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StarCraft is a military science fiction media franchise developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The series primarily consists of real-time strategy video games, several spin-off titles and a number of novels, short stories and graphic novels. Set in a distant part of the galaxy in early 26th century, the series focuses on three species fighting for survival and domination: the engimatic Protoss, the insectoid Zerg and the adaptable Terrans.

StarCraft (1998)

Jim Raynor: Why are you doing this, Kerrigan? Look, I know about your past, I mean I've heard the rumors. I know you were part of those experiments with the Zerg, that Mengsk came and saved you. But you don't owe him this. Hell... I've saved your butt plenty of times.
Sarah Kerrigan: Jimmy, drop the knight in shining armor routine. It suits you sometimes, just... not now. I don't need to be rescued. I know what I'm doing. The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg. I know that because... well, I just know it. I am a ghost, remember? Once we dealt with the Protoss, we can do something about the Zerg. Arcturus'll come around. I know he will.
Jim Raynor: I hope you're right, darling. Good huntin'!

Arcturus Mengsk: Gentlemen, you've done very well, but remember that we've still got a job to do. The seeds of a new Empire have been sown, and if we hope to reap—
Jim Raynor: Aw, to hell with you!
Arcturus Mengsk: You're making a terrible mistake. Don't even think to cross me! I've sacrificed too much to let this fall apart.
Jim Raynor: You mean like you sacrificed Kerrigan?
Arcturus Mengsk: You'll regret that. You don't seem to realize my situation here. I will not be stopped. Not by you, or the Confederates, or the Protoss, or anyone. I will rule this sector or see it burnt to ashes around me! If you try to get in my way—
Adjutant: The fleet is prepped and ready, commander. Awaiting orders.
Jim Raynor: The hell with him. We're gone.

Arcturus Mengsk: Fellow Terrans, I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. While we battle one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history, the tide of greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished. It is time for us as nations and as individuals to set aside our long-standing feuds and unite. The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us, and we must seek refuge on higher ground, lest we be swept away by the flood.
The Confederacy is no more! Whatever symbols of unity and protection it once provided is a phantom, a memory. With our enemies left unchecked, who will you turn to for protection? The devastation brought by the alien invaders is self-evident. We have seen our homes and villages destroyed by the calculated blows of the Protoss. We have seen first hand our friends and loved ones consumed by the nightmarish Zerg. Unprecedented and unimaginable though they may be, these are the signs of our time.
The time has come, my fellow Terrans, to rally to a new banner. In unity lies strength; already many of the dissident factions have joined us. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole capitulating only to a single throne, and from that throne I shall watch over you. From this day forward let no human make war upon any other human, let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning, and let no man consort with alien powers, and to all the enemies of humanity: seek not to bar our way, for we shall win through, no matter the cost!

The Overmind: Arise, my daughter. Arise... Kerrigan.
Sarah Kerrigan: By your will, father, I live to serve. Let all those who oppose the Overmind feel the wrath of the Swarm!
The Overmind: Well done, cerebrate! What I have wrought this day shall be the undoing of my enemies. Let not a Terran survive!
Jim Raynor: Mother of God... Kerrigan what have they done to you? Sarah, is that really you?
Sarah Kerrigan: To an extent. I'm far more than I once was, Jim. You shouldn't have come here.
Jim Raynor: But, the dreams. I dreamed you were still alive, that somehow, you were... calling to me...
Sarah Kerrigan: I was. While I was in the chrysalis, I instinctively reached out to you and Arcturus telepathically. Apparently, Arcturus sent Duke here to reclaim me. But that was then, Jim. I am one of the Zerg now, and I like what I am. You can't imagine how this feels.
Jim Raynor: So? What? Are you goin' to kill me now, darlin'?
Sarah Kerrigan: It is certainly within my power, but you're not a threat to me, Jim. Be smart; leave here now and never seek to confront the Zerg again.
Jim Raynor: Doesn't look like I have much choice.

The Overmind: Now shall the events set into motion so long ago be made complete. For the Protoss, too, were created by the Xel'Naga. They were the first creation, gifted with a purity of form. And we were the second creation, blessed with a purity of essence. Indeed, our two species are but opposite facets of a greater whole. Soon shall our two races be made as one. Thenceforth shall all feel the wrath of the eternal Swarm... For the hour of judgement is come!

Aldaris: Ah, Tassadar, have you fallen so far? To think that you were our brightest hope; our most beloved son. Now you are everything that we are not. You are lost to us. Not only have you damned yourself, but you have damned those who have followed you!

Edmund Duke: Protoss commander, this is General Edmund Duke of the Terran Dominion Armada. You are in violation of our airspace and have endangered human lives in your reckless attack against the Zerg. I order you to withdraw your ships immediately. If you fail to comply, I will not hesitate to open fire upon your vessels.
Tassadar: General Duke, I am Tassadar, and you are well known to me. Whatever leniency I extended to you and your comrades before, may have been in error. If you persist in halting our course, we will burn your pathetic fleet down to the last man.
Edmund Duke: I'm going to have to assume that was a hostile response...

Unit Quotes (Terran)

Unit quotes can be heard in game by clicking continuously on the desired unit.
Note that only quotes unique to StarCraft and/or with some funny or artistic content have been added.


  • I can't believe they put me in one of these things.
  • And now I gotta put up with this too?
  • I told 'em I was claustrophobic, I gotta get out of here!
  • I'm stuck in here tighter then a frogs butt in a water melon seed pipe!


  • Oh my god, hes whacked.
  • How do I get out of this chicken s*** outfit?
  • You wanna piece of me boy?
  • If it weren't for these damned neural implants you'd be a smoking crater by now!


  • Is something burning?
  • I love the smell of napalm.
  • Nothing like a good smoke.
  • Are you trying to get invited to my next barbecue?
  • Got any questions about propane?
  • Or propane accessories?


  • You called down the thunder?
  • Now meet the whirlwind.
  • Keep it up, I dare you.
  • I'm about to overload my aggression inhibitors.


  • Something you wanted?
  • I don't have time to fuck around!
  • You keep pushing me boy!
  • And ill scrap you along with the aliens.


  • Mil spec E-209 on.
  • Checklist protocol initiated.
  • Running Level 1 diagnostic.
  • UFCA selected.
  • FDIC approved.
  • Checklist completed, S-O-B.

Siege Tank

  • I'm about to drop the hammer.
  • And dispense some indiscriminate judgment.
  • What is your major malfunction?


  • Last transmission braking up, come back.
  • I'm just curious, why am I so good?
  • I gotta get me one of these.
  • You know who the best star-fighter in the fleet is?
  • Yours truly.
  • Everybody's gotta die sometime Red.
  • I am invincible, that's right.

Science Vessel

  • I like the cut of your jib.
  • E equals MC, doh let me get my notepad.
  • Hmm... Fusion eyh? Ill have to remember that.
  • (monkey sounds in background) Who set all these lab monkeys free?
  • I think we may have a gas leak. (Voice going from normal to squicky trough sentence)
  • (alarm in background) Do any of you fools know how to turn of this infernal contraption?
  • (alarm fading out) The ship, out of danger?


  • When removing your overhead luggage, please be careful.
  • In case of a water landing, you may be used as a flotation device.
  • To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you.
  • Please keep your arms and legs inside until this ride has come to a full and complete stop.


  • Shields up, weapons online.
  • We are getting way behind schedule.
  • I really have to go... Number one.
  • Low on shields? Well then buckle up.

Unit Quotes (Protoss)

Unit quotes can be heard in game by clicking continuously on the desired unit.
Note that only quotes unique to StarCraft and/or with some funny or artistic content have been added.


  • Entaro Adun!
  • Doom to all who threatens the home world.


  • Drop your weapon you have 15 seconds to comply.
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Sound of Dragoon Phase Disruptor being fired)

High Templar

  • Your thoughts betray you.
  • I see you have an appetite for destruction.
  • Won't you learn to use your illusion.
  • But I find you lack of control disturbing.



  • Psionic leak dissipated.
  • Adjusting neural transmissions.


  • We fuse your presence.
  • We sense a soul in search of answers.
  • Do you seek knowledge of time travel?
  • Will take that as a "Yes".
  • And now for our first lesson (laughing).
  • (Rewind sound) Do you seek knowledge of time travel?


  • Our enemies are legion.
  • And still you procrastinate.
  • Command or you will be relieved.
  • This is not an idle treat.

Unit Quotes (Zerg)

Infested Terran

  • I am zerg!

Unit QUotes (Heroes)

James Raynor

  • Hey, quit it!
  • What's your problem man?
  • Look commander, do you mind?
  • I knew I should'a stayed in bed this morning. (Reference to Arnold's repeated line in The Magic Schoolbus)

Edmund Duke

  • Been a general for 15 years. Now I'm taking orders from a pup.
  • Y'all need some good old fashioned discipline! That's what you need.

Samir Duran

  • I am Duran, who are you?
  • I told you my name, it's Duran, Duran!

Sarah Kerrigan/Infested Kerrigan

  • Doesn't take a telepath to know what you're thinking.
  • You get off on annoying people, don't you?
  • You may have time to play games, but I got a job to do.
  • I'll kill you myself!





StarCraft: Brood War (1998)

Gerard DuGalle: Come, stand here. You need to see this.
Alexei Stukov: I know all about the Zerg, Gerard. We've all seen the tapes a hundred times—
Gerard DuGalle: You've seen nothing! Dissecting a dead Zerg in a lab is one thing, unleashing them on men is another! You must go into this with both eyes open: once started there is no going back. Are you prepared to go all the way with this, Alexei?
Alexei Stukov: [looks down and then rises up] Yes... yes, I am prepared to go all the way with this, my good admiral.
Gerard DuGalle: Good... good, I knew that I could count on you.
Malsteen: [over intercom] Admiral, the colony's base will be overrrun in a matter of minutes, should we intervene?
Gerard DuGalle: Take us into orbit, Mr. Malsteen, we've seen enough.

Aldaris: You believe me to be a traitor, but it is you and the matriarch who will usher our race to oblivion!
Zeratul: It is finished, Judicator. Surrender your remaining forces, and join us in eradicating the Zerg.
Aldaris: I would sooner die, dark one, than tarnish the memory of Aiur by joining with you!

Alexei Stukov: Ah, General Duke. I had expected your forces to arrive sooner. You must know that we do not represent one of your rag-tag, peasant militias, but the combined might of the United Earth Directorate.
Edmund Duke: Earth Directorate!? Er... You mean to tell me that you came all the way out here from Earth?
Alexei Stukov: That is correct, general. We have been sent here to take control of this sector for the betterment of mankind.
Edmund Duke: Over my dead body... I don't care where you're from son, no-one messes with the Dominion Armada on my watch! All units, open fire!

Samir Duran: Uh, excuse me admiral... but I'd like to introduce someone to you.
Gerard DuGalle: Duran! You son of a bitch, what's the meaning of this?!
Sarah Kerrigan: Admiral DuGalle, I've heard a lot about you.
Gerard DuGalle: Who the... what the hell are you?
Sarah Kerrigan: I am Kerrigan. The Zerg here, and the Overmind which you've come to collect, are mine. As is our mutual friend Lieutenant Duran. You see admiral, there are several groups in this sector who feel your presence here causes certain... complications. I am here to make sure your reign is short-lived.
Gerard DuGalle: You may find that difficult, you abomination, seeing as how I have the means to disrupt your control of the Zerg.
Sarah Kerrigan: Ah yes, you're referring to your vaunted psi disruptor. It won't last you forever. Sooner or later, I'll destroy it. Then I'll show you what the Zerg are really capable of. Oh, and by the way, admiral, your friend Stukov was twice the man you were. I'm glad you saved me the trouble of killing him.

Arcturus Mengsk: Kerrigan, you murdering bitch! We had a deal.
Sarah Kerrigan: Oh, come on, Arcturus. Did you really think that I would allow you to come into power again? You practically fed me to the Zerg on Tarsonis, you're directly responsible for the hell I've been through. Did you honestly think that I would let you get away with that?
Arcturus Mengsk: But you said revenge was secondary to defeating the UED!
Sarah Kerrigan: I lied. I liberated this planet because it was the UED's primary staging point, not because I was under any obligation to you. I used you to destroy the psi disrupter and now that I've got my broods back, you're no longer necessary for my plans. I think I'll leave you here, Arcturus, among the ashes of your precious Dominion. I want you to live to see me rise to power and I want you to always remember, in your most private moments, that it was you who let me loose in the first place.
Fenix: This is a betrayal most foul, Kerrigan. We were fools to have gone along with this charade!
Sarah Kerrigan: You're right, Fenix. I used you to get the job done, and you played along just like I knew you would. You Protoss are all so headstrong and predictable. You are your own worst enemies.
Fenix: That's ironic, I can remember Tassadar teaching you a very similar lesson on Char.
Sarah Kerrigan: I took that lesson to heart, praetor. Now, are you prepared to die a second time?
Fenix: The Khala awaits me, Kerrigan, and though I am prepared to face my destiny, you will not find me easy prey.
Sarah Kerrigan: Then that shall be your epitaph.
Jim Raynor: Fenix! No!
Sarah Kerrigan: What are you worried about, Jim? He died the way all Protoss hope to: in combat!
Jim Raynor: He died because you betrayed him! How many more noble souls do you need to consume before you're satisfied?! How many more innocent people have to die before you realize what you've become?!
Sarah Kerrigan: You don't even know what you're talking about, Jim.
Jim Raynor: Don't I? I'll see you dead for this, Kerrigan! For Fenix, and all the others who got caught between you and your mad quest for power!
Sarah Kerrigan: Tough talk, Jimmy, but I don't think you have what it takes to be a killer.
Jim Raynor: It may not be tomorrow, darlin', it may not even happen with an army at my back. But rest assured: I'm the man who's gonna kill you one day! I'll be seeing you!

Sarah Kerrigan: I can hardly believe this! You've killed your own matriarch!
Zeratul: Better that I killed her than let her live as your slave, Kerrigan.
Sarah Kerrigan Well, I have misjudged you, warrior. You are worthy indeed. You are free to go.
Zeratul: What?
Sarah Kerrigan: I said you are free to go. I've already taken your honor. I'll let you live because I know that from now on your every waking moment will be torture. You'll never be able to forgive yourself for what I've forced you to do. And that, Zeratul, is a better revenge than I could have ever dreamed of.
Zeratul: You will regret this decision, Kerrigan. We shall meet again.

Samir Duran: I am a servant of a far greater power: a power that has slept for countless ages, and is reflected in the creature within that cell.
Zeratul: Have you any conception of what you've created here? Do you have any idea what this... this hybrid is capable of?
Samir Duran: Of course I do. This creature is the completion of a cycle. Its role in the cosmic order was preordained when the stars were young. Behold the culmination of your history.
Zeratul: All I behold is an abomination.

Gerard DuGalle: Dearest Helena, by now the news of our defeat has reached the Earth. The creatures we were sent here to tame are untameable, and the colonies we were sent here to reclaim have proven to be stronger than we anticipated. Whatever you may hear about what has happened out here, know this: Alexei did not die gloriously in battle. I killed him— my pride killed him. And now my pride has consumed me as well. You will never see me again, Helena. Tell our children that I love them, and that their father died in defense of their future. Au revoir.

StarCraft II (2009)

Tychus Findlay: Hell, it's about time!

Map of the month quotations

Aaren Ruth: It looks like we've finally found a new place to call home. This planet where the dark templar have set up shop is very strange, though. I can get over the fact that everything here is blue—in fact, it's actually kind of relaxing, sometimes. No, the true surrealism of this place is that I have never seen a single plant! No grass, no trees, not even a single bush to break up the landscape. All they do seem to have are lots and lots of rocks. It's damn odd...

Ronald Jackson: I used to think that defeating the Zerg would take precise military maneuvers, clever tactics and strong leadership. I was wrong. You can't out-think the Swarm, you can't out-maneuver the Swarm, and you certainly can't break the morale of the Swarm. I hate to admit this, but I could do my job just as well if I ordered all my men to simply shoot anything that moves.

Aaren Ruth: A funny thing happened today. I watched a Protoss templar doing what he calls "exercises." I was immediately taken back to the birthday party my mother gave me when I turned six years old. All my friends were there and there was more ice cream and cake than I could ever have thought possible. The highlight of the day, though, was the magician my mother hired as entertainment. He pulled a rabbit out of his black top hat and materialized coins out from behind the ears of my friends and, for a brief moment, I believed that magic was real. As an adult, I discovered the magic tricks that had transfixed me as a youth were just bits of misdirection and sleight of hand. I even learned a few of them to show my younger brothers and sisters. They loved those tricks, and I just wish they could see the Protoss. The templar can do things with their minds that can only be described as real magic...

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