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Stanley Matthews, CBE (February 1 1915 - February 23 2000) was a football player. Often regarded as one of the greats of the English game, he was the first footballer to be knighted (and is, as of 2006, the only player to have been knighted while still playing), as well as the first European Footballer of the Year and the first Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year

About Sir Stanley Matthews Sourced

  • You're 32, do you think you can make it for another couple of years?
  • The man who taught us the way football should be played
  • I grew up in an era when he was a god to those of us who aspired to play the game. He was a true gentleman and we shall never see his like again
  • It is not just in England where his name is famous. All over the world he is regarded as a true football genius
  • For me this man probably had the greatest name of any player ever, certainly in Britain. I don't think anyone since had a name so synonymous with football in England

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