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Star Trek: Voyager is a science fiction television series set in the Star Trek universe. It ran for seven seasons from 1995 to 2001, and follows a Starfleet vessel propelled seventy thousand light-years from Earth and its subsequent journey home.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Caretaker The 37's Basics, Part II Scorpion, Part II
Parallax Initiations Flashback The Gift
Time and Again Projections The Chute Day of Honor
Phage Elogium The Swarm Nemesis
The Cloud Non Sequitur False Profits Revulsion
Eye of the Needle Twisted Remember The Raven
Ex Post Facto Parturition Sacred Ground Scientific Method
Emanations Persistence of Vision Future's End, Part I Year of Hell, Part I
Prime Factors Tattoo Future's End, Part II Year of Hell, Part II
State of Flux Cold Fire Warlord Random Thoughts
Heroes and Demons Maneuvers The Q and the Grey Concerning Flight
Cathexis Resistance Macrocosm Mortal Coil
Faces Prototype Fair Trade Waking Moments
Jetrel Alliances Alter Ego Message in a Bottle
Learning Curve Threshold Coda Hunters
Meld Blood Fever Prey
Dreadnought Unity Retrospect
Death Wish Darkling The Killing Game, Part I
Lifesigns Rise The Killing Game, Part II
Investigations Favorite Son Vis a Vis
Deadlock Before and After The Omega Directive
Innocence Real Life Unforgettable
The Thaw Distant Origin Living Witness
Tuvix Displaced Demon
Resolutions Worst Case Scenario One
Basics, Part I Scorpion, Part I Hope and Fear
Season 5 Season 6 Season 7
Night Equinox, Part II Unimatrix Zero, Part II
Drone Survival Instinct Imperfection
Extreme Risk Barge of the Dead Drive
In the Flesh Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy Repression
Once Upon a Time Alice Critical Care
Timeless Riddles Inside Man
Infinite Regress Dragon's Teeth Body and Soul
Nothing Human One Small Step Nightingale
Thirty Days The Voyager Conspiracy Flesh and Blood
Counterpoint Pathfinder Shattered
Latent Image Fair Haven Lineage
Bride of Chaotica! Blink of an Eye Repentance
Gravity Virtuoso Prophecy
Bliss Memorial The Void
Dark Frontier Tsunkatse Workforce, Part I
The Disease Collective Workforce, Part II
Course: Oblivion Spirit Folk Human Error
The Fight Ashes to Ashes Q2
Think Tank Child's Play Author, Author
Juggernaut Good Shepherd Friendship One
Someone to Watch Over Me Live Fast and Prosper Natural Law
11:59 Muse Homestead
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Relativity Fury Renaissance Man
Warhead Life Line Endgame
Equinox, Part I The Haunting of Deck Twelve
Unimatrix Zero, Part I

Season 1

Caretaker [1.1 & 2]

Officer: Do you always fly at women at warp speed?
Tom Paris: Only when they're in visual range.

Kathryn Janeway: Mr. Kim, at ease, before you sprain something.

Kathryn Janeway: It's not crunch time yet, Mr. Kim. I'll let you know when.

Harry Kim: Captain, there's something out there!
Kathryn Janeway: I need a better description than that, Mr. Kim!

Parallax [1.3]

Harry Kim: The roge of clancy instead of the 110 meters supply!

The Cloud [1.6]

Kathryn Janeway: There's coffee in that nebula.

Tom Paris: I'm losing control!

State of Flux [1.11]

Kathryn Janeway: I don't like threats, I don't like bullies, and I don't like you!

Seska: Federation rules. Federation nobility. Federation compassion? Do you understand that if we were on a Cardassian ship we'd be home now!

Chakotay: You damned Vulcans and your defined parameters.

Tuvok: On the contrary, the demands on a Vulcan's character are extraordinarily difficult. Do not mistake composure for ease.

Heroes and Demons [1.12]

Freya: Your people must value you greatly.
Doctor: You would think so.

Jetrel [1.15]

Jetrel: There is no way I can apologize to you, Mr. Neelix. That is why I have not tried

Learning Curve [1.16]

B'Elanna Torres: Get the cheese to sickbay - the Doctor should look at it as soon as possible!

Season 2

Dreadnought [2.13]

Tom Paris: When a bomb starts talking about itself in the third person, I get worried.

Death Wish [2.14]

Neelix: [after Quinn mentions a meal of Welsh Rabbit] Rabbit? She never told me she likes rabbit. What is a rabbit anyway? Is this some new chef she's interviewing?

Q: Say, is this the ship of the Valkyries? Or have you human women finally done away with your men altogether?

Q: [to Chakotay] Facial art. Ooh, how very wilderness of you.

Tuvok: [to Quinn, after the latter has entered Tuvok's quarters unannounced] I am curious: have the Q always had an absence of manners, or is it the result of some natural evolutionary process that comes with omnipotence?

William Riker: I'll be damned - it's him.

Q: [to Janeway] May I speak to you in your chambers, Captain?
Kathryn Janeway: You've been in my chambers enough for one visit.

Deadlock [2.17]

Kathryn Janeway: In a way, this child belongs to all of us. It is the first baby born on Voyager. I'm just not sure whether I should be welcoming it on board or apologizing... Voyager isn't exactly anyone's idea of a nursery and the Delta Quadrant isn't much of a playground.

Kathryn Janeway: Mr. Kim, we're Starfleet officers. Weird is part of the job.

B'Elanna Torres: Ensign Kim is dead.

Innocence [2.18]

Tuvok: We often fear what we do not understand. Our best defense... is knowledge.

First Prelate Alcia: She has reached the end of her life.
Tuvok: She has only just begun it.
First Prelate Alcia: She is ninety-six years old.

Resolutions [2.25]

Chakotay: I can't sacrifice the present waiting for a future that may never happen.

Season 3

Basics Part II [3.1]

The Doctor: Sticks and stones won't break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names.

Flashbacks [3.2]

Tuvok: Structure, logic, function, control. A structure cannot stand without a foundation. Logic is the foundation of function. Function is the essence of control. I-am-in-control. I am in control.

The Swarm [3.4]

Tuvok: Would it affect your decision if I pointed out that encroaching on a territory of an alien species is prohibited by Starfleet regulations?
Kathryn Janeway: No, it wouldn't.
Tuvok: Captain, you have managed to surprise me.
Kathryn Janeway: We're a long way from Starfleet, Lieutenant. I'm not about to waste 15 months because we've been run into a bunch of bullies.

The Doctor: He's a sick man. This is where sick people come.
[The patient dies.]
The Doctor: He's a very sick man.

False Profits [3.5]

Kathryn Janeway: We have to out-Ferengi the Ferengi.

Futures End Part II [3.9]

Captain Braxton: In my century we scan time much as you use sensors to scan space. The Temporal Integrity Commission detected your vessel over 20th century Earth. I was sent to correct that anomaly. Prepare to follow me back into the rift. I'm returning you to your own time to your previous coordinates in the Delta Quadrant.

The Q and the Grey [3.11]

Q: I know that you're probably asking yourself: why would a brilliant, handsome, dashingly omnipotent being like Q want to mate with a scrawny little bipedal specimen like me?
Kathryn Janeway: Let me guess; no one else in the universe will have you?
Q: Nonsense! I could have chosen a Klingon Targ, a Romulan empress, a Cerelian microbe..
Kathryn Janeway: Really?! I beat out a single cell organism?! How flattering.

Q: Admit it, it has been a while..
Kathryn Janeway: And it's going to be a while longer!

Q: Foreplay with a Q could last DECADES!

Chakotay: There's got to be some way to get back to the Continuum besides snapping your fingers.
Female Q: Hm. Well, there is one possibility, but somehow I don't think this rickety barge or your half-witted crewmembers are up to the challenge.

Q: The Q didn't come into existence, the Q have always existed!

Female Q: Take warp drive off line, then remodulate the shields to emit a beta-tachyon pulse and prepare to emit a series of focused anti-proton beams to the shield bubble.
Chakotay: ... does this make any sense at all to you, B'Elanna?

Female Q: What are you doing with that dog? [Janeway and Q look at Irish Setter puppy in Janeway's arms] I wasn't talking about the puppy.

Neelix: Do you want to know what Captain Janeway likes about me? I'll tell you. I am respectful, loyal and most of all, sincere - and those are qualities which someone like you could never hope to possess.

Coda [3.15]

Alien: You have a dangerous profession, Kathryn. You face death every day. You will die and I will be waiting. You will enter my realm where you'll nourish me for a very long time.

Janeway: Go back to hell, coward.

Rise [3.19]

Ettanian Order Leader: You would be willing to die for them? A loyal friend...and a foolish one.
Kathryn Janeway: [Returns calmly to her command chair, sits down and smiles] Battle Stations.

Tuvok: That is doubtful.
Neelix: We'll see.
Tuvok: Your attempts have yet to succeed.
Neelix: You always have to get in that last word, don't you?
Tuvok: I am simply responding to your erroneous statement.
Neelix: [Teasing] Something tells me you just hate to lose an argument.
Tuvok: [Rising in tone slightly] Losing is irrelevant.
Neelix: See what I mean?
Tuvok: [Tone rising more] No, I do not!

Favourite Son [3.20]

Harry Kim: It just seems familiar.
Tuvok: Perhaps you are experiencing a paradoxical, state dependent, associative phenomenon.
[Harry gives Tuvok a confused look]
Kathryn Janeway: Deja vu.

Real Life [3.22]

The Doctor: You're in perfect physical shape, Mr. Paris. You may go ahead and engage in this reckless activity.

Jeffery: What's this mean about no Klingon friends?
The Doctor: Exactly that. They're a bad influence on you. They're prone to violence, they keep you out 'til all hours... Why don't you find some nice Vulcan friends?

Distant Origin [3.23]

Saurian Professor Gegen: It wasn't an invasion. We were on a field expedition to learn more about your species. We meant no harm. I'm a molecular paleontologist.
Chakotay: [referring to his injury] Do you always harpoon the local wildlife?

Scorpion Part I [3.26]

The Borg: We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Resistance is fu---- (borg ship destroyed).

Species 8472: The Weak shall perish.

Season 4

Day of Honor [4.3]

B'Elanna Torres: Computer, prepare to eject the warp core — authorization Torres omega five nine three!
B'Elanna Torres: I'm going to die, without a shred of honour. And for the first time in my life that really bothers me.
(Paris and Torres are floating in space, and the oxygen is running low)
B'Elanna Torres: I have to tell you the truth. I...I love you. (pause) Say something.
Tom Paris: Well you've picked a great time to tell me.

Nemesis [4.4]

Chakotay: I wish it were as easy to stop hating as it was to start.

Scientific Method [4.7]

Kathryn Janeway: When this mutation crisis is over, I think I'll spent a few days in renaissance Tuscany. There's a little inn outside Siena I've been wanting to try.

Tuvok: [after Janeway has been impatient with the crew] Shall I flog them as well?

[Capt. Janeway has nearly destroyed the ship.]
Kathryn Janeway: I never realised you thought of me as reckless, Tuvok.
Tuvok: A poor choice of words. It was clearly an understatement.

Random Thoughts [4.10]

Seven of Nine: Your chief engineer and security officer were nearly lost today. That is unacceptable.
Kathryn Janeway: To you, maybe. But not to me or my crew. Our experience with the Mari gave us an insight into a culture we've never encountered.
Seven of Nine: But that is irrelevant.
Kathryn Janeway: No, it's how we gain knowledge.

The Doctor: Fortunately, the Mari didn't get very far with the procedure. You can return to duty, Lieutenant. Though, perhaps, with one or two fewer violent engramms in that fiery head of yours.
B'Elanna Torres: It's alright, Doc. There plenty more where those came from.
The Doctor: Duly warned.

Concerning Flight [4.11]

Kathryn Janeway: No matter how vast the differences may be between cultures, people always have something that somebody else wants and trade is born.

Mortal Coil [4.12]

Kathryn Janeway: Neelix, you've just returned from the dead. Go easy on yourself.

Message in a Bottle [4.14]

Tom Paris: I'm a pilot, Harry, not a doctor.

The Doctor: Computer, display the design schematics of this ship, and list general specifications.
Computer: USS Prometheus, experimental prototype designed for deep-space tactical assignments. Primary battle systems include regenerative shielding, ablative hull armour, multi-vector assault mode.
The Doctor: Multi-vector assault mode? Describe.
Computer: Access to tactical data requires level 4 clearance.
The Doctor: What can you show me at MY clearance level!?

The Doctor: Computer, can I access this ship's EMH program... or do I need some kind of clearance for THAT, too?

EMH Mark II: Hand me the thrombic modulator.
The Doctor: [looks down at a variety of instruments] Umm..... mmm... [picks up a spherical one, activates it] Uhh?
EMH Mark II: [rolls eyes] It's the cone-shaped one. Hand it to me please... Medical science has made a few advances while you've been in the... Delta Quadrant, did you say?
The Doctor: That's right.
EMH Mark II: We don't use scalpels or leeches, anymore.

Tom Paris: Hmm, no wonder, acute functional dyspepsia.
Neelix: What's that?
Tom Paris: Heartburn.

The Doctor: I've even had sexual relations.
EMH Mark II: Sex?! But how is that possible?! We're not equipped-
The Doctor: Let's just say I made an addition to my program.
EMH Mark II: Before you leave... perhaps you could download those sub-routines into my database?

The Doctor: [After seeing the EMH Mark II try to crawl into the Prometheus's Jeffries Tube backwards] Traditionally, one crawls in head first.

The Doctor: Stop breathing down my neck.
EMH Mark II: My breathing is merely a simulation.
The Doctor: So is my neck; stop it anyway!

EMH Mark II: Doctor, some...thing just went offline!
The Doctor: Specifically?
EMH Mark II: The secondary gyrodyne relays of the propulsion field intermatrix have depolarized!
The Doctor: In ENGLISH!
EHM Mark II: I am just reading what it says here!

Computer: Specify attack pattern.
The Doctor: Attack pattern... Alpha?
Computer: Specify target.
[The Doctor and the EMH Mark II exchange glances]
The Doctor & the EMH Mark II: ROMULANS!

The Doctor: You hit the wrong ship!
EMH Mark II: It wasn't my fault.
The Doctor: Then whose fault was it, the torpedo's? You're supposed to tell it what to do!

EMH Mark II: Is this the thruster control?
The Doctor: Don't touch that! We don't know what it does! It could be the self-destruct!

EMH Mark II: Okay, I'm taking power from.... life support, we don't need that!

[Starfleet officers transport aboard]
The Doctor: Welcome to the Prometheus... about time.

EMH Mark II: There are ships dropping out of warp! We're doomed!
The Doctor: [Relieved] No were not; they're Starfleet!
[Ship is fired upon]
EMH Mark II: What are they doing?!
The Doctor: Firing on us!
EMH Mark II: They must think there are Romulans onboard!
The Doctor: They're right!

EMH Mark II: My beautiful existence cut short. No time to explore the universe, no time to smell the roses... no time for... sex.

Hunters [4.15]

Tom Paris: You shouldn't get your hopes up, Harry. No hopes, no disappointments.
Harry Kim: I'm not you.

The Omega Directive [4.19]

Seven of Nine: I believe I have found a way to stabilize the omega molecule.
Kathryn Janeway: I don't care if you can make it sing and dance, we are going to destroy it.

Kathryn Janeway: (to Chakotay) I can tell you this: One of two things is going to happen... either Seven and I will succeed on our mission, and return within a few days... or your long-range sensors will detect a large explosion in subspace. If that occurs, you'll have less than ten seconds to jump to warp, and get the hell out of here. Head for the Alpha Quadrant and don't look back. Understood?

Season 5

In the Flesh [5.4]

Kathryn Janeway: Directive 010: Before engaging alien species in battle any and all attempts to make first contact and achieve non-military resolution must be made.

Timeless [5.6]

The Doctor: So how did you get involved with Bonnie and Clyde [referring to Harry Kim and Chakotay] here?
Tess: Oh, I had an interest in Voyager for a long time.
Harry Kim: They're having sex. [referring to Tess and Chakotay]

Kathryn Janeway: Looks like we've got a guardian angel.
Kim: Oh, I wish I could believe that.
Janeway: Believe it. His name is Harry Kim.

Latent Image [5.11]

The Doctor: The more I think about it, the more I realise there's nothing I could have done differently...the primordial atom burst, sending out its radiation, setting everything in motion. One particle collides with another, gases expand, planets contract and before you know it we've got starships and holodecks and chicken soup. In fact, you can't help but have starships, holodecks and chicken soup - because it was all determined 20 billion years ago!
Tuvok: [Entering] There is a certain logic... to your logic.

Bride of Chaotica! [5.12]

Buster Kincaid: You'll never get away with this. [Turns to Captain Proton and laughs]
Doctor Chaotica: Oh, but I shall!

Tom Paris: Welcome to planet X
Harry Kim: Ok, so what's the plan?
Tom Paris: Well this is the part where we defeat Chaotica's soldiers steal their uniforms and infiltrate the underground tunnels.
Harry Kim: Hey, I thought you said there were slave girls in this one.
Tom Paris: After we infiltrate the fortress of doom, we'll free Chaotica's harem.

Captain Janeway: Coffee, black.
Neelix: I'm sorry, Captain. We've lost another two replicators –
Kathryn Janeway: Listen to me very carefully because I'm only going to say this once. Coffee – black.

Tom Paris:[reading telegram]Intercepted communications between Doctor Chaotica and Arachnia. Stop. Chaotica at war with aliens from fifth dimension. Stop. Must strike now to disable death ray.
Tuvok: Stop. Please summarize the message.

Kathryn Janeway: Let me get this straight: trans-dimensional aliens have mistaken your Captain Proton simulation for reality.
Tom Paris: Yes ma'am.
Kathryn Janeway: And now an armed conflict has broken out between these aliens, and Chaotica's holographic army.
Tom Paris: Yes ma'am. His army of evil.

Tom Paris: The Destructo Beam on my rocket ship can disable the death ray, but only if someone gets inside the Fortress of Doom and can shut down the lightning shield.

Tom Paris:Well, he's been attacking the aliens with his death ray.
Tuvok:It's a shame we don't have one.

Queen Arachnia: Ah, I see you've kept my pheromones. I didn't realize you were the scent-imental type.

Tom Paris: Use grandiose language. He likes to be called sire. And it helps if you say things like, "The clever fiendishness of your evil plan is brilliant!"

Doctor Chaotica: Why this preoccupation with the shield?
Queen Arachnia: Oh forgive me, as a fellow ruler of the cosmos I often have to do things for myself.
Doctor Chaotica: Ah, because of the incompetence of your inferiors no doubt.
Queen Arachnia: Something like that.
Doctor Chaotica: Ah, Arachnia, my love, my life, how well you understand our plight. If it weren't beneath my dignity I would weep. How long I've hoped for someone who would understand.
Queen Arachnia: We have a saying in Arachnia, "It's lonely at the top."
Queen Arachnia disables guard manning deathray
Doctor Chaotica: Impetuous harlot!
Queen Arachnia: Show me how to disable the lightning rod or I'll show you how impetuous I can be.

Queen Arachnia: I don't know how to tell you this [Shoots Dr. Chaotica with lazergun]but the wedding's off.

Gravity [5.13]

Zohn-Ha-Lok: Love is the most dangerous emotion of all. It produces many other emotions: jealousy, shame, rage, grief. You must learn to suppress them all, otherwise they will consume you. [later, after months of training] You are now prepared to return to the world: grief, anger, fear and especially love will never threaten you again. [A Vulcan master to a juvenile Tuvok]

Dark Frontier Part II [5.16]

Kathryn Janeway: There are three things to remember about being a Starfleet captain: keep your shirt tucked in; go down with the ship; and never abandon a member of your crew.

Borg Queen: [To Seven of Nine] I'm sorry this lesson has to be so painful for you, but you are a difficult pupil. Abandon your human frailties- they are the cause of your pain.

Juggernaut [5.21]

Tom Paris: Take it from me: getting B'Elanna to control her temper is like convincing a Ferengi to leave his estate to charity.

Someone to Watch Over Me [5.21]

The Doctor: State the nature of the medical emergency.
Seven of Nine: I have a date.

Season 6

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy [6.4]

The Doctor: (sung to Tuvok and crew to the tune of La donna è mobile)
Tuvok I understand,
you are a Vulcan man,
you have just gone without,
for seven years about.
Paris please find a way,
to load a hypospray,
I will give you the sign,
just aim for his behind.
Hormones are raging!
Synapses blazing!
It's all so veeeeeeeeeeeryy, illogical!
Illogical! Iiiiiiiiiiiill– Illogical!"

Computer: Warning: Warp core breach a lot sooner than you think!

Computer: Warning! Last chance to be a hero, Doctor. Get going!

Tom Paris: What I wouldn't give now for a Whoopee Cushion
Harry Kim: A What?
Tom Paris: Ancient technology.

Alice [6.5]

Kim: [to Torres] I wouldn't take it personally. The Ferengi call it the five stages of acquisition: infatuation, justification, appropriation, obsession and resale.

Fair Haven [6.11]

Kathryn Janeway: I've become romantically involved with a hologram. If that's possible.
The Doctor: Tell me what happened.
Kathryn Janeway: Oh you know the story. Girl meets boy. Girl modifies boy's subroutines.

Virtuoso [6.13]

Kathryn Janeway: This isn't sabotage, Seven. This is fanmail.

Tsunkatse [6.15]

B'Elanna Torres: The Borg wouldn't know fun if they assimilated an amusement park.

Seven of Nine: I have spent the last three years struggling to regain my humanity. I'm afraid I may have lost it again in that arena.
Tuvok: You are experiencing difficult emotions.
Seven of Nine: Guilt, shame, remorse.
Tuvok: Then you haven't lost your humanity. You have reaffirmed it.

Collective [6.16]

Kathryn Janeway: They are not exactly drones. Mature Borg are predictable. They ignore you or assimilate you, but these juveniles, they are unstable.
Tuvok: They are contemptuous of authority, convinced that they are superior. Typical adolescent behaviour - for any species.

Ashes to Ashes [6.18]

Seven of Nine: [ordering the reluctant children to play on schedule] "Fun" will now commence.

The Doctor: Hair is one of my specialties, despite evidence to the contrary.

Kathryn Janeway: Commander Tuvok finished his analysis of your shuttle and presented me with 37 different ways of repelling a Kobali attack.
Ensign Lyndsay Ballard: Did he include your pot roast?

[Mezoti makes a clay bust of Seven instead of a geometric shape.]
Icheb: She deviated from your instructions. Aren't you going to implement a punishment protocol?
Seven of Nine: [pauses] No. Resume your disorder.

Muse [6.22]

Kelis: And Voyager will continue on her journey to the gleaming cities of Earth, where peace reigns and hatred has no home.

Fury [6.23]

Kathryn Janeway: We've known each other for how long?
Tuvok: Approximately 20 years.
Kathryn Janeway: We served on three starships together. I was present at your daughters Kol-anar. I consider you one of my closest friends.
Tuvok: And I regard you with the same esteem.
Kathryn Janeway: I've always been honest with you but you've been keeping something from me.
Tuvok: I don't know what you mean.
Kathryn Janeway: [grave voice] Don't you? It took exhaustive research, sifting through teraquads of data, separating fact from rumour but eventually I arrived at the truth.
Tuvok: [concerned] Captain...?
Kathryn Janeway: [Turns around smiling and holding a birthday cake] Happy birthday.
Tuvok: Thank you.
Kathryn Janeway:'s not long before you hit the big three digits?

Lifeline [6.24]

Dr. Lewis Zimmerman: Emergency Medical Hotheads; Extremely Marginal Housecalls; that's what everyone used to call the Mark I's until they were bounced out of the medical corps. I tried to have them decommissioned, but Starfleet, in its infinite wisdom, overruled me and reassigned them all to work waste transfer barges. That's where you'd be, too, if you hadn't been lost in the Delta Quadrant. Do you know how humiliating it is to have 675 Mark I's out there scrubbing plasma conduits, all with my face?
The Doctor: I'm sure they're doing a fine job.

The Haunting of Deck Twelve [6.25]

Neelix: I'm warning you: this is not for the faint of heart.
Mezoti: We are not faint of heart.
Icheb: Our cardiopulmonary systems are reinforced.

Season 7

Critical Care [7.5]

The Doctor: Level Blue is your critical care area, I presume?
Administrator Chellek: Level Blue is the area where it's most critical that we provide excellent care.

Body and Soul [7.7]

The Doctor: I'm afraid, the role of spy wasn't written into my programme. I was forced to improvise.
Seven of Nine: You improvised your way through an entire cheesecake as well as three servings of Ktarian chocolate puffs. Now I have to suffer the consequences.

Seven of Nine: You became sexually aroused in my body!

Flesh and Blood Part II [7.10]

Kathryn Janeway: How can I punish you for being who you are?

Workforce Part I [7.16]

Kathryn Janeway: [to a buzzing console] Come on, shut off that damn alarm and I promise I'll never violate you again.

Human Error [7.18]

Seven of Nine: To the newest member of our crew. May all her desires be fulfilled. Except for one - so she'll always have something to strive for... And may she inherit a sense of logic from her mother.

Q2 [7.19]

Neelix: He (talking about Q's son) may be omnipotent but he's still a young man in need of guidance

Kathryn Janeway:You can't just dump your kid on someone and expect him to learn something!

(After making 7 of 9's clothes disapear) Q's son Talk about perfection!

Q:(incredulous face)I can't?
Janeway: He needs to be parented.
Q: And how exactly am I supposed to do that? Q was the first child in the continuum, which makes me the first parent. I don't even know where to begin.
Janeway: You could start by spending time with him
Q: Yugh!

(After Q's son stole a shuttle):Q's son: Aunt Kathy....

Janeway: Don't you Aunt Kathy me!

Author Author [7.20]

The Doctor: Computer, run EMH program "Photons Be Free."
[Computer runs program.]
Tom Paris Hologram: Welcome. You've made an excellent choice. You're obviously a person with impeccable taste.
'The Doctor: Computer, freeze program!
Computer: Unable to comply.
Tom Paris Hologram: You are about to embark... on a remarkable journey. You will take on the role of a medical assistant aboard the Starship: Voyeur.
The Doctor: Voyeur?!
Tom Paris Hologram: Your job will be to assist the chief medical officer and learn to tolerate his overbearing behaivor and obnoxious bedside manner. Remember! Patience is a virtue!
[Hologram disappears and the Sick Bay setting appears]
Tom Paris Hologram: Chapter 1: It's the Doctor's World, You're Just Living In It.
Doctor in Story: When I tell you your shift begins at 0800, that doesn't mean you can stroll in here at 0800 and 24 seconds. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, ENSIGN?
The Doctor: This is outrageous.
Doctor in Story: What's outrageous, is that I'm going to miss my tee time. Now come along.
[Both doctors head over to a character that looks like Seven of Nine.]
Doctor in Story: Aww, what seems to be the trouble, One of Three?
Two of Three: I'm Two of Three.
Doctor in Story: Uh-huh, sorry. [looks over at Doctor] They're triplets, ya'know.
Two of Three: It hurts when I do this. [moves shoulders in a circle]
Doctor in Story: Well then don't do it. [laughs and pats Two of Three on the shoulder]
Two of Three: Ow!
Doctor in Story: Oh, don't be a baby. [picks up a medical tricorder and moves it up and down extremely fast]
Doctor in Story: Ah, your bi-radial clamp is out of alignment. I got just the thing. [picks up a hypospray and looks at the Doctor] It's a Klingon aphrodisiac. My own special blend. [Injects Two of Three with it and begins massaging her]
Doctor in Story: You'll be feeling better in no time at all. [Two of Three giggles as the Doctor watches appalled]

Friendship One [7.21]

Chakotay: The urge to explore is pretty powerful.
Kathryn Janeway: But it can't justify the loss of lives, whether it's millions or just one.

Endgame [7.25]

The Doctor's new wife, Lana: Joe has quite a flair for romantic gestures.
Tom Paris: "Joe"?
The Doctor: I... decided I couldn't get married without a name.
Tom Paris: It took you thirty-three years to come up with "Joe"?
The Doctor: It was Lana's grandfather's name...

Harry Kim: Captain Proton would never walk away from a mission like this.
Tom Paris: Captain Proton doesn't have a wife, and a baby on the way.

Miral: Welcome to the house of Korath, Admiral
Janeway: (sarcastically) I love what he's done with the place.
Guard: (shouts angrily in Klingon)
Miral: (shouts angrily back in Klingon)
Janeway: What was that about?
Miral: He said your demeanour was disrespectful.
Janeway: Oh dear. I hope you told him I didn't mean to be rude.
Miral: Actually, I told him that if he didn't show you more respect, I would break his arm.
Janeway: Oh, you are your mother's daughter.

Kathryn Janeway: [To an extremely hostile Klingon Vessel] I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm on a tight schedule.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway:I know exactly what you're thinking
Captain Kathryn Janeway:You've also become a telepath?
Admiral Janeway:I used to be, you. Remember?

Captain Janeway:I want to know why you didn't tell me about this.
Admiral Janeway:Because I remember how stubborn and self-righteous I used to be. I figured you might try to do something stupid.
Lt. Torres: [in labor] If you tell me to relax one more time, I'm gonna rip your holographic HEAD off!
The Doctor: I hope you don't intend to kiss your baby with that mouth.
Lt. Paris: Tell me this isn't another false alarm.
The Doctor: This isn't another false alarm.
Paris: I can't believe it.
Torres: [strained] Oh, believe it.
Paris: I might actually win.
Torres: What?
Paris: The baby pool. I picked today, 1500 hours.
Torres: I'm so glad I could accommodate you.
The Doctor: Don't celebrate yet. Klingon labor can sometimes last several days. [B'Elanna Torres grabs him by the shirt and screams] Of course, I'm sure that won't be the case here.

Borg Queen: You're asking me to believe that the incorruptable Kathryn Janeway would betray her own crew?
Future Admiral Kathryn Janeway: Not betray them. Save them from themselves. I brought technology to help Voyager get home. But the Captain is arrogant, self righteous and her officers are so blinded by loyalty that they're prepared to sacrifice their lives just to deal a crippling blow to the Borg.

Future Admiral Kathryn Janeway: I didn't spent the last 10 years looking for a way to get this crew home early so you could throw it all away on some intergalactic good-will mission.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Maybe we should go back to sickbay?
Future Admiral Janeway: Why? So you can have me sedated?
Captain Kathryn Janeway: So I can have the Doctor reconfirm your identity. I refuse to believe I'll ever become as cynical as you.

Future Admiral Kathryn Janeway: Must be something you assimilated!

Repeated lines

Kathryn Janeway: Coffee, black.

Kathryn Janeway: Do it.

Kathryn Janeway: BATTLE STATIONS!

Kathryn Janeway: REPORT!

Kathryn Janeway: Red Alert!

The Doctor: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.

The Doctor(annoyed): I'm a doctor not a ... (nightlight, battery, tricorder, etc.)!

Seven of Nine: Irrelevant.

Seven of Nine: Comply.

Borg Queen: Janeway.


  • For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see; Saw the Vision of the World, and all the wonder that would be... -Alfred Tennyson


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