Spy Kids

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Spy Kids is a 2001 family film starring Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara.

  • Juni: (puts on sunglasses) Ew gross!
    Carmen: Why? What do you see?
    Juni: You!
  • Carmen: Uncle Felix said that he has a message for you.
    Woman: Really? What did he say?
    Carmen: The Third Brain lives.
    Woman: (fake impressed gasp) You have just joined the ranks of women in the OSS.
    Juni: (rolls eyes)
  • Juni: Carmen! They're working for Floop!
    (Carmen runs to Juni and holds up gadget)
    Woman: (laughs) You don't even know what that thing does!
    Carmen: (throwing stance) No. But I know where it's heading.
  • Juni: (into walkie-talkie) Carmen, where are you?
    Carmen: Right behind him, where are you?
    Juni: Toast.
  • Juni: Don't drop me!
    Carmen: I'm not going to drop you!
    (Carmen drops Juni)
    Carmen: Oops.