Spy Hard

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Spy Hard is a 1996 movie starring Leslie Nielsen and Nicollette Sheridan, parodying James Bond films and other action films.


Veronique: Oh, Dick, you came for me. Tell me, what...what's been happening?
Dick: Well, I've been doing a lot of soul searching, getting in touch with my inner child. And after careful consideration, well...I have decided that I love you.
Veronique: But what about my father?
Dick: Well, I like him. I just have to get to know him better.
Veronique: No, is he OK? Have you got the chip?
Dick: Oh, no, he's fine. And I've got the chip.
Veronique: Oh, I love you, too.

Veronique: Oh, Dick, it's so nice to know that everything is going to be all right. You have the chip. My father's safe. You love me, Dick.
Dick: Love? Let me tell you about love, Veronique. Love is a dewdrop on a rose petal. Love is a drop of rain pure and shimmering and trembling. So moist, so wet. And those tiny little drops of love come together, gathering up grown buds, and fallen flowers, and dirt, and dung, and dear droppings, flowing faster and faster, outward to the sea, onward and onward and...
(Veronique pulls Dick closer to her and kisses him long and hard; during the kiss, a rocket blasts off into the sky, turns and explodes.)
Dick: Good night. We'll talk more in the morning.

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