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Superhero Movie is a 2008 comedy film that spoofs the superhero genre. It was written and directed by Craig Mazin and produced by David Zucker and Robert K. Weiss.

Main Character Quotes

Rick Riker/Dragonfly

  • I'm looking seriously over the a squatting position.
  • I met a guy at Craigslist.
  • My parents were brutally murdered.
  • I...I guess so.
  • Those are Celine Dion lyrics!
  • If I hadn't pushed her out of the way she would have die...aaaaaaah!
  • Oh, shit.
  • I realize, we can never be together.
  • I think I have...superpowers!

Lou Landers/Hourglass

  • We have to go.
  • I just shit my pants.
  • I met a girl at Craigslist.
  • No, crazy is hearin' voices, talkin' to cats, datin' Paula Abdul. I am not crazy; a visionary!
  • Are you frickin' insane?!
  • But, otherwise okay?
  • Good. You're a hard-working fine young man. Let's hope you're not brutally murdered, too!

Uncle Albert

  • With great power comes hot bitches.
  • Look at you, eatin' junk food, wearin' fake beards.
  • You did surgery on me?
  • I can't breathe; you're kneelin' on my crotch!

Major Character Quotes

Lance Landers

  • Why?

Cheif Karlin

  • The lady was badly hurt.
  • Badly!

Stephen Hawking

  • That's a lie. I think of suicide every single day.
  • Whatever!
  • Does anyone want to get high? i have some hash with me. white dude in the dreads you know what i am talking about. holla Anyone? Anyone?
  • You have an incredible ass...stronomy career ahead of you!
  • I haven't had sex in years.
  • My nurse is a lesbian, and not the hot kind.

{ while falling of the building} shhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt!

Dr. Storm

  • Take it out, with another piece of glass!
  • I'll get the tweezers.

Dr. Whitby

  • No, it's not your dead wife!
  • Yes, you see, we confused you with one of our sex-change patients, but don't worry, we didn't remove your penis. We did, however, cut off your testicles, but since your wife's dead, you won't be needing 'em!

Professor Xavier

  • How do I know that baby's even mine?!
  • SHIT!
  • One glass table...two know what to do!
  • We have people who can walk through walls. And we have people who think they can walk through walls!

Minor Character Quotes

Mrs. Xavier

  • Because he can do this!
  • Make a costume, shit-head! I swear, they're gettin' dumber and dumber every year!
  • How's that feel, Invisi-Bitch?!

Human Torch

  • Dude, you're on my gargoyle.
  • What are you doing?

Unnamed Character Quotes


  • How was she hurt?

Mental Hospital Patient

  • I'm the editor-in-chief! I know the mayor of Venus! Hamburgers can see the future!

The Editor-in-Chief

  • Sorry about that, we share the building with a mental hospital!