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Stargate SG-1 Season 5 (2001-2002)

Enemies [5.1]

Dr. Jackson: Can we communicate with them?
Jacob: And say what?
Dr. Jackson: I don't know, "don't shoot"?

Col. O'Neill: I'm enjoying their style. Shoot first, send flowers later. It works.

Col. O'Neill: Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying we're not going to make it. I think we made it.
Jacob: I'm sorry, I overreacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren't going to make it.
Col. O'Neill: Yes, well, maybe next time you'll just wait and see.
Jacob: And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?
Col. O'Neill: What?
Maj. Carter: [grinning] Welcome to my life.

Dr. Jackson: Teal'c, you don't really believe you're still First Prime of Apophis.
Teal'c: I have never ceased to be in the service of my god.
Col O'Neill: All right, that's sounding a little brainwashy. You don't believe that guy's a god any more than I do.
[Teal'c is silent]
Col. O'Neill: What's that supposed to mean?

Maj. Carter: [in reference to a door she is trying to unlock] Sir, I really hate to sound negative, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that without a little more insight into how these things actually work, I’ve got pretty much zero chance of hitting... [door slides open] Okay, maybe not zero.

Col. O'Neill: Come on, Teal'c. A part of you has to know the truth.
Teal'c: The truth is you are a prisoner of Apophis. When the symbiote I carry matures, you will become its host.
Col O'Neill: Okay, I meant the other truth.

Ren Au: The Tok'ra are officially considering Selmac a fallen war hero.
Gen. Hammond: You'll forgive me for holding out hope a little longer. SG-1 has a surprisingly good habit of beating the odds.

Threshold [5.2]

Gen. Hammond: Please explain to me what it is you hope to achieve by depriving Teal'c of his symbiote?
Bra'tac: I hope to save him.
Dr. Jackson: By killing him?
Bra'tac: If necessary.
Col. O'Neill: See, I think we disagree on the meaning of the word "save".

Bra'tac: And where is your false god now, Teal'c?
Teal'c: He will come.
Col. O'Neill: I don't think so buddy. I know we've been over this a few times, but in case you weren't listening, I am one hundred percent s-sure...
[Col. O'Neill trades glances with Maj. Carter and Dr. Jackson, both of whom appear skeptical]
Col. O'Neill: Ninety nine percent sure Apophis is dead.

Teal'c: Va'lar!
Col. O'Neill: "Va'lar?" Is that what he said?
Dr. Jackson: I thought he said "velour."
Col. O'Neill: "Velour?"
Dr. Jackson: "Velour."
Col. O'Neill: The fabric?
Dr. Jackson: That's what I heard him say.
Col. O'Neill: Why would he say that?
Dr. Jackson: I don't know. Why would he say "Va'lar"?

[Teal'c is speaking about his friend Va'lar]
Teal'c: He failed his god!
Col. O'Neill: His god? You mean that scumsuckin', overdressed, boombox-voice snake-in-the-head? Latest on our long list of dead bad guys?
Dr. Fraiser: Colonel, his heart rate just doubled.
Teal'c: Ha'shak!
Col. O'Neill:[to Daniel] That I understood.

[Teal'c is remembering an argument he once had with his wife]
Teal'c: Do not test my temper, woman!
Dr. Jackson: [startled] Woman? Did he just call me a woman?
Col. O'Neill: Yes, I believe he did.

Maj. Carter: So, is it working? Has he said anything?
Col. O'Neill: Talked about fabric, briefly.
Dr. Jackson: He just called me a woman.
Col. O'Neill: So I think it's working.

Ascension [5.3]

Col. O'Neill: How long?
Dr. Jackson: Uh, well days, weeks, months, maybe…of meticulous, tedious... boring tediousness.
[O'Neill walks off]
Dr. Jackson: But uh, I can just keep working now. By lunch at least.

Maj. Carter: Tense? Me? I'm not tense. Am I? When did you first notice?
Col. O'Neill: As we met.

Col. O'Neill: We brought dinner and a movie.
Teal'c: Star Wars.
Col. O'Neill: Teal'c's seen it what, eight times?
Teal'c: Nine.
Col. O'Neill: Nine times. If Teal'c likes it, it's gotta be OK.
Maj. Carter: You've never seen Star Wars?
Col. O'Neill: Well, you know me and sci-fi...

Teal'c: I have heard of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello.
Col. O'Neill: Call Daniel.

Maj. Carter: I was just wondering how far you'd got on the 636 translation.
Dr. Jackson: Oh yes, I'm almost done. It miraculously seems to hold the key to all the mysteries of the universe.
Maj. Carter: You just got there, you haven't started, and I should leave you alone.

[Orlin presents Maj. Carter with a very large Emerald]
Maj. Carter: You made it?
Orlin: You wouldn't believe the things you can make from the common, simple items lying around your planet... which reminds me, you're going to need a new microwave.

[Maj. Carter sees Orlin has constructed a miniature stargate in her basement]
Maj. Carter: You've been busy.
Orlin: I didn't think they'd let me go back to Velona through their Stargate.
Maj. Carter: So you built one?
Orlin: Sort of. This will not dial multiple addresses, it will only create a wormhole once and probably burn out.
Maj. Carter: And you ordered the materials on-line?
Orlin: Mostly. Sorry but you're going to have a pretty big credit card bill this month. Oh, and you're going to need a new toaster.

Col. Simmons: Need I remind you, Dr Jackson, of the dangers that we're trying to defend Earth against?
Dr. Jackson: Oh, could you? Go slow.

Maj. Carter: I've always just thought of myself as very focused.
Col. O'Neill: It's called working too hard.

The Fifth Man [5.4]

Dr. Jackson: Oh, no, I mean, I get it. I mean we obviously have Lt. Tyler issues. I say he exists. You say he doesn't.
Col. Simmons: This is not just about Lt. Tyler.
Dr. Jackson:Someone else doesn't exist?

Col. O'Neill: You know what the Goa'uld really want from us? Minnesota, that's what. For the fishing, mostly.

Teal'c: If I were still loyal to the Goa'uld you would know it.
Col. Simmons: Really?
Teal'c: It would be immediately apparent, as I would not hesitate to kill you where you sit.

Col. O'Neill: Hey, where's Tyler?
Dr. Jackson: You know, I would've asked him, but I was too busy being unconscious after he shot me with that zat you gave him, so…

Col. O'Neill: Well I wasn't going to let you die Lieutenant. It's like…a ton of paperwork.
Lt. Tyler: [Confused] Paperwork?
Col. O'Neill: It's a joke. My way of deflecting attention from my own obvious heroism. You'll get used to it.

Lt. Tyler: Why did you return for me? You could have escaped while I distracted them!
Col. O'Neill: Because we don't leave our people behind!
Lt. Tyler: But I am not one of your people!
Col. O'Neill: Coulda fooled me... Actually, you did fool me.

Red Sky [5.5]

Maj. Carter: Sir, I've been thinking.
Col. O'Neill: I'd be shocked if you ever stopped, Carter.

Col. O'Neill: I have great confidence in you, Carter. Go on back to the SGC and… confuse Hammond.

Col. O'Neill: However, we do have a smaaall little problem that could use some of that Asgard magic.
Freyr: Are you implying that our technology is some kind of trickery?
[long pause]
Col. O'Neill: You're sure Thor's not around somewhere?

Col. O'Neill: Is it obvious only to me that these people don't want help?

Gen. Hammond: [referring to Carter's plan] I thought the odds of success in this scenario were one in a million, Major.
Maj. Carter: Yes, sir. But I now think that we can increase that estimate to one percent.
Col. O'Neill: It's your call, General. I only understand only one percent of what she says half the time.

[Carter explains a plan to Gen. Hammond and Col. O'Neill to save K'Tau]
Col. O'Neill: I thought when something was in a wormhole, it existed only as energy,that you needed another Stargate to turn it back into solid matter.
Maj. Carter: Actually, you're absolutely correct, sir.
[O'Neill stares at Carter and says nothing for few seconds]
Col. O'Neill: I am?
Maj. Carter: Yes.
[While Carter continues to explain, O'Neill turns back to Gen. Hammond and grins]

Teal'c: The K'Tau were not convinced?
Col. O'Neill: No. [to Jackson] Because you didn't say what needed to be said.
Dr. Jackson: Well, what would you have said?
[O'Neill walks away]
Dr. Jackson: [concerned] Wait, what are you going to say?

Maj. Carter: Daniel and Teal'c?
Col. O'Neill: They're in the village. Still trying to convince the folks we're friendly elves.

[Col. O'Neill is addressing the Asgard High Council]
Col. O'Neill: We made a mistake, a big mistake. And we're very sorry. But we also saved your little grey butts from the replicators, and now we want your help. I'm not asking you to change the course of their cultural development. Just fix the damn sun! No one will know. We won't tell.
One of the Asgard High Council: Unfortunately, we cannot.
Col. O'Neill: OK. At the risk of sounding like the petulant inferior race, why not?

Rite of Passage [5.6]

Cassandra: What do you see when you look at me now?
Maj. Carter: I see you. And until your head starts spinning around, and probably even then, I will still see…you.

Cassandra: Dominic's waiting.
Dr. Fraiser: Fine! Invite him in. I'm sure he'd like to have a piece of birthday cake that Sam went to all the trouble to bake.
Maj. Carter: [softly] Buy.
Dr. Fraiser: Bring.

Maj. Carter: Dominic awaits.
Cassandra: Stop it.
Maj. Carter: Oh come on, that last kiss was impressive.
Cassandra: Stop it!
Maj. Carter: [grinning] Lights exploded overhead!
Cassandra: [blushing and smiling] Stop it!

[SG-1 is going through Goa'uld equipment]
Col. O'Neill: What is this for?
Teal'c: What do you think it is for?
Col. O'Neill: Yikes.

Beast of Burden [5.7]

[Jackson has just introduced himself and O'Neill as "traders"]
Col. O'Neill: Honesty, huh?
Dr. Jackson: [defensively] We're traders.
Col. O'Neill: [disbelieving] Yeah.
Dr. Jackson: We're traders, we've traded, we… trade…

Maj. Carter: Daniel, are you okay?
Dr. Jackson: Uh, I've been better.
Maj. Carter: Col. O'Neill?
Dr. Jackson: Uh, physically fine. But, uh, I'm not expecting a birthday present any time soon.

Burrock: Now I know for certain there is more out there.
Col. O'Neill: Yeah, I know, the grass always looks cleaner.

Col. O'Neill: Where's Teal'c?
Maj. Carter: Trying to be popular.

Burrock: It is our custom to welcome travelers with a drink. Will you join us?
Col. O'Neill: It is our custom to drink... lead on!

The Tomb [5.8]

[Dr. Jackson has just received a telephone call informing him that a Russian SG team will soon be arriving.]
Dr. Jackson: [to Maj. Carter and Col. O'Neill] The Russians are coming.

Maj. Vallarin: [In Russian] The greatest superpower on Earth, and they can't make a decent cup of coffee.

Maj. Carter: Are you saying he was eaten alive?
Dr. Jackson: The sarcophagus would have done it's best to keep him alive, probably would have taken a while.
Lt. Tolinev: My God.
Col. O'Neill: Okay. That is officially the worst way to go.

Maj. Vallarin: Wait here.
Dr. Jackson: Yes, you go down the dark hallway alone, and I'll wait here in the dark room alone.

Between Two Fires [5.9]

Maj. Carter: Narim, we understand why you're concerned, but those ion cannons could save Earth one day.
Dr. Jackson: You're just going to have to trust our people won't blow each other up with them.
Col. O'Neill: And if we do, we won't blame you. Promise.

Col. O'Neill: Do you people practice being vague?

[O'Neill and Jackson are standing outside Narim's house]
Col. O'Neill: How do know this is Narim's house? They all look the same here.
[Narim answers the door]
Dr. Jackson: 'Cause that's Narim.
Col. O'Neill: You're good.

Gen Hammond:What you're sensing as trouble could be simple internal political wrangling.
Col. O'Neill: I understand that.
Gen. Hammond: Or we could be walking into a minefield.
Col. O'Neill: Thank you, Sir. These little chats of ours always bring me great joy and serve to ease my mind.

Gen Hammond: As far as what you told me, there seems to be an evil conspiracy among the Tollan Curia, whose apparent goal is to give us everything we ever wanted. That makes no sense.
Col. O'Neill: That's what I said.

Dr. Jackson: So, who are you taking orders from now?
Travell: Apparently, the one he serves has no name.
Tanith: Oh, he has a name. The likes of you are simply forbidden from knowing it.

2001 [5.10]

Gen. Hammond: I take it your mission was successful?
Maj. Carter: In a word, sir: yes.
Col. O'Neill: In two words: yes, sir.

Col. O'Neill: They don't get excited in general, General. It's like an entire planet of accountants.

Col. O'Neill: Just when you think you're not in Kansas anymore... turns out y'are.

Teal'c: Senator Kinsey appears to be most displeased. [Has a big smile on his face]

Dr. Jackson: I just hope we don't regret giving them those Gate addresses.
Col. O'Neill: I don't think we will, the first one being a black hole and all. They get progressively darker after that.

Teal'c: Have you discovered something Daniel Jackson?
Dr. Jackson: Oh God, I hope not. Probably, though.

Desperate Measures [5.11]

Col. O'Neill: How'd you find me?
Maybourne: Played a lot of hide and seek as a kid. Funny, I could always find anyone anywhere but they could never find me.
Col. O'Neill: Because they didn't want to.

Maybourne: Gonna turn me in?
Col. O'Neill: Actually, that overwhelming desire to shoot you has come back.

Dr. Jackson: I said I think I just electrocuted myself. Do you have any idea what that feels like?
Guard: No.
Dr. Jackson: [zats him] Something like that.

[Whilst wearing a bulletproof vest Jack gets shot in the arm]:
Col. O'Neill: I want sleeves on my vest.

Hobo: I'm just a crazy old guy with a shopping cart full of cans.
Col. O'Neill: I'm just a cynical Air Force guy with a closet full of National Geographic.
Hobo: Can I have them?

Wormhole X-Treme! [5.12]

Colonel Danning: "As a matter of fact, it does say Colonel on my uniform."
[Ironic because it doesn't say Colonel on his uniform. The line may also be a response to O'Neill's rhetorical question from The First Commandment, where he asks "Does it say 'Colonel' anywhere on my uniform?" after Carter and Connor both refuse his orders.]

Martin Lloyd: This is for scene 23? You think they have apples on an alien planet?
Prop Master: Why not? They speak English.
Martin Lloyd: Look, get some kiwis, and spray-paint them red.
Prop Master: [pulls out script] Ok, so now it'll go "Nick walks into a garden of kiwi trees, says 'How like Eden this planet is,' and bites into a painted kiwi."
Martin Lloyd: Ok, you're the prop master, right? So you're a master of props. So...figure it out.
(possibly a reference to Beneath the Surface, an episode in which a character is seen eating red kiwis)

Dr. Levant: Dammit, just because they're aliens and their skulls are transparent, doesn't mean they don't have rights!

[Regarding an explosion]
Director: No, no, no, no, no, no. Bigger, much bigger.

[Regarding an explosion]
Director: No. Look at my lips. Big-ger.

[Regarding an explosion]
Director: Bigger! What is it about the word "bigger" that you don't understand?

Martin Lloyd: I've got a concept meeting in ten minutes, and if I'm not there on time, well... well, they start without me.

Director: "Aaaa-aaaa-aaaaand action!"

Yolanda Reese: Uh, I'm having trouble with scene 27. It says I'm out of phase, so I can pass my hand through solid matter, or walk through walls.
Director: Yeah, yeah, cos you're out of phase.
Martin Lloyd: Um, exactly.
Yolanda Reese: So, how come I don't fall through the floor?
[Long pause, with Director and Martin staring at each other]
Martin Lloyd: We'll have to get back to you on that.
[This is a reference to sci-fi "out of phase" episodes in general, and Season Three's "Crystal Skull" specifically, when an out-of-phase Jackson could walk through people and walls, yet was seen at one point sitting on a cabinet.]

Writer: We could always go back to the way it was in the script.
Director: No, we can't. We've already established that one shot stuns and two shots kills, and Victor shot everybody twice.
Martin Lloyd: So three shots disintegrates them!
Director: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that, because that is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard you say. [walks away]
Martin Lloyd: [to writer] Why are you looking at me like I'm an idiot? Why are you even on set? Go write something!

Carter: I don't know what happened, sir, we lost him. I mean, one minute he was here, the next minute he was gone.
O'Neill: Yeah, they have a habit of doing that.

Greenburg: [admiring a real space ship] Cool special effect.
Wright: I've seen better.
Greenburg: Ah, we'll fix it in post.
Wright: Yeah. So, you think we can get eighteen in?
Greenburg: Yeah, if we cut back on the Mulligans…You think that's funny?
Wright: Yeah, that's good enough for a walk away.
Greenburg: When's a good time to fade out?
Wright: Eh, right about…now.
[scene fades out]

[At the end of the show is a "behind the scenes look" at the creation of Wormhole X-Treme!]
Bocher: I'm Christian Bocher. I'm portraying the character of Raymond Gunne, who portrays the character of Dr. Levant, which is based on the character Daniel Jackson, portrayed by the actor Michael Shanks, originally portrayed by the actor James Spader…in the feature film...Uh, are you okay?

[In the behind-the-scenes look]
Peter DeLuise: You realize this is not a real show.
Michael DeLuise: You saying Wormhole X-Treme isn't real? All this is...?
Peter DeLuise: It's not a real show. It's a fake show.
Michael DeLuise: Did my agent know about this?
Michael DeLuise: Am I getting paid real money?

Proving Ground [5.13]

Maj. Carter: Uh, sir, if you don't mind, your wound is getting all over my lab.

[As part of a training scenario for new recruits, Jackson is occupying Hammond's office.]
Dr. Jackson: [sitting in Hammond's chair] Oh, I have to tell you, I like this scenario way better than the last one. Have you tried this chair? This is like…really comfortable. [pounds the chair's arm to prove it]

Col. O'Neill: [ominously] Have fun, Daniel.
Dr. Jackson: Yeah, you did tell them to take me prisoner this time and not shoot me, right? Right? [no answer] Hello?

Col. O'Neill: [About Lt. Elliot complaining about the training scenario] These and other cliches will be available to you all for one more day of training with me. After that, you'll either be assigned to an SG team…or not.

48 Hours [5.14]

Col. Maybourne: Hi, Jack.
Col. O'Neill: You rat bastard!
Col. Maybourne: Hey, hey, hey... take it easy.
Col. O'Neill: I am so gonna kick your ass!
Col. Maybourne: There's people watching!
Col. O'Neill: I don't care!

Maj. Carter: Is there any chance you can get the Russians to give us their DHD?
Dr. Jackson: Not without giving back Alaska.

Maj. Carter: That's how the Pentagon came up with the 48 hour limit, isn't it? You told them Teal'c would be dead.
Dr. McKay: That's why it's called a deadline.

Dr. McKay: I guess that we got off on the wrong foot.
Maj. Carter: What probability factor did you use figuring that out?

Dr. McKay: Wish I didn't find you so attractive. I always had a weakness for dumb blondes.
Maj. Carter: [referring to McKay's citrus allergy] Go suck a lemon.
Dr. McKay: Very sexy. Very, very sexy

[The Russian DHD explodes.]
Dr. Jackson: Wow. That never happened in the simulations.

Summit [5.15]

Osiris: What are you proposing? An alliance?
Zipacna: No. But I am offering you a position of power in exchange for your support.
Osiris: [haughtily] Osiris serves no one. You least of all.
Zipacna: You once served Isis.
Osiris: [defensive] She was my queen. She served me.
Zipacna: Interesting. Interesting that you now choose a female host. A most attractive one at that.
Osiris: You waste my time.
Zipacna: You misunderstand. I am not asking you to serve me. I must admit that I am an emmisary for a much more powerful Goa' you once knew quite well.
Osiris: Of whom do you speak?
Zipacna: Anubis.

Col. O'Neill: It's always suicide mission this, save the planet that. No one ever just stops by to say "hi" any more.

Maj. Carter: You're talking about taking out the entire Goa'uld leadership?
Ren'au: We are.
Col. O'Neill: Welcome to the Dark Side.

Lt. Elliot: Maybe not sir, but I am looking forward to meeting the Tok'ra
Col. O'Neill: You'll get over it

Jacob: [to Jackson] Yu will be among the System Lords attending the meeting.
Maj. Carter: I thought you said he'd be going in as a slave?
Jacob: The System Lord Yu.
Maj. Carter: Little joke there.
Col. O'Neill: [sarcastical] Funny!

[Jacob is explaining how to use the Re'ol ring]
Jacob: Just don't jab yourself with it.
Dr. Jackson: Why?
Jacob: Actually I don't know exactly. That in itself should scare you.

Ren'au: I'm cutting power to the base. The energy signature would give away our position. Now they'll have to resort to random bombardment.
Col. O'Neill: Well, that's encouraging.

Ren'au: We will die before we give up our secrets.
Col. O'Neill: You know, we really should come up with a new strategy. One that does not include us dying.

Jacob: Daniel? How's it going?
Dr. Jackson: Oh, swell. It's kinda like Goa'uld Mardi Gras here.

Last Stand [5.16]

Dr. Jackson: You'd think a race advanced enough to fly around in space ships would be smart enough to have seat belts, huh?
Jacob: We just prefer not to crash.

Selmak: If it really is Anubis...
Dr. Jackson: Then killing all the System Lords would just open the way for him to take over completely. You always said that a bunch of warring System Lords was better than one all powerful one, so...
Selmak: You do not understand how bad Anubis is. He was banished by the System Lords because his crimes were unspeakable, even to the Goa'uld.

[Carter is reprogramming a Tok'ra sensor]
Maj. Carter: That's it. I'm done.
Col. O'Neill: How do we know if its working?
Maj. Carter: Well, I guess we'll know if someone comes and rescues us.

Fail Safe [5.17]

Maj. Carter: The asteroid has an irregular shape, but we've calculated its length from end-to-end to be approximately 137 kilometers.
Col. O'Neill: I've seen this movie. It hits Paris.

[SG-1 is debriefing Hammond]
Col. O'Neill: …and after that I kinda lost my temper.
Gen. Hammond: What exactly does that mean?
Dr. Jackson: Let's just say Jack made a reference to Freyr's mother.

Col. O'Neill: Ah, they'll fix it up.
Dr. Jackson: I'm confident.
Col. O'Neill: Me too.
Teal'c: As am I.

Maj. Carter: Well I'm just slightly concerned that if we push them too hard, and they burn out before we reach escape velocity that… we'll come crashing back to the planet.
Dr. Jackson: I'm confident.
Col. O'Neill: Me too.
Teal'c: As am I.

[After discovering that every wire in their nuclear bomb is the same color, when they were expecting the one dangerous wire to be red]
Jack: You know, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that this is a very poorly designed bomb, and I think we should say something to somebody about it when we get back.
Carter: I agree sir.

Maj. Carter: If it comes right down to it, we can detonate it right here. What's our position?
Dr. Jackson: Well, personally I'm against it. If you want to know where the ship is....

Col. O'Neill: Hammond will find us.
Dr. Jackson: I'm confident.
Maj. Carter: Me too.
Teal'c: As am I.

[Asteroid speeding towards earth]]
O'Neill [urging Maj. Carter]: Carter, I can see my house!
Carter: Activating hyperspace window, sir.

The Warrior [5.18]

[Bra'tac and Teal'c have just finished making a recommendation to SG-1]
Col. O'Neill: Deliverance...Do you guys have any idea what happened to the guys in that movie?
Bra'tac: I do not.

K'tano: I honor he who would kill his god. And to his brethren of the Tau'ri. Slayers of Ra, Hathor, Setesh, Heru'ur, Sokar, Cronus and Apophis.
Col. O'Neill: Well, somebody's been keeping score! Col. Jack O'Neill.
K'tano: A familiar name. Cursed by every Goa'uld. Imhotep himself declared your days were numbered.
Col. O'Neill: Well, that's fine. As long as it's a very big number.

Daniel: "Tek Ma Tae" is a greeting of respect.
Jack: (Shakes head) Ok
Daniel: I'm just saying.
Jack: I don't care.
Daniel: Okay.
Rak'nor: This is Samantha Carter, Daniel, and their leader Colonel O'Neill. Tek Ma Tae.
Jack: Back at ya.
Daniel: (Looks at Jack with triumph)
Rak'nor: Backacha.
(Jack and Daniel make funny faces)
K'tano: I see you are one who speaks your mind, O'Neill.
Col. O'Neill: Yes, which is why I don't say much.

Col. O'Neill: Well, they have no problem with dying. I do.
Dr. Jackson: You have a problem with dying, or that they have no problem with dying?
Col. O'Neill: Both...I think

[K'tano walks out amid a fire fight]
Col O'Neill: What are you doing?!
Rak'nor: He does not know fear!
Col. O'Neill: Yeah, well, he knows stupid!

K'tano: Beg for mercy.
Teal'c: I die free.
K'tano: (leaning down and whispering into Teal'c's ear) You die at the hands of your god, (Goa'uld voice) Imhotep!

Menace [5.19]

[Carter is inspecting an inert gynoid.]
Maj. Carter: There's a pulse.
Dr. Jackson: It has a heartbeat?
Col. O'Neill: It has a heart?

Dr. Jackson: I don't think she knows she's a robot.
Col. O'Neill: Okay, how is that possible?
Dr. Jackson: Well, the last time your consciousness was downloaded into an android, you didn't figure it out right away.

Dr. Jackson: She's kind of hard to pin down in a conversation, her attention wanders. It's like she has the mind of a child.
[Everyone stares at O'Neill, who is playing with a magnifying glass and making faces]
Col. O'Neill: What?

[Jackson is being treated for a concussion]
Dr. Jackson: I don't think she meant to hurt me. I just don't think she liked what I was saying.
Col. O'Neill: I don't like most of what you say. I try to resist the urge to shove you through a wall.

Soldier: Colonel, you said to look for anything uncharacteristic of the indigenous technology, right?
Col. O'Neill: I would never say anything like that.

[O'Neill has just shot Reese]
Dr. Jackson: You stupid sonovabitch.
Col. O'Neill: Hey. You're welcome.
Dr. Jackson: You didn't have to shoot her.
Col. O'Neill: Yes I did.
Dr. Jackson: She was shutting them down.
Col. O'Neill: I had no way of knowing that and neither did you.
Dr. Jackson: They didn't stop because you shot her. They stopped because she told them to.
Col. O'Neill: Carter said she was losing control. Now if just one of those damn things got out of this base, developed its own personality, we would be royally screwed.
Dr. Jackson: You just killed the only chance we'll ever have of stopping them.

The Sentinel [5.20]

Grieves: I'll say this again: I don't like the thought of going into this unarmed.
Col. O'Neill: And…I don't care.
Kershaw: [sarcastically] I feel better just knowing there's an archaeologist watching our backs.
Dr. Jackson: [holding up his knife, sarcastically] Yeah, which end do the bullets go in again?

Dr. Jackson: Just out of curiosity, how many years did you take off their sentence if they managed to fix this?
Col. O'Neill: Actually, they'll get a few more years out of this.
Dr. Jackson: More?
Col. O'Neill: They were on death row.

Meridian [5.21]

Col. O'Neill: [concerning Jonas] He was a nerd, sir. He and Daniel got along great.

Hammond: I will draft a letter to the Kelownan leader—
Col. O'Neill: General, you cannot capitulate to these people. They are lying bastards.

Col. O'Neill: I only agreed to bring that letter so I could see you.
Jonas: Why?
Col. O'Neill: Because Daniel is dying.
Jonas: And you're looking for someone to blame?
Col. O'Neill: I'm not gonna let you tarnish his name. See, I don't care what that stuff is worth, to anyone. My government will admit Daniel is guilty over my dead body.

Col. O'Neill: I'm really bad at this.
Dr. Jackson: Yes, you are.

Col. O'Neill: You're not gonna take the fall for this. I don't care what's at stake.
Dr. Jackson: Why do you care?
Col. O'Neill: Because, despite the fact that you've been a terrific pain in the ass for the last five years, I may have... might have... uh, grown to admire you a little.... I think.
Dr. Jackson: [dryly] Now that's touching.
Col. O'Neill: [insistent] This will not be your last act on official record.

Maj. Carter: You have an effect on people, Daniel. The way you look at things, it changed me too. I see what really matters. I don't know why we wait to tell people how we really feel. I guess I hoped that you always knew.

Teal'c: If you are to die, Daniel Jackson, I wish you to know that I believe that the fight against the Goa'uld will have lost one of its greatest warriors. And I will have lost one of my greatest friends.

Jonas: No offense, I'm just more interested in what's out there, through the Stargate.
Dr. Jackson: Well, all I can say is, whatever problems there are between your planet's nations, they will seem insignificant when you do find out what's going on out there.

Oma: Because it is so clear it takes a long time to realize it. If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.
Dr. Jackson: Yeah, yeah, a monk at Kheb said that to me. I didn't know what it meant then and I still don't know now.

Oma: The universe is vast, and we are so small. In the end, there is only one thing we can truly control.
Dr. Jackson: Yeah, what's that?
Oma: Whether we are good, or evil.

Dr. Jackson: I'm gonna miss you guys.
Col. O'Neill: Yeah, you too.
Dr. Jackson: Thank you. For everything.
Col. O'Neill: So, what? See you around?
Dr. Jackson: I don't know.
Col. O'Neill: Hey… where are you going?
Dr. Jackson: I don't know.

Revelations [5.22]

Teal'c: Are you not all right, Major Carter?
Maj. Carter: I'm fine.
Teal'c: You continue to mourn the loss of Daniel Jackson.
Maj. Carter: Yeah, I do. Tell me I'm not the only one.
Teal'c: I will perform the proper rituals when the opportunity presents itself. Until that time, this mission must take priority.
Maj. Carter: [exasperated] Please, Teal'c. Don't give me that "way of the warrior" crap. I get enough of that from Col. O'Neill.
Teal'c: Daniel Jackson has ascended to a higher plane of existence. Many Jaffa have dedicated their lives to achieving such a goal.
Maj. Carter: [bitterly] So I'm supposed to celebrate?
Teal'c: It is a great accomplishment.
Maj. Carter: We were a team, Teal'c. No one can even begin to understand what we went through together, what we mean to each other. So maybe Daniel has achieved something of great cosmic significance, I don't know. And to be honest with you, right now, I don't really care. I'd rather have him back.
Teal'c: As would I.

Heimdall: In fact, for nearly a thousand years, we have been physically incapable of achieving cell division through meiosis.
Col. O'Neill: Hmm?
Maj. Carter: Sexual reproduction, Sir.
Col. O'Neill: Ah. [To Heimdall, shocked] A thousand years?
Heimdall: It is not something we usually discuss with other races.
Col. O'Neill: This I understand.

Anubis: This device will be implanted into your brain. It will form a link between your mind and the ship's computer. Your knowledge will simply be downloaded. You will no doubt resist, and you will no doubt fail.
Thor: The Goa'uld posses no such technology.
Anubis: I think you will find many things have changed since my return.

Col. O'Neill: I can't believe they took my watch.

Teal'c: ...our chances of escape are negligible.
Col. O'Neill: Oh, I don't know. All we've gotta do is bust out of here, take out every Jaffa between here and the pel'tak, commandeer the ship and fly on home. [makes little flying motion with his hand] Fly on home...
Teal'c: [raises eyebrow] I stand corrected.

Col. O'Neill: Okay, next time, I'm the hologram.

Osiris: [torturing Sam with a hand device] Once more: Where is Dr. Jackson?
Maj. Carter: He's dead.
Osiris: You're lying.
Maj. Carter: Go to hell.

[Teal'c and Col O'Neill are looking at a panel of control crystals]
Teal'c: Perhaps we should take them all.
Col. O'Neill: Here's a thought.
[O'Neill shoots the crystals with a staff weapon]