crabmeat? You've done nothing but fail me!... Both in the limited series and the ongoing comic book!
  • Robotnik: Pseudo-Sonic! How did you discover the secret location of the Freedom Fighters?
    Pseudo-Sonic: It was simple, oh keeper of the spare tire... I criss-crossed the Great Forest at super speed until I spotted Antoine and easily duped him into revealing the entrance!
    Antoine: Gimmie a break! It was dark! He was drawn in silhouette!
  • Robotnik: Even I'm not cruel enough to manufacture a DENTIST 'BOT!!!
  • Robotnik: (snicker) Mecha Sonic has engaged the hedgehog [in combat]!
    Amy: Oh boohoo hooo (sob) Wahhhh!!!
    Tails: What's wrong, Amy Rose?
    Amy: (sniffle) I was hoping someday Sonic would get engaged to me!
  • Sonic: Since when were you the voice of reason, 'Twan?
    Antoine: Eet comes with time... and maturity!
    Sonic: Hey!
  • Bean: (regarding Sonic and Antoine) It's Swifty McQuickness and the guy who talks funny!
  • Bean: SHINE GET!
  • Sonic: How'd you get him to talk, Your Highness?
    King Max: Let's say I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
  • Vector: Can't a croc just chill wit' his tunes? Don't nobody be messin' with The Vector's stylin' and profiling!!!
  • Armand D'Coolette: Who eez zis angry young 'edgehog?
  • Armand D'Coolette: Love is a rare thing. Nevair give it up easily.
  • Bunnie: Antoine, no matter what's happened in the past I want y'all to know, I think you're very brave.
    Antoine: Merci, Bunnie, it's nice to know someone cares.
    Bunnie: I care. (kisses a suprised Antoine)
  • Julie-Su: Let me go, you b--
    Rouge: Bat. Remember it.
  • Amy: Why can't you just tell the truth?
    Fiona: "The truth" gets you hurt or worse, little girl.
  • Snively: He took my hair! They were my last six hairs!!!
    Eggman: So what? Bald is beautiful.

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Julie-Su: I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy myself and that the company I kept wasn't wonderful! Anything's possible!
  • Knuckles: I stood and watched long after Sally was beyond my sight, resenting the fact that the very reasons that brought us together were now tearing us apart. I coulnd't blame her for feeling the way she did, and yet, I had to admit my dad and the others had equally valid reasons to support their position. How can I choose? My special friend? Or my family? If both were right, where did that leave me?
  • Julie-Su: Hey, there! Would you like some company?
    Knuckles: I'd rather be by myself, thanks! You don't listen very well, do you?
    Julie-Su: Especially not to you, that's for sure!
    Knuckles: It figures! How about--?!! *Smack!* Why did you go and do that for? I'm not sure I even like you!
    Julie-Su: I was simply returning you the favor!
  • Knuckles: More than enough for you!
    Julie-Su: In your dreams!
    Knuckles: No brag--just fact! You've got some explaining to do--boy?
    Julie-Su: Guess again! You should be able to get it right this time!


  • Sonic: Okay asked for it!
    Knuckles: C'mon, Little Boy Blue...I'm standing here!
    Sonic: Not for long!
    Knuckles: ?
    Sonic: This is my figure eight move! How do you like it?
    Knuckles: Oww!.. I 8 it!
  • Knuckles: You can't possibly recover so quickly!
    Sonic: Doof! As Super Sonic, I am practically invulnerable! How about you, little man? Can you take as good as you give?
    Knuckles: Better, chump!
    Sonic: Well, bring it on! Gimme your best shot, Hyper Knuckles!
    Knuckles: You got it, Super Sonic!
  • Lien-Da: Welcome back, Julie-Su!
    Julie-Su: You witch!!! Let me go!
    Lien-Da: Why, Julie-Su, I thought you'd enjoy some quality time bonding with your half-sister!
    Julie-Su: Fat chance! Our relationship is strictly an accident of biology!
    Lien-Da: On that, I'll agree with you! Whatever was father thinking-- --when he married that half-wit that give birth to you! Throw her inside with the rest of the garbage!
    Julie-Su: Ooof!!

Sonic X

  • Amy: Why don't you throw Sonic a ring, Tails?
    Cream: That would be cheating, Amy. Sonic wouldn't want to cheat.
    Sonic: (thinking) Boy, I sure wish I had a ring right now...but Amy would be upset with me if I cheated.
  • Amy: What do you think [the Dark Chao] are saying?
    Sonic: Probably just the usual - resistance is useless, they're going to suck the marrow from our bones, and our mothers wear army boots.
  • Sonic: (While juggling chainsaws) Hey, kids! Don't try this at home!
  • Tikal: He (Cheese) is always welcome. All he has to do is call my name and I will come for him. Good-bye.
  • Sonic: You think it's strange that I hang around with Chris Thorndyke because he's just a least he'd never lie to me the way you did.
  • Eggman: So how are you going to stop me from taking that shuttle?
    Big: Like this. (punches Eggman's nose)
  • Eggman: (Eggman's nose is broken) Uh hade cads, hedgehugs, foxsus, badds, and rabbids! Peepul ain't no guhd neider!
  • Emerl: (thinking) The blue one must be destroyed!
  • (Eggman's nose is broken)
    Caption Box: Elsewhere, Dr. Eggman and his minions are within striking distance of their ultimate goal.
    Eggman: There id izz! Muh uldimatt guhl!
    Bocoe: What did he say?
    Bokkun: Heh, heh. Read the caption box, Decoe.
    Decoe: Caption box? What is Bokkun talking about, Bocoe?
    Bocoe: Ignore him. He's had too much sugar and he's imagining things.
  • Decoe: Do you sense imminent expository ruminations forthcoming, Bocoe?
    Bocoe: Have you been reading the dictionary again, Decoe?
  • Sonic: This Eggman substitute has not been approved by the dairy council.
  • President: For all we know, every talking animal on this planet is working with Sonic and Eggman to take over the earth!
  • Cheese: (Possessed) Join us!
    Chris: Great! You can finally speak English, and that's all you can say!
  • Eggman: (While in prison) I should have been locked up years ago!
  • Sonic: (after agreeing to take Amy on a date) Today is Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd be nice and give in for once. That, and...and I lost a bet to Knuckles.
  • Cream: (To Cheese) I'll always take care of you.
  • Eggman: Stupid infernal blasted blankety-blank balloon...!
  • Decoe: This is going to be the biggest cherry pie ever, Dr. Eggman!
    Bokkun: I love cherry pie!
    Eggman: We are not making a cherry pie. We're creating a deadly weapon!
  • Amy: I'm gonna win this time!
    Tails: No you're not, Amy! Eat my dust! Ha! I win again!
    Amy: (smashes the machine with her hammer) Stupid game!
  • Sonic: Well, I think I've been away from Chris and the others long enough. They're bound to have gotten into trouble by now.
  • Knuckles: You okay?
    Sonic: Yeah, I'll survive. Me - rescued! How embarassing!
  • Bukow: The statistical likelihood of Dukow and me conquering the earth is now 98.67594856%.
    Sonic: That means I have a 1.32405144% chance of stopping you! I like those odds.
  • Sonic: Oh, come on... the Society for Observing and Neutralizing Interdimensional Creatures and Xenomorphs? S.O.N.I.C.X.?
    (The other members of S.O.N.I.C.X. glare at Jerome angrily)
    Jerome: I-I-I didn't know! I spent weeks on the Internet trying to come up with that!
  • Eggman: Let's get out of here, and prepare for tomorrow night.
    Bokkun: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?
    Eggman: The same thing we do every night, Bokkun...


  • Knuckles: I've never tried carrying someone while I'm gliding, so hang on!
  • Charmy: Oh, yippy-yappy-doo-de-da, diddley-diddle...hang on, that's not right. I diddled when I should have doo'd!
  • Tails: Close the door! Close the door! JOLLY WELL CLOSE THE DOOR!
  • Grimer: Why aren't the people happy to be oppressed slaves?
  • Trooper: Aaargh! The citizens are revolti...
    Megadroid: We're not having that old joke in this comic!
  • Trooper: Alright, into the transport with the rest of your furry friends.
    Sonic: I hope you realise I always travel first class.
  • Espio: Y'know, I think I liked Knuckles better.
    Sonic: Knuckles? Nice kid, taught him everything he knows.
  • Sonic: RELEASE EVERYBODY NOW! Or would you rather see what happens if I try a supersonic spin while I'm holding your moustache?
  • Plasma: I am Plasma, master of electrons!
    Megadroid: He's also the master of positive ions, but he never talks about it.
  • Robotnik: Ah, Mr. Hedgehog, I've been expecting you!
    Sonic: Cut the corny movie quotes, Robotnik!
    Robotnik: If you've come for the transportation belt, you're too late. Grimer's already incorporated it into this machine, the Dimension Blender!
    Sonic: You'll be buying a wok next!
  • Vector: You can't turn the Fundamental Four into a pot! It's too stupid!
  • Tails: You mean they're after the Chaos Emeralds?
    Sonic: No, I mean they're after Knuckles' stamp collection...what am I saying? Of course they're after the Chaos Emeralds!
  • Knuckles: If I stay here any longer, you'll have me laying carpets.
    Charmy: Because whenever I tell you anything, you just yell at me!
  • Amy: Sonic! You've done it! You've beaten the Metallix and saved the planet...unbelievable!
    Sonic: It's not all good news, I saved you too, didn't I?
  • Robotnik: Nobody will be doing any escaping today, rabbit, nobody!
    Sonic: Hey, what happened to you, eggbreath? You gotta stop taking those ugly pills!
  • Robotnik:(after being told Sonics about to blow up his base) Oi, hedgehog! No!
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