Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

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The next in the series of Activision's long running Spider-Man games. This time around, New York has now been infected with these alien life forms known simply as; Symbiote. An entity-like substance that can control everybody that the symbiote touches. And it's up to Spider-Man to find out what's causing this uproar. Though, he won't go at it alone. As he will find comrades along the way to help him combat the symbiote. The allies you choose will be based on your actions. Do you help people and the cops? Or would you rather tear up stuff and go against them. It's all up to you.


  • Luke Cage: People dressed like you DON' T get to talk about how I used to dress

  • Wolverine: What're you doing back here kid?
  • Spider-Man: So, what're you thoughts on the new duds?
  • Wolverine: This some kinda dance Super Hero Fashion Show? Cuz I got some orange and brown tights that put you to shame
  • Spider-Man: What, not a fan of the new me?
  • Wolverine: First off, you smell like death. Second, you look like one of those emo kiddies they got all over the internet, jabbering on how hard their life is when they've never known true pain.
  • Spider-Man: Oh my God... you have a MyFace page. Don't you... dork.
  • Wolverine: I do not
  • Spider-Man: *laugh* You totally do
  • Wolverine: Shut up, kid
  • Spider-Man: Will you add me as a friend? I'll poke you and you poke me back
  • Wolverine: I said shut up

  • Spider-Man: Why are people always talking crap about my costume? It's iconic. It's a classic.
  • Cage: I was unaware that one of "iconic's" definitions was "ugly as hell".
  • Spider-Man: This coming from the guy who used to wear a yellow puffy shirt and a silver tiara in his afro.
  • Cage: No one who dresses like you gets to talk about the way I used to dress.
  • Spider-Man: Still, you wore a tiara.
  • Cage: It was a head band. A head. Band.

  • Wolverine: I'm gonna cut you to ribbons.
  • Spider-Man: Like pretty ribbons... for your hair? That kind of ribbons?

  • Symbiote Electro: The pods, the pods give me power.
  • Spider-Man: Uh, your giving away your evil plan.

  • Spider-Man: Green Goblin is so 7 years ago! The kids are into guys like Venom and Sandman now!

  • Kingpin: In the interest of personal gain, I'm going to ignore your childish little jokes
  • Spider-Man: It's no secret that you are indeed a master at personal gain

  • Spider-Man: By heavy do you mean "serious", as in, "Oh that's heavy bro" or heavy as in, possessing a large mass. Like a fat guy.

  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Another evening in paradise. Oh, who am I kidding.

  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Walking, on the ground? What have I been reduced to?

  • Spider-Man: Sundown eh? Well, you got it sheriff Luke. Deputy Spider-Man will get that rascally varment.

  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Either my Spider-sense is tingling, or I'm having a stroke...
  • Luke Cage: [PS2 version] Why's it always Harlem? Can't they destroy the Up East Side for once? Sweet Christmas...
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Sweet Christmas! See, now that's a good catchphrase right there!
  • Luke Cage: [PS2 version] Spider-Man!
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] I know what you're thinking - "could he really be that good-looking in person?" And the answer is... yes.

  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Hey, did you just throw a car at me?! We're on the fifteenth floor! I know it's hard to find parking in Manhattan, but give me a break!
  • Luke Cage: [PS2 version] Suit's got you acting crazy. Take it off!
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] But you haven't even bought me dinner!

  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Can you hear me now? HOW ABOUT NOW?!

  • Tinkerer: [PS2 version] Spider-Man!
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Well, well, if it isn't the Tinkerererererererer...

  • Venom: [PS2 version] Come here, Parker! We're giving you a shot at the title!
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] Well, well, if it isn't tall, dark and tonguey.

  • Rhino: [PS2 version] It's the bug! I'm gonna break you in half, then crush you into paste, then stomp on you again! Then... something else!
  • Spider-Man: [PS2 version] So what do you call this place? Rhino cave, Rhino hold... eww, I just grossed myself out.

  • Venom: [PS2 version] The world is ours for the taking!

  • Venom: [PS2 version] You can't beat us!

  • Venom: [PS2 version] You're afraid.

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