Speed (1994 film)

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Speed is a 1994 film action thriller film focuses on police officer Jack Traven who must races against speed to foil the crazed plan of an insane bomber/extortionist, who sets up a bomb on a city bus which Traven boards, which must keep moving above 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) or the bomb will explode.

Directed by Jan de Bont. Starring Keanu Reeves., Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper.
Get ready for rush hour

Jack Traven

  • (To bus driver) L.A.P.D.!! There's a BOMB on your BUS!!
  • "This bus... Is going way too fast."
  • "Will the mystery guest please check in."
  • "Mac, we're boned."
  • "He's been playing us, since minute one."
  • "Yeah, well it mustn't have been too good, because I woke up alone."
  • "You're right. It's going to turn over."
  • "Do you have insurance?"
  • "There's enough C-4... to blow a hole in the world."

Howard Payne

  • "It was the watch that lead him to me, wasn't it?"
  • "We got all the balls in the world right here man."
  • "Way to go, Jack."
  • "... because I'm smarter than you."
  • "No, Jack... Poor people are crazy. Rich people are eccentric."
  • "I don't suppose anyone is going to give me two million dollars for you?"
  • " Don't F@%$ with Daddy."
  • "Do you think if you pick up all the busdriver's teeth, they'll give you another prize? I've got your attention now, Jack, don't I?"
  • "Don't try to grow a brain."

Annie Porter

  • "I got gum on my seat! GUM!"
  • "You're a good, kind man. They're gonna write songs about you."
  • "Oh, my God, he *is* insane."
  • "Get your ass behind the yellow line."
  • "Thanks for the tip, Ortiz"

Captain McMahon

  • " You're all fired. You're F#@*ing fired."

Harry Temple

"He'd want to be here, but he'd want to stay mobile."

"Yeah, well, Mac outweighs your gut, so we sit."

"That's our scumbag!"

"Yeah, well, Mac outranks your gut, so we sit."


Jaguar Owner

  • Oh shit! Oh shit!
  • "Nice move, man!"
  • "Yeah, you get on the bus."


  • "Well, I guess they fell behind."



  • (struggling) There's an access panel...in the floor, beneath you.
  • (to jack) Get off the door, man! This ain't no bus stop!
  • (to annie) this ain't no bus stop!
  • "How do you feel?"... "Like I been shot."




  • "What do you mean?", female passenger, in tiny high toned voice.
  • "Yeah, well the last time I partied like that, I woke up married, huh, Vinnie?" Bus driver to Jack.


Jack: (disgusted at seeing a cheap gold watch strapped to the bomb on the bus, (or, seeing enough C-4 to, "blow a hole in the world"): FUCK ME!!
Tourist (politely): Oh darn.


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