Spring Awakening

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Spring Awakening is a musical, based on the controversial play by Frank Wedekind, which opened on Broadway in December, 2006.

Musical numbers

  • Mama, the angels, no sleep in Heaven or Bethlehem.
    • Mama Who Bore Me
  • Where I go, when I go there, no more shadows anymore. Only men with golden fins, the rhythm with them rocking with them to shore.
    • Touch Me
  • Now our bodies are the guilty ones.
    • The Guilty Ones
  • Spring and summer, every other day.
    • Blue Wind

"There's a moment you know...you're fucked."

    • Totally Fucked

"We've all got our junk, and my junk is you."

    • My Junk

Ilse: What are you looking for?
Moritz: If only I knew.
Ilse: Then what's the use of looking?
Melchior: With all respect, sir, are you therefore sugguesting there is no further room for critical thought or interpretation?

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