Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (video game)

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These are quotes from the video game adapation of the film Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith .

"Anakin Skywalker"

  • Yeah, now you're starting to understand. I'm more than just your average Jedi.
  • Dark Side? Not impressed.
  • (vs Ben Kenobi or Count Dooku) Back off, old man!
  • (vs Mace Windu) You'd better be sure, Mace!
  • (vs a Jedi Brute or Nemoidian Brute) Bigger isn't better.
  • (vs any Jedi) Come on, Jedi, defend yourself!!
  • (vs Darth Vader) You're not my fate!
  • (vs Ben Kenobi) Go back to the desert, hermit.
  • (As Lord Vader) The power... feels good.
  • (slaughtering enemies on a level) (Evil laugh)
  • This should be interesting.
  • You can't beat me!
  • And stay down!
  • No challenge at all.
  • You're no match for the Dark Side!
  • You're all dead!(to Nemiodian brutes)
  • You're trying to stop me...How amusing
  • You only prolong the inevietable.
  • You only prolong your own death!
  • Is this what passes for saber skills now?

"Obi-Wan Kenobi"

  • (vs Grievous) Four lightsabers?!? You'll need them, Grievous.
  • (vs Anakin) Anakin Skywalker is no more! You killed him!
  • (vs Anakin) Come back to the light!!
  • (right after defeating Anakin on Mustafar) Well, I guess that settles who the better swordsman is.
  • (with Anakin, against Dooku) Defend yourself, Anakin!
  • Great...more trouble!
  • I'll bet you didn't see that coming!
  • Always on the move!
  • (vs Ben Kenobi) Well, you've shown me one thing, I'd better stay in shape.
  • (vs Ben Kenobi) When I'm your age, I'll remember not to fight this battle.
  • (vs Darth Vader) I warned you not to turn to the Dark Side.
  • (vs Mace Windu) You've been hiding behind that purple lightsaber long enough!
  • (vs Darth Vader) You're a real mess, you know that?
  • (about a Blaze Trooper) Ahh, the bigger better trooper.
  • I'll make you eat that blaster!
  • You won't win this time.
  • Let's see what you can do.
  • The power of the Force, my friend.
  • Hardly worth my time.
  • (after throwing his lightsaber) Catch that!

"Count Dooku"

  • (vs Anakin) You will need the extra strength of your anger. You're all alone now, Skywalker.
  • (vs Darth Vader) You call yourself a Sith Lord?
  • (vs either Cin Drallig, or Ben Kenobi) Don't strain yourself!
  • (if targeted by a mind trick) Don't insult me!
  • (vs Grievous) I created you, now I'll destroy you.
  • (vs Cin Drallig) You must really have a death wish, you old fool.

"General Grievous"

  • I'll peel the flesh from your bones!
  • (vs Mace Windu) Who uses a purple lightsaber anyway?
  • You may as well give me your obviously don't know how to use it!
  • (vs Anakin or Serra) They send a child to do an adult's job!

"Mace Windu"

  • You're my opponent? Is this a joke?
  • (vs Darth Vader) I'm sending you to the trash heap, Vader.
  • (vs Grievous) You're about to be schooled, Grievous.
  • (after being targeted by a mind trick) Yeah, right!
  • (after being targeted by a mind trick) You didn't really think that'd work, did you?
  • When you're really ready to fight, let me know.
  • C'mon, fight me!
  • (vs Anakin) I'm about to do what Obi-Wan should have done years ago!
  • (vs Anakin) Let go of your anger and listen to me then!
  • (vs Anakin) Stop fighting! I'm not your enemy!
  • (vs Serra Keto) You're the future of the Jedi? Yeah right!
  • (vs Serra Keto) Isn't it past your bed time?
  • (after defeating an opponent) You act like you're surprised.
  • Next time, stay home!
  • I will strike you down, with great vengeance! (a reference to Samuel L Jacksons character from Pulp fiction)
  • You're not bad...not good either, but not bad.

"Serra Keto"

  • Are you ready to be smacked-down?
  • (vs Darth Vader) Which one of those buttons calls for help?
  • (vs Cin Drallig) The student shall become the master!
  • (vs Grievous) Nice, but can you speak Bocci?

"Cin Drallig"

  • (vs Anakin) Chosen One or not, you're going down!
  • (vs Count Dooku) It's the great Count Dooku...I'm not impressed.
  • You're an embarrassment to the Order!
  • (vs Obi-Wan Kenobi or Ben Kenobi) You'll die alone, Kenobi.
  • My younglings can beat you!
  • You call that a saber strike?!

"Darth Vader"

  • You've already failed.
  • (vs Ben Kenobi) You should never have come back old man!
  • (vs Count Dooku) You are no Sith Lord!
  • (vs Anakin) I AM YOUR FUTURE!!!!
  • (vs Grievous) I only need one blade to defeat you.

"Ben Kenobi"

  • You're in over your head, you know.
  • Come, test your skills.
  • (vs Grivous) My, you're an ugly droid!
  • (if targeted by a mind trick) Ahh, so that's how you like to play, is it?
  • Become one with the force.
  • (vs Count Dooku or Cin Drallig) You make me seem positively young!

"Darth Sideous (Palpatine)"

  • Ahh, yes. Good hit, Anakin.
  • Ohh my...OHH DEAR!


  • Attacking, the clones are!
  • The wrong side, the clones have chosen!
  • Bites the dust, another one does.
  • Size matters not.
  • Qui-gon...(When dying)


Blaze Trooper: Flame on!
Clone Assassin: You haven't seen ANYTHING as fast as I am!
Body Guard: Jedi mind trick failed.
Clone: (if he sees Yoda) That's the smallest Jedi I've ever seen!
Body Guard: Jedi are no match for machines!


Obi-Wan Kenobi: Not bad...FOR A DROID!
Grievous: I'm no droid!

Anakin: They don't think they'll stop us, do they?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Droids aren't known for their brains, Anakin.

Obi-Wan: We're about to become a lot thinner. [sees hole in elevator] Quick, back into the elevator.
Anakin: You first, master.
Obi-Wan: There's no time to argue. GO! [scene change to room outside elevator, there is a crash, the elevator opens revealing both Jedi Knights dusting themselves off] Next time we're taking the stairs!

Serra Keto: That's two more for me!
Cin Drallig: Since when do we keep score?

Obi-Wan: You'll never take me alive.
Grievous: I don't plan to!

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