Spyro the Dragon

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Spyro the Dragon is a platform game series starring the video game character Spyro, which was originally released for the PlayStation. The Spyro series has gained substantial popularity since the first game and several sequels and spin-offs followed the original.

Spyro The Dragon

Opening Cutscene Dialouge

Old Dragon: Ohh, it's been peaceful here in the Five Worlds...or is it six... for a dragon's age. We now have 12,000 gems... or was it 14,000?

Announcer: What about this G-nasty G-norc character? Now I understand he has a magic spell to turn gems into warriors for his cause.

Mature-looking dragon: I'll take that question. (clears throat) Gnasty Gnorc is a simple creature.

Gnasty Gnorc: Simple?!

Mature-looking dragon: He has been contained in a remote world, and is no threat to the Dragon Kingdom.

Gnasty Gnorc: No threat?!

Mature-looking dragon: Besides, he is ugly!

Gnasty Gnorc: UGLY?! That does it! (casts a spell that changes all dragons into crystalline statues)

Spyro: Looks like I've some some things to do... (charges offscreen to begin his quest)


Thief: You're going straight to detention if you don't win this race.

Dragon Conversations

(Note: those are when Spyro frees certain dragons)

  • Nestor: Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. Free 10 dragons from the Artisans World, then find the balloonist, he'll transport you to the next world.

Spyro: What about Gnasty Gnorc? I'm going after him!

Nestor: Find dragons first, that's all I can tell you.

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage


  • Spyro: Happy Holidays, Fat Boy!
  • Spyro: That's gotta hurt!
  • Spyro: Now That's my idea of fun!

Dialogue for Opening Cutscene

Spyro: Is this rain ever gonna stop? I forgot what the sun looks like. We should go on vacation! Somewhere warm, somewhere sunny!

(He turns to see a portal with the words "Dragon Shores" floating in front.)

Spyro: Dragon Shores! Yeah! I haven't been there since we kicked Gnasty Gnorc's butt! How about it, Sparx? You up for a vacation at the beach? (Sparx buzzes in agreement) Last one there's a Gnorc!

(They enter the portal)

(At Glimmer, Elora, Hunter, and Zoe are standing around, watching the Professor work on some orbs.)

Elora: Is it working, Professor?

Professor: Almost, just a few more adjustments to these orbs and....

Hunter: Maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bringing a dragon here could just make Ripto angrier!

Elora: Calm down, Hunter, and stop fidgeting!

Hunter: But you saw the Professor's book! (makes vicious motions with arms) They have claws like this! Teeth like this! And they spit fire like this! (spits to both sides) They sound much more dangerous than Ripto!

Elora: That's exactly the point! A dragon is our only chance for stopping Ripto, and you know it.

Professor: It's working! It's working! I got a dragon!

Spyro: (falls through portal and rolls onto the ground) Whoa, rough landing. Hi! Which way's the...............(looks around) ...beach?

(Elora, Hunter, the Professor, and Zoe all stare at Spyro.)

Spyro: Hey, stop staring. Haven't you guys ever seen a dragon before?

Hunter: You're a dragon?!

Spyro: You got a problem with that, pussycat?

(The portal is suddenly destroyed by a laser beam fired by Ripto, who's just arrived on the scene.)

Ripto: Well, well. Someone forgot to invite me to the party! (sniffs) Are you trying to keep something from me? (sees Spyro) A dragon?! You brought a dragon to Avalar?! I HATE DRAGONS! Yarghhhh!

(Elora whispers to Zoe, who flies up and zaps Ripto.)

Ripto: Oww! Crush, kill it! Kill it!

(Crush sweeps his club, which Zoe evades, causing it to hit Ripto instead. Ripto falls off of Gulp, and his scepter flies up into the air. It falls into Gulp's mouth, and is accidentally swallowed.)

Ripto: Gulp, you imbecile! You ate my scepter! (is lifted up back onto Gulp, and turns to face the heroes) I'll deal with you later!

(Ripto and party run exit the scene.)

Spyro: Who was that jerk?

Elora: That's Ripto, and you have to get rid of him. He's causing all sorts of trouble around here, but I haven't got time to explain. (takes out guidebook) Here, take this magic guide to Avalar. (Sparx swipes guidebook) It'll help you begin to understand our worlds. Right now, I have to follow Ripto and see what he's up to. I'll meet you in Summer Forest, okay?

(Elora, Hunter, Professor, and Zoe leave the scene.)

Spyro: Hey, wait a minute! (sighs & turns to Sparx) How do we get ourselves into these messes, pal?

Glimmer Quotes

Pogo the Gemcutter-

  • (1st talk) Hi Spyro, welcome to Glimmer! Unfortunately for us, a mob of lizards just showed up and started sealing all of our gems. Can you stop them?
  • (2nd talk) If you can find my friend Twitchy, he'll reward you for helping us out.


  • (1st talk) Hi, Spyro. I'm a friend of Elora's, and she's asked me to help you out. Whenever you find me, I'll remember your progress, like this... (zaps Spyro) That zap means that if you get into trouble, I'll return you to this place. See you around!
  • (2nd talk) To get a good look around, hold down the (triangle) button. Try using (triangle) to look around this cave.

Whiskers the Gemcutter-

  • (1st talk) we Gemcutters are a bit too short to climb these ladders... looks like you are too. After you learn to climb, come back to Glimmer to see me.
  • (2nd talk) You'll learn to climb later on. Come back and see me then.


  • (1st talk, less than 100 gems) Ahem... You can't use the bridge without paying, and you do not appear to have enough gems.
  • (return, less than 100 gems) I'll need a few more gems than that to open this bridge.
  • (return, 100 or more gems) Back again eh? And with plenty of treasure I see. Would you like me to open the bridge? I won't even increase the price.
  • (1st talk, 100 or more gems) Ah, you must be the dragon everyone is talking about. Well, dragon or not, I'm afraid there is a small fee to open the bridge. It will cost you 100 of your gems to cross.
  • (refuse to pay) You'll have to pay up sooner or later, it's the only way across. I have to look after my..err Avalar's financial well being. You know.
  • (pay) Thank you, mister dragon... Spyro, was it? You can now use the bridge whenever you want, free of charge! I hope we meet again, when you have even more gems...
  • (after pay) Still here? Why don't you help the Gemcutters and they'll show you the way to Summer Forest.

Twitchy the Gemcutter

  • (1st talk) Spyro, thanks for helping us fight off the Lizards! Please take this talisman of Glimmer as a sign of our gratitude. (awards talisman & portal appears) This magic portal next to me will take you to Summer Forest, one of the home worlds of Avalar.
  • (2nd talk) Step through the portal next to me to go to Summer Forest.

Dialouge for "I'm a Fawn, you Dork!" Cutscene

(The scene opens with Ripto, Gulp, and Crush jumping into the lake in front of Summer Forest's castle. The scene switches over the Elora, who's standing by the portal to Glimmer. She looks up as Moneybags the bear is kicked out over the castle walls.)

Elora: Oh no!

(The castle's flags are removed and replaced by flags showing Ripto's face. Just then, Spyro flies in from the portal.)

Elora: Oh, hello! We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves before. My name is Elora.

Spyro: Hi, I'm Spyro. What're you, some sort of goat?

Elora: I'm a fawn, you dork!

Spyro: Oh, sorry.

Elora: Did you meet the gemcutters in Glimmer?

Spyro: Yeah, and they gave me a souvenir, too. They called it a "talisman."

Elora: They gave you a talisman?

Spyro: What? Is it something special? I just stuck it in the guidebook you gave me.

Elora: There are fourteen talismans in Avalar, and they are all magical. If you can collect enough of them, they can be used to defeat Ripto.

(Hunter enters the scene from the portal.)

Elora: Hunter, where have you been?

Hunter: I, uh, got a little lost...

Elora: Spyro's gonna help us collect the talismans!

Spyro: I am?

Hunter: Yes!

Elora: Spyro, look. There's no way you can get to Dragon Shores right now. Ripto and his monsters have taken over the castle here in the Summer Forest. You'll have to go to Avalar's worlds and convince the inhabitants to give you their talismans. You can keep them in your guidebook.

Hunter: Hey, I can do that. Why doesn't the dragon just torch Ripto?

Elora: Hunter! You can't even keep track of your running shoes. How can we trust you with fourteen talismans?

(Hunter scratches his chin, thinking of something to say.)

Elora: If you come across any orbs, (Hunter snaps his fingers and runs off) they're important too, but I'll tell you about them later.

Spyro: Okay, no problem. I'll collect a few talismans, give Ripto the old hotfoot, and be in Dragon Shores by lunchtime.

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