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Spain is a country in the Iberian Peninsula of southwestern Europe.


  • En dos edades vivimos
    los propios y los ajenos:
    la de plata los estraños,
    y la de cobre los nuestros.
    • We live in different ages, non-Spaniards and ourselves: they in the age of silver, we in the age of brass.
    • Lope de Vega La Dorotea Act I, sc. iv. Translation from Alan S. Trueblood and Edwin Honig (ed. and trans.) La Dorotea (Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Press, 1985) p. 23.
  • In Mexico the gods ruled, the priests interpreted and interposed, and the people obeyed. In Spain, the priests ruled, the king interpreted and interposed, and the gods obeyed. A nuance in an ideological difference is a wide chasm.
    • Richard Condon A Talent for Loving (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1961) p. 53.
  • The French are wiser than they seem, and the Spaniards seem wiser than they are.
    • Francis Bacon, "Of Seeming Wise", in Essays (1625); Brian Vickers (ed.) The Major Works (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002) p. 389.
  • The genius of the Spanish people is exquisitely subtle, without being at all acute; hence there is so much humour and so little wit in their literature.
    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge, speaking on April 23, 1832; Henry Nelson Coleridge (ed.) Specimens of the Table Talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Edinburgh: John Grant, 1905) p. 171.
  • The Spaniards have always been astonished at the likeness of their Berber foes in Morocco with themselves
  • Wee may say of him, as of the Spaniard, Hee is a bad Servant, but a worse Maister.
    • Thomas Adams The Sacrifice of Thankefulnesse (London: C. Knight, 1616) p. 6.
  • Cervantes smil'd Spain's chivalry away.

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