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Splinter Cell is the first game in the Splinter Cell series of books and games. This game follows NSA Agent Sam Fisher, a 'Splinter Cell' in the anti-terrorist group Third Echelon, as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of two CIA Agents which leads him to uncover a plot of mass conspiracy and information warfare.


Sam Fisher

  • I'm looking for two Americans... Probably dead.
  • I want you to understand we never talked.
  • That's detailed intelligence.
  • Don't ask any more questions - Answers only, fast.
  • Goody.
  • I'm tired and hate making people scream.
  • I see more suicides on this job...
  • He was never such an angel to start with.
  • The police are on their way. Until they get here, I'm the only friend you have - And I'm not a very good one.

Sarah Fisher

  • Dad, what's going on? You haven't laughed since the Reagan administration!


  • These cops are as crooked as a Virginia fence.
  • Knowing everything is my job.
  • Time just got scarce.
  • You've got incoming B2's and I promise you... You do not want to be there when they arrive.
  • We'll call back.
  • A SIGINT ninja with an unconscious bureaucrat on his shoulder is less than copacetic, so don't let him see you.


  • Alert! All men to full alert! We have an intruder in Nikoladze's office! Wake up you bastards - I want troops in there now!

Guards and Enemies

  • The rent's gone up in jail.
  • You want to die tonight - that's free. You want to sleep tonight - that's gonna cost you a hundred Lari.
  • It's probably not my problem.
  • Alarm, alarm!
  • That's not right at all.
  • What was that just now?
  • Check the corpse; make sure he's dead.
  • Last week, it was those turrets. This week, it's these wall mines. So, I work with the tools they give meh!


Lambert: That was pretty tight. You still breathing?
Fisher: Doing my best.

Lambert: Blaustein's heart stopped beating forty-three hours ago.
Fisher: Any reason the CIA wouldn't know about this?
Lambert: Nope.
Fisher: Nice of them to share.
Fisher: One false move and your dead, I need information.
Civilian: Okay.
Fisher: I'm looking for two Americans, probably dead.
Civilian: I...Grinko will kil me!

(The civilian yelps in pain.)

Fisher: Where are they?
Civilian: Nearby, they're marked, they're dead. I helped the mortician find the mircochips under their scaples.
Fisher: The subdermals?
Civilian: Yes...please don't hurt me!

Civilian: I'd like to talk to your superior.
Cop: Perhaps I can help you, sir?
Civilian: ...By fetching your superior.
Cop: I'm all there is, how can I help?
Civilian: I'd like to register a complaint.
Cop: Than you'll have to ask at the desk to your right.
Civilian: Very well.

(The civilian goes over to the other desk, the same cop goes over to the desk.)

Cop: Can I help you?
Civilian: You're the same cop!
Cop: Yes, but this is the Public Relations Desk.
Civilian: (Irritated) Fine! I would like to register a complaint!
Civilian: Of course sir, if you would be willing to wait until somebody is ready to help you.
Civilian: You've got to be kidding me!
Cop: I can easily have you arrested sir.

Lambert: Grab him and make him talk, don't be afraid to use force.
Fisher: Who, me?

Lambert: They've got a laser grid security in the courtyard.
Fisher: So I stay out the courtyard.

Lambert: Bad news, Fisher. Something got the military's attention.
Fisher: Oh boy.
Lambert: The oil rig just got bumped into the single digits on NATO's strike list. Find yourself a technician and get that data, time just got scarce.

Wilkes: Well, be careful.
Fisher: I've already got a mother, Wilkes.

Mercenary 1: You have blood on your shoes.
Mercenary 2: So I do.
Mercenary 1: This is terrible work.
Mercenary 2: The order came down directly from Grinko.
Mercenary 1: Yes, if I did not fear him like the reaper; I'd be long gone.
Mercenary 2: He told me to think of them as sheep, he says we are fleecing the flock.
Mercenary 1: Hmph!

Mercenary 1: Are you sure he is dead?
Mercenary 2: C'mon, you can see his brain, 'course he's dead!
Mercenary 1: What about the key?
Mercenary 2: The key?
Mercenary 1: Yes, the encryption key.
Mercenary 2: I got it, it's destroyed, lets move on.

Mercenary 1: Last week it was those turrets, this week it's wall mines.
Mercenary 2: So? I used the tools they give me!
Mercenary 1: You obsess over them!
Mercenary 2: You have to admit; these our cool!
Mercenary 1: Yes, but if we plant too many, it's dangerous!
Mercenary 2: They're supposed to be dangerous! They're mines for gods sake!

Mercenary 1: We already checked this hallway.
Mercenary 2: We might have missed something, we'll check it again.
Mercenary 1: How could we have missed somebody?
Mercenary 2: Listen, this order came down directly from Vyacheslav Grinko, if just one of these geeks gets out of here alive; he'll skin us all!
Mercenary 1: Yeah, well...
Mercenary 2: Well what!?
Mercenary 1: Nothing!...Hold on a second, I need to visit the little boys room.
Mercenary 2: Make it fast.

Lambert: Fisher, you're going to like this.
Fisher: It makes me nervous when you say that.

Lambert: Good Lord, Fisher! That was general Kong Feirong!
Fisher: [acting amazed] Good lord... Who's that?

Cop 1: Now what? [A drunk man falls unconscious]
Cop 2: Check his pockets.

Feirong: I'm going to shoot myself!
Fisher: Not in the face.

(Feirong laughs)

Feirong: You are American, you are cause of all my sorrows, yes? Perhaps you can do me the favor...of killing me!

Chinese Representative: You are American.
Fisher: You're Chinese.

(Sam his interogating Grinko's driver Hamlet)

Hamlet: What the hell!?
Fisher: I'm going to ask you some questions, when I think your lying; I'll do this.

(Hamlet groans)

Fisher: Who do you work for?
Hamlet: Vyacheslav Grinko.
Fisher: Tell me about him.
Hamlet: He used to be Spetznaz, now he's mercenary, he has access to Nikoladze's office.
Fisher: Where do I find Grinko?
Hamlet: He is meeting Masse in the elevator by the courtyard.
Fisher: Who's Masse?
Hamlet: Phillip Masse; some computer guy. I swear, it has to be something bad if Nikoladze is willing to see Grinko face to face!
Fisher: I need you to understand we never talked.
Hamlet: I understand.
Fisher: Good.

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