Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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My happiness derives from knowing the people I love are happy.
Holly Ketchel
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Albel Nox

  • It's not the great who are strong, it's the strong who are great!
  • It doesn't matter how many maggots you've got! I'll crush 'em all!
  • Dream on, fool. Dream on.
  • Only the strong survive. That's the law of the jungle.
  • I'm in the mood for some good clean violence.
  • Learn to dodge, fool!
  • Bah. The maggot talks big. You might have some potential. But you're no match for me.
  • Heh... If they're the enemy, we kill them. If they aren't, we dispose of them. Simple!
  • What's the big deal? Just find out whether they're enemies or not. If that's too much trouble. I'll be happy to take care of them.
  • Easy wins have never been my style. And unlike Vox, I take no joy in trouncing weaklings.
  • Those maggots did this without my consent. I knew nothing about it. Besides, your escape is his blunder. I've no obligation to clean up his mess.
  • 'We had no choice,' is what you were going to say, right? Either way you look at it, there's really not much of a difference. [referring to meaning slaughtering of dragons]
  • What am...I...doing here? ...This turf. Just thought...I'd drop by... And look what happened. You prey... I'm not going to let...anyone else have you...
  • Well... It does look like a face worth rearranging--with my sword.
  • Just another worm.
  • Die fool.
  • Shut up and get over here

Cliff Fittir

  • Wait a sec. I'm not getting too strong, am I?
  • Moron. Know your enemy before you strike the first blow.
  • You're wasting my time.
  • I'm a one man wrecking crew!
  • Too late for regrets.
  • Where's my strength when I need it?
  • Here I go!
  • [Cliff declares that he found out something while being interrogated in Airyglyph. And that something is...] The whips on this planet hurt, too.
  • Suffice to say, you're my man![To Fayt]

Nel Zelpher

  • Death awaits the overconfident. Remember that.
  • I did it, Clair!
  • That's a dirty trick!

Sophia Esteed

  • Even I can handle this...
  • Looking good, if I do say so myself.
  • So that's how you do it.
  • I deserve a medal!
  • Hmmph! Guess I'm just a fatty...
  • So then everyone in the universe should thank destiny for having a cutie like me be born next to you, Fayt.
  • Open the gateway to the sacred land, and let fly the arrow of justice to strike down evil! Meteor Swarm!
  • Thunderbolt!!!

Fayt Leingod

  • Alright! Looking good!
  • You think you can just intimidate me, don't you? Well, I'm onto your little game. You're not capable of carrying out such threats, anyway. I know that inside you're really an old softie. [to Albel]
  • That was easy!
  • I'll handle this!
  • That was fun!
  • I feel stronger already.
  • Oh-ho a real fight!
  • Looks like an even match.
  • Not good.
  • There's more where that came from. Lots more!
  • Air, water, earth, gone. Nothing exists anymore. Huh? Nothing? Is everything really gone? But, if that were true, then what about this thought? This thought is real and I am aware of this thought. So there is something left, there has to be! That means that I'm still alive!
  • I don't know if I'd call it nervous. It's more like you're really freaking me out (to Santa Mercantilean)
  • It’s something I’ve thought about a lot. At first, I was just going to run away from it all, but then I realized: sometimes, you’re the only one that can make a difference. And if it’s something that might help people you’ve got to give it a try!
  • Yeah, a turtle drifting out of orbit...
    • To Cliff when he assures him that he'll be as safe a turtle in its shell.
  • Now you see me, now you don't!
    • Said while performing attack "Dimension Door."
  • ... talk about your overeating. You're gonna get pudgy!

Maria Traydor

  • I like what I see.
  • Let's find a more worthy opponent next time.
  • I am destined for greatness
  • What a sneaky move.

Luther Lansfeld

  • Die, die, die, die, die, die! Begone, everyone and everything!
  • You're nothing but a collection of 0's and 1's.


  • Cliff: True enough. But I bet you that Mr. Super-Square, champion of the UP3 would disagree with you.

Fayt: Hah hah, very funny.

  • Albel: I told you fools coming here would be a waste of time.

Nel: I don't remember you saying that. Albel: Neither do I.

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