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Sir Richard Stafford Cripps (April 24, 1889 - April 21, 1952) was a British Labour politician.


  • But it is a fallacy, if one is examining the methods by which security can be attained, to start upon the assumption, as so many hon. Members do, that we get security by an increase of air armaments or an increase of any other form of armaments.
    • Hansard, House of Commons, 5th Series, vol. 292, col. 2425.
    • Speech in the House of Commons opposing the National Government's decision to expand the Royal Air Force, 30 July, 1934.
  • It is fundamental to Socialism that we should liquidate the British Empire as soon as we can.
    • Hull Daily Mail, 2 March, 1936.
  • Every possible effort should be made to stop recruiting for the Armed Forces
    • Forward, 3 October, 1936.
  • I do not believe it would be a bad thing for the British working class if Germany defeated us.
    • The Times, 15 November, 1936.
  • The workers must now make it clear beyond all doubt that they will not support the Government or its armaments in its mad policy which it is now pursuing.
    • Speech on 23 May, 1938.
  • Emphatically no, and I never have been.
    • Peter Howard, "Men on Trial" (Blandford Press, 1945), p. 69
    • Asked by Peter Howard whether he favoured the use of any measure of force to establish Socialism.


  • He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.
  • There, but for the grace of God, goes God.
    • Winston Churchill.
  • Cripps, a man without roots, a demagogue and a liar, would pursue his sick fancies although the Empire were to crack at every corner. Moreover, this theoretician devoid of humanity lacks contact with the mass that's grouped behind the Labour Party, and he'll never succeed in understanding the problems that occupy the minds of the lower classes.

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