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Still Game (2002-) is a television sitcom created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, about the antics of old-age pensioners living in Glasgow, Scotland. The show is known for its foul language.

Series 1


Victor: Consider this: Yir warm noo, but how's it gonnae be in a wee stoany jail cell, with nothing to heat ye up, but a hot boabie - RIGHT up yir arse!


Bobby: Oh, here they come. Abbott and Costello. You're putting the beef on, Jack.
Jack: Aye, that's right. Everytime I shag your wife, she makes me a sandwich.


Jack: (Making phrases to win a scone competition) Where's my scone? Where's my scone? Ah there it is, next to the phone

Victor: Having tea at half past three, makes the day a little brighter. Keep your pies and fancy cakes....
Jack and Victor: ...and stick them up your shitter.

Series 2


Jack: Good morning, Doctor
Victor: (Speaks to pretend intercomm) Hold all calls, Linda
Jack: Linda?
Victor: I had to let Agnus go, she was an arsehole
Jack: Oh shame, I liked that woman, she was almost ready for retirement
Victor: Too bad, I call the shots. Now what is wrong with you?
Jack: I'm depressed... I cannot be arsed with anyone or anything
Victor: Well, it sounds like your depressed, but I am afraid I cannae help ye
Jack: How?
Victor: 'cause I just geed the rest o' ma tablets to a lovely big fella called Victor McDade


Bobby: Hey! Look! It's Lambert and Butler!
Jack: Shut it Boabby. You're the only fag in here

Series 3


Victor: Jack and me are going back to school.
Boabby: Its Jack and I.
Jack: No, its me and Victor.


Pete the Jakey: Ladies and gentleman, Shug and two Polis.

Series 4

Kill Wullie

Jack: When life hands you melons, make melonade.
Victor: Lemons, Jack.


Boabby: One more thing.. don't take ANY pish off them. I never do.
Eric: Hullo Boabby. You look a prize wanker.

Winston: (posing as owner of The Clansman) I'll also be getting rid of ma stack o' hardcore porny books. I've read them all noo anyway, and I'm getting too auld for the chuggin'

Bobby: Ho-ho, it's the two Ronnies.
Victor: The two Ronnies is it, aye? Well then, it's shut-up-ya-prick fae me...
Jack: ...and its shut-up-ya-prick frae him!

Who's The Daddy?

Eric: Pint o lager boabby
Boabby: shut yer hole, ye dick.

Series 6

Lights Out

Navid: ( To Isa ) You look like Braveheart! "They can take our lives, but they'll never take our handbags!"


Jack: (Navid talking about losing business to a rival shop) You've still got us
Navid: Aye, but let's face it. Your old. Decreped. You'll be deed within six months. Now, what can I get ye.
Jack: Two coffins, ya cheeky bastard!


2006 Hogmanny

Ned: Feechees.
Jack: Feechees to you too. Are you helpin us or whit?
Ned: Naw. A tenner fae each o yeez.

Jack: What aboot John Wayne?
Victor: John Wayne's an arsehole Jack.
Jack: Eh?
Victor: Aye he was an arsehole in the Sands of Iowa Jima tae.

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